Carigara Photo Memories

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Nostalgic photos of old rummaged from old shoe boxes that now I have time to reflect back on and reconnect with my past.

Put cursor over image, if it turns into a hand click on the image to enlarge. Some of the pictures are left as is though for posterity.

HCA Staff 1996

The Holy Cross Academy Staff of the late 60's.
Those surely were the good old days.

Wedding Reception.

A certain wedding reception in Ponong. The faces sure look familiar, don't they?.

Pabunyag ha tunga.

Mga kapadihan ngan kamadihan ha Tunga, maestro anay ha Holy Cross.


Who is this guy and How did he get in here?

Taken in Lapdok

How does 1957 appeal to you, my friends back then , I wonder where are they now.


A view somewhere in Lapdok.

barakasyon Ha Bahay, Hera'an

Lucena Marpa's birthday celebrated in Hira'an.
Can you figure out who is who here?.

barakasyon ha Salog Kalgara

A quiet get together of the "Karadol" gang in Salog Kalgara, not bad during high tides.

Nono Archie's Family

A typical Carigara family. Roy is now a Dentist, and Ric is currently in Spain, and the Attorney is now retired.

barakasyon Abanilla reunion

An Abanilla reunion of sort held in the Nauguisan beach resort sometime in the 80's.

barakasyon han Nauguisan

The Naoguisan picnic area used to look like this, it sure looked different when I last saw it in 1995.

barakasyon ha Puro

This time the celebration is in Poro, not too many swimmers though, most of the people depicted here are from Jaro.