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MARCH 2006



New Faithful Friar: Father Michael Isabelle

My Brother Knights

The season of Lent is upon us once again. During this time we are to consider those ways in which we are true Ambassadors for Christ (Ash Wednesday, 2'nd reading) and, also, ways in which we can be improved Ambassadors for Christ.

In the Gospel of the healing of the Leper, (Mark 1, and Matt. 18), Jesus touches the outcast, he, thus becomes an outcast himself. In doing so, He fulfils the words of the prophet Isaiah "He took away our infirmities and bore our diseases". In doing so, Jesus joins himself to us in the most meaningful way, - by lifting up our sins unto himself and, thus, lifting away our sinfulness.

In doing so, Jesus offers to us true healing, not just of the symptoms of evil, but of its root causes. We are cleansed as was the leper. This special grace is offered to us during Lent.

On our part, we must accept his healing love, and, then, pass it on to others by a healing love for them. The outcasts came to Jesus in his time. They still do today.

God bless you and your families during this time of God's special grace.


Faithful Navigator's Report
Gene Carrreiro PGK Phone: 905-692-2659

The Discipline of Lent

Dear Sir Knight's it seems this year that we have had quite a gap between Christmas and the start of Lent but here we go.
Our church has set many obligations for us regarding Lent and one of them is Fasting.

Fasting on Ash Wednesday and all the Friday's during this penitential season has been encouraged by our Catholic Church.

It is true that there are benefits of fasting through out Lent. With a greater increase in prayer one finds that many of the attachments that a person has in this world suddenly become almost meaningless or much less important than was once thought.

Fasting has also been good for cleansing the body of any germs or parasites that may be residing in our bodies.

One actually experiences the fact that a simpler less complicated lifestyle is more meaningful than filling our lives with clutter.

OK. "Back to assembly business" I would like our members and executive to find ways to increase our membership to meet the target of 5 members which is actually below what our quota is supposed to be.

We need to also go through our records and send Form 4's to any clergy which can be contacted to make sure they are transferred to our Assembly as I feel this is as good as signing up new candidates.

Please keep the month of JUNE open my brother Sir Knights as we have some very special colour outings coming up then.

We will be celebrating a Ceremony for the 150lh.Anniversary Hamilton Dioceses

A mass In June could see a colour outing of at least FIVE Assemblies which are within the Diocese of Hamilton

The other event is Sir Knight Gerry Guinto's. Ordination as a Permanent Deacon atmy parish, Our Lady of the Assumption.

We will be available for Colour at his first mass.
As I mentioned earlier Lent is a time for intense prayer and we should all pray for our

Assembly that it continues to grow with new members and great participation from as many as possible at our Colour Outings.

May Christ be your strength and support this "Lenten Season".
May it truly be a time of renewal for all of you remembering how our Lord Jesus suffered for our sins on the bloody, cross. VIVAT JESUS!!!!!!



For sale Three Tuxedos and one red cape one hat and box.

At this time we have 3 tuxedos for sale one size 42 pants 36Tuxedo medium? Red Cape, medium size. Hat size 7 plus box plus a Blue suit. Plus one sword. also 1 TUX Size 50

Please come to our next meeting our contact us to see them.

1454 has a First degree team and will put on a degree when ever you ask them just call 1454 hall for more info.

Remember that second degree members can be elected to office provided that they will be third degree members before the end of our year.

May the good Saints protect you, and bless you today. And may trouble ignore you each step of the way.


Editors Report:
SK. George Robinson PFN, PGK, DD. 905-575-5861

James Mahar: please pray for the soul of our departed brother James Mahar.

Bishop Ryan Assembly presented a Chalice to ST. Pats Parish. Feb 26/06.In hounor of SK James Mahar. 10 SK's attended along with his council members, and James family took up the gifts and chalice.

At James Mahar's wake a presentation of his sword was done as per his wishes. It was presented to his son. Brother Mark Mahar. St Pat's .council. By the Faithful Navigator Jene Carreiro.

This is the first time I have seen this done and I hope it will continue in the future. Please make it known if you want your son to receive your sword at your wake.

Basket Ball free throws fmals. Bishop Tonnos high school, Ancaster March 25th reg. 11.

May you always have these blessings ....a soft breeze when summer comes a warm fireside in winter? And always the warm soft smile, of a friend.


FC. Danyl Lobin 905-662-3629
29 Ashwood court
Stoney, Creek On. L8E 3C9
Please make all checks for dues out to ""Bishop Ryan assembly 0868. Or pay at the meetings.

Dues are due:

Dues notices are in the mail for 2006.
$40.00, per year 2006 for all Sir Knights.
This year 134 paid. 45 unpaid 2004/05/06
Honouree’s and disabled $5.00 cost of sending bulletin.

Gentlemen if you are behind in your dues and are having troubles please inform ns as charity is our first degree and dues can and will be waved to help you don't let them pile up for two or three years. When that happens we will never see you again. Remember we can help you give us a call as we miss you.





Faithful Pilot:
Dennis Pintaric 905-664-2718

Your prayers and visitation of all sick members is requested
Please pray for the following sick members;

Ken Mullally
Dominic Chuck home
SK Bernard J. Flanigan "stroke" Home. 905-385-1923
SK Huge Campbell
SK Jerry Visocchi
SK Vern HarreIl
Sk MiceaI Milawski
SK Ted Wysocki
SK Les Kucha
SK Dominic Chuck,
SK Vince Misale,
SK Jerry Conlon's wife Teresa
SK Amby fajardo Wife Letica
SK Danny Oilman's, wife Heather.
Mary Evangelisto,
Olga Marshall,

Give these members and wife's a call
Please call me if you know of anyone that is ill or in need of our prayers

Have you filled out your funeral form published in the last bulletin. For your colour guard wishes at your funeral.

Please fill it in and send it to FP. Dennis Pintaric address on form. Not one of those things you want to think of. But it would help us a lot.

A wish that ever day for you will be happy from the start.
And may you always have good luck and a song within your heart.

Our Bishop's Ball was another large success due in part to SK Fred Miscio and council 8380 and the, many members from all the councils who organized it, many thanks brother knights for your hard work.
It is on an occasion like this, when you can go to a function and meet a lot of your fellow brothers you have not seen for a while.
It is a time when you can reach out your hand to a brother and receive a hardy handshake and a "how are you". It is always nice to renew old relationships and to meet new friends.
It is one of those times when we also see and hear Bishop A Tonnos informing us of what is happening in the Diocese of Hamilton and area.
I must admit his jokes get better each year or that he has learned how to deliver them better over the past 21 years.
Also a hearty welcome was extended to our new bishop by close to 900 in attendance.

"Welcome" Bishop Gerald Bergie “We all know that the funds raised by this event will all go to a needy Charity. And that's what it's all about ladies and gentlemen charity. Hope you all had a good time.

Regional. Bishop Tonnos, High School Sat. March 25th registration 11.00am start 12.00pm

Colour commanders will be calling you if you are on the list published in the last bulletin. To see if you "can or can not also if you are able" to come out in colour.
Also to see if you have all of your colour and the proper stand up collar.
They will also be checking phone numbers as you seem to move a lot and refuse to tell anyone.


Commanders Report SK
John Walker 905-385-9839
Past outings

Up Coming events

May /10/11

June 10

June 11
June 17

March for Life Ottawa Onto contact Dick Cordick 1-613-521-5234
Deacons Mass SK Gerry Guinto
150 Anniversary, of Hamilton Diocese. More to follow.
1454 Golf Tournament Southern Pines 11.00am tee off. $60 pp.
Fourth Degree Exemapliction. Sat. 8am till 9.30pm Basic $150 Full $350 more to follow


May the hinges of our friendship never go rusty.


Elected Officers For 2006 Fraternal Year


Faithful Friar
Faithful Admiral
Faithful Captain
Faithful Purser
Faithful Pilot
Faithful Trustee # l
Faithful Trustee # 2
Faithful Trustee # 3
Faithful Navigator
Faithful Comptroller
Faithful Scribe
Faithful Outer Sentinel
Faithful Inner Sentinel


Fr. Michael Isabelle
Vrnce Vostrez
Edouard Bourdon
Alfredo Gatto
Dennis Pintaric
Giuseppe Vitucci
Albert Dugay
Stanko Rezo
Gene Carreiro
Danyl Lobin
Fred Pawluk
Frank McAdam, John Walker, Nicolo Mendola
Ilio Sodo, David BalIk, George Downey

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