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Read about his bio, educational attainments, achievements and awards, memberships to various affiliations to organizations and other relevant qualification needed to run our town here to download file.


With this vision, mission and values presented to you in print and can be downloaded, printed and shared with our fellow Carigaran-ons shows that there is a legitimate and viable solution to our present woes. click here to download file.


The Candidates that hopefully will run our town and restore its here to download file.


Give Change a Chance 

in Carigara

Dear Family and Friends,

As we begin writing this short piece, we wonder how many people would be more than willing to even take a glimpse of our idea, but after some introspection, we finally decided to give it a decent shot. After all, we cannot remain as passive propagandists, but more so, strive to be active reformists. We need to embrace the political aggressiveness of Andres Bonifacio because the propagandist thinking of Jose Rizal does not seem to work within our present political system. More importantly, such an approach does not seem to move the callous conscience of the present bureaucracy and the stubborn mentality of old school of thought. The immediacy to save the sinking boat of our democratic ideals calls for action among the youth, the young at heart and the younger generation of the mainstream population, simply because our ideals are more attuned and in sync with the complexities of the techno-age.

 We cannot remain “faceless” because our inaction will only validate and reinforce the evils and misgivings of the present administration. We cannot remain quiet because our silence will ultimately corrode the very foundation of our values, beliefs and religion. We cannot continue to enjoy the deepness of philosophy and the altruism of education without thinking philosophically because we will surely fall into the trap of fallacy. Our thinking should move us to action and our action to change, and that change, which evolves from thought processes is what our society needs since it is a by-product of selfless and unconditional endeavor. 

 We have witnessed and heard the stories. We were told about the corruption, the immorality, leadership bankruptcy and inefficiency and the exploitation of the innocence and kindness of our own people. We cannot just sit and continue to listen when we have the opportunity to change the political landscape and history of our motherland. It is our moral obligation to lift a finger in order to bring change and ultimately in that change, we bring out the best in our people and help them to ultimately realize their own dreams. 

 We left our country to respond to that call of “change” in order to realize our very own dreams. We could possibly live a very comfortable life outside our hometown, a prospect that makes us unsympathetic to the cause and struggle of our own people. But life does not end in the luxury of existence, but rather in the things that we have done and in the legacy that we have left behind. Life is a lasting journey to define who we are as a person and as a community. Our journey should be their journey too and their struggle should be our fight as well. 

 As we welcome another chapter in the history of our land, the chance to make genuine and lasting change is right now. The May 2010 election is our opportunity to make much needed changes. We cannot just continue to watch because to do so is to squander our political giftedness as a people. 

 We cannot afford the status quo because it is tantamount to the dereliction of our personal duty towards social justice and democracy.

 Please join the crusade "Save Carigara Movement." Please support the party of Dodie Adizas and in May 2010 help him and his fellow candidates get elected in Carigara, Leyte. They are the only party for change and only party who are capable of leading a life that is MORALLY FIT and a LEADERSHIP that is not bankrupt and never corrupt. They are the only party who will care for us and for our beloved town. They are the only party who will never sell their souls for a penny.

 Your financial contribution to their political campaign here in the U.S. will surely help them bring back the moral prestige and the business and leadership pride of our hometown. THIS IS OUR CHANCE FOR A CHANGE. Change has come to America and this 2010 election is our chance to make it happen in our own town – the Carigara, we love.

 If you want to be part of this change, please send your political contribution and check to P.O. Box 4972, Falls Church, VA 22044. Please make all checks payable to Manolo T. Adizas. For questions, please e-mail Rene Calandria or Manny Adizas, chair of the movement.

 Please cascade this message to all those who care about “Change”. 

 Many thanks!



Rene –


The Apostols Must Go

The justices of the Philippine Supreme Court have already decided that President Arroyo can appoint the next Chief Justice. What is wrong with the presidential candidates? What is in the law that they don’t understand? The critics are planning to appeal the decision of the court. Where? There is no other court higher than the Supreme Court except the Court in Heaven. An appeal for consideration is nothing but a waste of time because the said court will surely trash the petition. 

* * * * * *

There is no question about Manny Pacquiao’s kind and humble heart. His desire to run for public office is genuine and his intention to serve the Filipino people is commendable. After he wins the election, will he be an efficient lawmaker? Does he have the knowledge and legislative skills worthy of that office? Congress needs to change its rules and procedures to accommodate Mr. Pacman. Our Congress needs to adopt “Tagalog” as its medium during deliberation to make it easier for Pacman to participate in the process of law making. Otherwise, our boxing star may end up joining the “Silent – Yes and Nay” committee. Is the Hon. Trinidad Apostol of the second District of Leyte a member of this committee? If both end up in this useless committee, Manang Trining will have more opportunity for photo ops, or maybe not because she is running for: Is it for Miss Carigara or Mayor of Carigara? 

* * * * * *

Speaking about the Apostols: Sergio Apostol, former Counsel of PGMA and Erap’s number one enemy during the Impeachment trial, is running (again) for Congress in the second District of Leyte. After serving in Congress for nine (9) years, his wife (Manang Trining) took over for nine years and now it’s him AGAIN. Mr. Apostol in his old age could not simply give up the power and “pork barrel” budget attached to that office. In his nine years as Congressman, I wonder what happened to the millions of pesos of “pork barrel” spending allocated to the District every year. Mr. Apostol needs to retire in eternity and allow the younger generation to lead. 

Certainly, there are hundreds of people in the District who are more intellectual, honest, more effective and morally fit than he is. I am not saying he is otherwise rather some are just better. In the interest of decency and public welfare, Mr. Apostol should retire and go away and bring his daughter (Anlie Apostol) who is a disgrace to my own folks. He should advise his daughter to move and live either in New York, San Francisco or at Dupont Circle in Washington, DC where she and her lover can squander their lives without poisoning the morality and innocent lives of the people around them. 

After a disastrous term as Mayor of Carigara, Anlie Apostol is running for Board Member of Leyte. This is a shame and simply ridiculous. This is not only an insult to our intelligence and moral decency but also an “added insult to injury”. Miss Anlie Apostol’s lover has more than two cars and a house. Where the hell did she get the money? I never thought that there is so much money in working as a librarian? 

In the recent documents sent to me via Facebook, it is quite clear that the public market project of Mayor Anlie Apostol is not only designed to promote her own personal financial interest but there is an outrageous “cloud” behind the subcontracting “drama” by the local government. The subcontractor is a certain Vilma. I cannot seem to remember the name of Mayor Anlie’s lover. Is this the same person?

Now here is the Trinity: Mr. Sergio Apostol is running for Congress, his wife - Mrs. Trinidad Go-Apostol is running for Mayor of Carigara, Leyte and their daughter – Anlie Apostol is running for Board Member of Leyte. What about the lover? A perfect tandem except that Heaven will not admit them.

Now here is the puzzle: Anlie Apostol is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Apostol. Is the lover’s gender female? And is she married? So, what is the true gender?
Now here is the logic – simply follow the Modus Ponens argument. If all the statements are said to be true then they are perfect candidates for Hell.

Do the syllogisms and make your own conclusion.

Rene –



An appeal for support...

             Admittedly, I know that this letter of appeal will come as a surprise to you.  Nevertheless, I have mustered courage to reach out to you.  As the song goes: “… that’s what friends are for” so, where else could I ask for help, but from my relatives, close friends, colleagues, classmates and acquaintances. 

               I believe a little backgrounder is necessary.  Our town, Carigara, has been reeling under a very oppressive and corrupt administration of a certain political dynasty for the past several years.  So, a group of concerned Carigaranos (including two ex-Mayors) have come together to put up an opposition coalition team to run during this election year 2010, in the hope of “healing” our town.  

             The honor of being the chosen standard bearer, as mayor, has been given to my brother, Dondi Adizas.   Our family had to think a million times whether to let Dondi accept the challenge or not, considering what it takes to run for an elective office during these times.  

              Indeed, these are the times that try men’s souls, but like a good soldier, my brother, a graduate from the prestigious Philippine Military Academy, accepted the heavy task ahead for the sake of the common good of our town’s populace.  He doesn’t have gold in his pockets but only the selfless vision and desire to serve the town. This goes with the other Coalition Team members, too.

               The Carigara people and our family are therefore, reaching out for your help in any form, for their team’s mobilization fund and campaign materials.  Most of all, we need your moral support and your prayers  that the Carigara electorate be enlightened by the issues at hand and not be blinded by the sheen of gold and other promises of the rich and powerful opponents.

               Indeed, this may look like a David and Goliath scenario, but, if we band together for a cause, then hopefully, a “David” can topple down a political dynasty. I believe that in their own way, the opposition would be a “David force” to reckon with.  If and when Dondi and his Coalition Team for Change make it, then it will not be their victory only, but a community’s triumph over evil as well.   

          I thank you in anticipation of your kind benevolence and understanding.  God bless us all! 

I remain. 

          Sincerely yours,

          Manny T. Adizas

          6300 Cross Ivy Road

          Elkridge, MD 21075

          (732) 910- 7740




Any party or individual responsible for this outrageous defacement (Click on picture above) of our LGU do not deserve a chance to run our town ever. This is only one of the many shameful events that happened to our beloved town.



To Make Carigara "Great" Again

The "glory" of our town is no more; such that the majority of the townspeople are clarmoring for change. Accepting the challenge of becoming agents of change is a group of concerned Kalgaran-ons who have come together with a common cause to hopefully change the present administration come Elections 2010. Their pockets are not full of gold, but the hearts are full of the "real and sincere gugma" for our hometown. (Click on Title Above to View Page)


mercado demolition

In just one and a half days, with the combined use of military and police force, ala martial law, the buildings at the public market were demolished despite vehement objection of the market occupants and concerned citizens.  Mayor Anlie Apostol, with the assistance of her Congresswoman mother, is bent on replacing all the buildings at the public market to be financed by still unreleased P46.5 Million loan from the Land bank.   View Slideshow 


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