Volume XVII No. 5


10 January 2010


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With this issue, Budyong completes 17 years of "bringing news from home to Kalgaranons wherever they are." Here  in the Philippines and abroad USA, Canada, Spain, England, Italy, Guam,  Australia, etc.

Originally a quarterly, it evolved, in 1996, into a bimonthly publication published every other month. This issue was scheduled for 30 November; it is over a month late due to the Christmas activities and holidays. (On this page is a facsimile of the first page of the maiden issue of Budyong.)

After 17 years, and at age 86. your editor feels that someone younger with fresher ideas should take over the editing and publishing of Budyong. If someone is interested in taking over (unta) please contact Atty. Remigio Lauron in Carigara, or contact me directly. He or she can do whatever he/she wants to do with the publication. Change the name, change the publishing schedule, etc. basta sige gihapon an pagpadara han "news from home to Kalgaranons wherever they are..."

(This issue was scheduled to come out on Nov. 30, but our contributors went on Christmas vacation, so we are over a month  late. Still, as the saying goes, Better late  than never.) 


Christmas 2009 was an occasion for several activities  such as beach outings, out of town get-togethers or reunions, parties. LGU-Carigara was not exempted from these  happenings.

On December 16, 2009, a Christmas party for all municipal officials and employees, PNP-Carigara, and the  bureau of Fire Protection Management staff and personnel was sponsored at Kan Gara Gymnasium. Everyone  fully enjoyed the affair and had lots of fun as the night, was spiced with breathtaking and exhilarating entertainment live band, dance contests, and fun games organized  by Mayor Anlie Go Apostol.

The dance contests with participants from the various  offices, with the theme "Kiddie Christmas," generated  much fervor from the crowd as each presentor gave their  level best performance with comical travesty.

Out of the 15 contestants, 3 were hailed winners:

I st Place - Rural Health Unit, headed by Dr. Bella Vega Profetana

2nd Place - PNP-Catigara, headed by Plnsp.Vicentito P. Ontuca

3rd Place - Accounting Office, headed by Juliet R. Hanopol

Judges were Virginia P. Almenario, Ed. D. District Supervisor of DepEd Carigara I District, as Chairman of the Board; members were Margarita Junia, Dist. Engineer of the Dept. of Public Works and Highways, 2nd Dist., Leyte; Julia Mereolita, Teacher in A.T.A. Memorial Central School; Joeson Grabol, MAPE teacher at St. Theresa  Educ'l. Leaming School; and Atty. Fidelita Grapilon, Clerk of Court, Carigara.

In her message, Hon. Trinidad Go Apostol, Congresswoman of 2nd District Leyte congratulated the participants for their well done presentations. She hoped that the  contest will be repeated next year. She sponsored some of  the prizes for the winners and non-winners of the contest.

Mayor Anlie Go Apostol in her speech expressed her  regrets that this was her last LGU party as her term as  Mayor of Carigara is about to end. She said that she is  about to venture to higher responsibilities for her dream is to make history in Carigara, the town that she dearly  loves. Likewise, she was thankful for the help, love, and  care that everyone showed to her and her colleagues in  the Local Government Unit. She further disclosed that  she owed them a debt and thanked them for being the 'Stars in Her Life" in times of sorrows, pains, hardships,  and happiness.

The affair ended with everyone dancing until late in  the night.

"Tagsaurog. . . " - which was organized by the  late Ciriaco Lucente Sr. several years ago elected  a new set of officers recently as follows:

President: Eduardo Makabenta Jr.

1st Vice-President: Newton K. Palafta

2nd Vice-President: Ciriaco Lucente Jr.

Secretary: Bergado Makabenta

Treasurer: Leah Cumbis Panaligan

Asst. Treasurer: Lily Quintana

Sgt.-At-Arms: Nitoy Corbe

Director: Ernesto Lucente

Director: Perla Riel

Director: Jose Riel

The organization held its Christmas party on December 12, 2009 at the residence of its president  in Talayan Village, Quezon City with ballroom dancing, sing-along and an exchange of gifts. 


John Benford Petallana and Floribelle Ruby Permejo were married on January 9, 2010. John is the son of Gualberto and Socorro Petallana (nee Roncal), while Floiibelle is the daughter of Fernando and Marilyn Pertnejo.

Luciano A. Marquez Jr. and Lissani L. Morales were married on Oct. 3, 2009. Luciano is the son of Luciano Sr. and Vilma Marquez (nee Himar), while Lissani is the daughter of Isagani and Alejandra Morales (nee Himar).


Dominador "Jun" Y. Ramos Jr., 66, 2 January 2010

Emellana A. Astorga, 73, 27 December 2009

Cecilia A. Cabase, 75. 26 December 2009

Aurora J. Tadefa, 77, 10 December 2009

 Francisca P. Narido, 67, 4 October 2009

Ruel Guevara Tefloso,41, 27 September 2009

 Emerenciana C. RieL 73, 23 September 2009


The foflowing members of PNP Carigara were promoted this January:

1. SPOI Eufracio D. Javines promoted to Police  Inspector (P/INSP) thru lateral entry


2. From SPO I to SP02

I . SPO I Rafael B. Bemal

2. SPO I Sherwin Amando L. Machete

3. SPO I Evelyn Go Bemal

4. SPOI Alberto A. Parena

5. SPOI Remigio T. Combinido

6. SPOI Eufracio D. Javines


3. From SP02 to SP03

I . SP02 Anacleto F. Castroberde

2. SP02 Rolando M. Basallage

3. SP02 Nestor P. Dagalea

4. SP02 Salvador D. Obaob

5. SP02 Arnulfo S. Dollete

6. SP02 Jocelyn M. Opleda

7, SP02 Gary Zaldy L.Ligutan 


1. Anita Esclamado 17 Women's Magazines

2. Emma B. Borja 45 Novels and Magazines

3. Dr. Bella V. Profetana Assorted Magazines

4. Remedios R. Molabola 21 Books

5. Ma. Paz Makabenta 5 Books

6. Sara Q. Caballes 2 sets How to Fomulate Executivge and Legislative Agenda 

Binisaya-English, English-Binisaya Dictionary,
2nd. Edition, Revised


Carigara, 600 Years of History
In a Town in Leyte


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Budyong would like to share with its readers the following prayer of St. Francis:

Lord make me an instrument of thy peace  
where there is hatred, let me sow love  
where there is injury, pardon
where there is doubt, faith 
where there is despair, hope
where there is darkness, light 
where there is sadness, joy.
Lord grant that I may not so much 
seek to be consoled as to console;  
to be understood as to understand,  
to be loved as to love,
for it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are 
born to eternal life.

Let schoolmasters puzzle their brain,
With grammar, and nonsense, and learning.
Good liquor, I stoutly maintain
Gives genius a better discerning. - Oliver Goldsmith 


Devotion to the Santo Nino in the Philippines (the beginnings ......)

When Ferdinand Magellan gave that small  wooden carving to a Cebuana in 1521 as a  memento of her conversion to the Catholic  Faith, little did he realize what returns the gift  would bring.

If the mass in Limasawa was the spark that  lit the fires of Christianity in the Philippines, it  was the Santo Nino, represented by a small  image which Magellan gave to the queen of  Rajah Humabon, which may have nurtured and  kept the Faith alive, especially during the forty four long years between the hasty departure of  Magellan's men and the return of the Spanish  conquistadores in 1565 led by Miguel Lopez de  Legaspi. When Legaspi stormed and occupied  Cebu, his men found among the embers of a  house a miraculously unburned wooden image  of the Sto. Nino. Some believed that the image  was the same one given by Magellan to Rajah  Humabon's queen. True or not, Legaspi considered the find a good omen. The Cebuanos  have attached great significance to the event  and to this day celebrate the finding of the  image.

Why Magellan chose to give Rajah Humabon's queen an image of the Child Jesus and not that of an adult Jesus, we will never know, but the choice was propitious because it presented to the new converts the image of an all-powerful God who could also be a gentle, innocent child. And Filipinos adore and dote on their children. The Filipino's concept of family planning, before small families became the policy and the fashion, was to plan for a big family. The more children, the more blessed  the union. It is not uncommon to hear friends greeting newly-weds, a few months after the  honeymoon, "Waray pa?", meaning, "Not pregnant yet' And the couple themselves  begin to worry when after a year of marriage, no child has blessed the union.

For the Filipinos, fond of children as they are, devotion to the Child Jesus has become almost a national passion. The many miracles attributed to the Child have increased the number of devotees even more.

When and how was the devotion to the Sto. Nino introduced to Tacloban? There seems to be no record of this, but the poet Illuminado Lucente, in his writings, says that the Sto. Nino had been the patron saint of Tacloban as early as 1739.  Although the account of early Jesuit missionaries,  who had evangelized Samar and Leyte, do not mention Tacloban, it is conceivable that they introduced the devotion to the Child Jesus through Basey, Samar of which Tacloban was a barrio at that time. Tacloban then was known as Kankabatok.
There are features in the celebration of the Feast of the Sto. Nino in Tacloban which sets it apart from the celebration elsewhere in the country. The Balyuan (exchange), the fluvial parade which precedes the procession through the town, and the celebration in June (elsewhere the Feast is celebrated in January).

The Balyuan re-enacts the exchange of Sto. Nino images between Kankabatok and Buscada, another barrio of Basey, which had acquired, by  donation, a much bigger and more beautiful image than that of Kamkabatok. The parish priest  of Basey, who must have had great powers of persuasion, convinced the people of Buscada to give their newer and better-looking image to Kamkabatok. To this day, the image from Buscada occupies the main altar of the church in Tacloban.

The fluvial parade is a flashback to the year 1889. Very elaborate plans had been made for the  fiesta celebration that year and it was decided that the image be sent to Manila for retouching and  new vestments. The boat carrying the image back to Tacloban however caught fire at sea between Mindoro and Romblon on January 15, 1889. To save the ship, the crew threw the ship's  cargo overboard including the crate containing the image of the Sto. Nino. Providentially, the heavy crate did not sink. Four months later, in May, the crate was salvaged off the coast of Semirara in Mindoro. Informed of the "find" a group immediately went to Semirara on a chartered boat the "Consuelo" to fetch the image. The Consuelo docked at Panalaron, Tacloban on June 30, 1889.

At that time, Tacloban and other towns in Leyte, were in the  throes of a cholera epidemic that had already claimed many  lives. Such was the faith of the townspeople in the Sto. Nino  that when they heard that the lost image was due to arrive, they flocked to the waterfront, men and women, the young and the aged, the able and the sick; they "filled the road from Panalaron to the church Afterwards, shawls, handkerchiefs, blankets of the sick who had become well were found on the streets, and  that day the cholera epidemic seemed to have been checked by the power of the Sto. Nino."

To commemorate and re-enact the arrival of the recovered  image the fluvial parade is held every year, preceding the procession, and the date of the celebration was moved from the third Sunday of January to June 30. As the devotion to the  Sto. Nino became province-wide, Msgr. Teotimo Pacis, then  Bishop of Palo, signed a decree on June 1, 1967 making the Santo Nino the patron saint of Leyte, comprising the territory  of the Diocese of Palo.

(The preceding article is a reprint of the piece I wrote for the  Souvenir Program for the Tacloban fiesta on June 30, 1980 when Ferdinand (Bongbong) Marcos Jr. was the Hermano Mayor. --etm) 


In response to the call of DepEd Region 8 for assistance to the victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, for used clothing, the  teachers and school heads of Carigara II District pitched in. They gave not only  their used clothing but new ones as  well, with some blankets. Mrs. Victoria Quidlat included her nice big bag with her  donation of clothes.

Mrs Berrnardita C. Nivera, District Supervisor of Carigara II, with Mrs.  Jovena Tadefa, President of Carigara II Teachers League, Mr. Randy Capalar, and  Mr. Alan Alob went to Tacloban on November 6, 2009 in the multicab of Mrs. Chanda E. Florendo which was fully loaded with 22 big sacks of used clothing,

After the Regional Office referred them to PAG-IBIG where they could give the items, PAG-IBIG again referred them to SAGIP KAPAMILYA ABS CBN since the former had already sent to Manila their last shipment, the group found themselves facing the camera of a TV station for an interview on their charity work. Then they  were asked to go up to the 4th floor of the building where they were introduced to the station manager who profusely thanked them for their donation.

The following day, friends started congratulating Carigara II for being featured in the local TV station. This was a surprise to us. The personnel of the district were happy to share their blessings with the typhoon victims of Luzon. They really commiserated with them with their suffering. What they didn't expect was that their kindness would be reciprocated by an acknowledgment no less by the ABS CBN on their big screens. 

A live-in Roll-Out Training on Accelerated Hunger Mitigation Program to Promote Good Nutrition was conducted on Nov. 23-27, 2009 at Hapuroy Beach Restaurant in Brgy. Nauguisan. The program was primarily sponsored by the National Nutrition Council which aims to improve the food and nutrition knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Filipino families. In "Promoting Good Nutrition," the component includes the following topics: Infant and Young Child Feeding; Pabasa sa Nutrisyon, and Orientation on the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos, and the promotion of eggs and vegetables in their diets.

Implementers of the training were headed by Maria Belinda P. Alberca, Mun. Population Officer/Mun. Nutrition  Action Officer; Dr. Ma. Bella Vega Profetana, Mun. Health  Officer; Ms. Erlinda P. Obaob, Public Health Nurse; and  Sarah Jane Ramos, a Midwife. Participants of the training  were Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Barangay Health Workers,  Mother-Leaders, and rural Health Midwives assigned in the  area. All were taken from the 3 pilot barangays, namely, East  Guindapunan, Upper Sogod, and West Visoria.

With the support of Mun. Mayor Apostol and the councils  from the 3 pilot barangay, the training ended successfully,

Reported by Maria Belinda P. Alberca



1. Gutiay pa nga bata inataman ni Nanay
Linalampinan. kinakarigusan og binabanyusan
Con may balatian bantad an panimalay,
Paghatag hin kadasig anak nga bulahan.
2. Painu-inohan iya mga kinahanglanon
Inop han ngatanan an bata maginalinainpuson
Waray ka rahol og kasina bisan mga rahol hira
Para la matuman an mga inop nira.
3. Dako nga sabot an pagpaescuela
Paghatag hin hibaro og kabubuwason niya.
Idinudulong ha escuelahan ha ngatan nga adlaw.
Basi la mahagawas ha kataragman mabikyaw.
4. Nabuhat an Nanay pag-andam hin pagkaon og balon
Pinuputos hin dahon, cellophane og tupperware
Kinukuha ha panyo upod in usa nga togon
Gawi hin matadong an maupay ipasuber.
5. Lakat han panahon anak nagsisiguro
Hiro hitaas nga grado hiya nagpasigue
Dako nga kagarastuhan permi areglado
Pagtapos han propesyon aber pa malibre.
6. Daraga na hi lday og hiya nabarkada na
Mga panhitabo hiya nadadara og naentra
Pag iba nga buhat iya kinakarawat
Basi la ha katitirok hiya maaghat.
7. Nakatrabaho hiya han iya propesyon
Nagbalos han kag-anak og mga kabugtoan
Kapid-an ka tuig ha trabaho nagpadayon
Hingyap nga matadong para ha ngatanan.
8. Dalagan han panahon inmabot an pangidaron
 Nagplano pagpamilya para ha kabubuwasan niya
 Naghatag hin hemplo ha mga tidaraon
Pagpadagko han mga anak amo an buhaton ta.
9. Ay adlaw balik na gad anay con mahihimo
Kamingaw nga lubos han pagkabata ko
Waray problema ha pagkaon, pagpanapton o bisan ano
Kanda Nanay, Tatay ngatanan areglado.
10. Mga panginahanglan ha balay akon yana sinasakmomo
Sugad han mga guinbuhat han akon kag-anak
Mapait nga kasugaran problema nga dako
Waray na ngani panahon an lawas pagrayhak.
11. An tawo kon may ada na pangidaron tubtob nala
Mga kalipayan o katatawa aton panumdom.
An mga naglabay daw kakulop pala
Karawata nala sangkay diri na kita mabalik kabata.
12. Ma kusog nga panhunahuna an lawas waray na
Ay adlaw balik gad anay bisan diri maiha
Mabalik ako sa Diyos manggad pa han sala
Matalwas impiyerno ha langit madara.
Louie C. De Guzman
School Head, Bar. Sur ES 



Days and years swiftly come and go
Life on earth you can never guess so.
Treat everyone with fairness and love  
For man's true wealth is the good he does.
Life so they say, is like a game
You may lose or sometimes win.
Some pleasant things are sure to bring
For what counts most is the use we make of them.
All things are passing, in this world of fame
Service is given, in return for nothing.
For when good men died, what is left behind
A memento of his goodness printed in the Sands of Time.
If you are at the top, never look down
At people who are less blessed, on this earthly crown.
Never turn your back, but do what you can
To ease them of the burden, and help them to mount.
Do everything to gladden everyone
Touch their hearts with words that will never harm.
Fill every minute worth a million run
For joy will never be sweet if you break one's heart'
Be fair to everyone, show them you care
Never be proud for an achievement obtained.
Just stay humble, don't forget that everything on earth
Are only passing and goods are the ones remembered.
If you are great and feeling you are on top of the world
Because of wealth, fame, glory, honor, and position.
Never let it rule your life, for it will put you in question
Here on earth and when you reach God's throne.
The greatest happiness and true sweetness
In our existence in this world, is...
If we live a life for others, for nothing really belongs to you
So reach out, share, smile and live without regrets.
It is then you can say, you have lived a Wonderful Life.
Mrs. Pet P. Arguelles
MT-1, Tagak Elem. School
Carigara H District 



To support the National goal of attaining 100% Voluntary Blood Donation in the Philippines in 2010 under the National Voluntary Blood Service Program (NVBSP) of the government, LGU Carigara, headed by Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, in coordination with the Dept. of Health.  Region VIII, thru its representative Ms. Emma G. Lauron, SB Member Joenlee C. Larraga, Chairperson of the Committee on Health, and the RHU staff, conducted s a meeting on the Advocacy of HTV Prevention, Healthy Lifestyle, and Voluntary Blood Donations to all Brgy. Kagawads, Chairman, Committee on Health, Brgy.  Health Workers (BRWS) and RFW staff including volunteer nurses on November 6, 2009 at the Municipal Building.

Main objectives of the meeting were:

1) Create Barangay Voluntary Blood Donor Recruitment Officers;  

2) Assist in the attainment of the Millenium Development goal of lowering the maternal mortality ratio through the provision of safe and adequate blood supply;

3) Promote and encourage voluntary blood donations by the citizens and to instill public consciousness of the principle that blood donations are humanitarian acts, and

4) Provide adequate, safe, and affordable and equitable distribution of blood and blood products.

The discussant, MT. Roland Gorgonia, a Medical Technologist and Regional Voluntary Blood Donor Recruitment Officer, emphasized the importance of donating blood for it "Saves Life" and donors will be screened  for HIV/AIDS, BEPA B, and Diabetes for free.

Further, he stressed that this program will discourage commercial blood banks nationwide and donating blood  to inpatients will no longer be entertained in hospitals instead during Mass Blood Donation Services Programs  held in their respective municipality.

The blood donation will be deposited in the blood bank at Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center (EVRMC), Tacloban City to provide adequate blood supply to patients in an easier and more convenient way.

The activity ended up with the pronouncement of the participants as Brgy. Voluntary Blood Donor Recruitment Officers who are partners in mobilizing all the sectors of the community to participate in the mechanism for voluntary and nonprofit collection of blood.

The LGU-Carigara targets 1% of the municipality's total population to donate blood within this year.


Congratulations to the following Secondary athlete Students of the Carigara National High School who won during the Leyte Provincial Meet held at Isabel, Leyte last December 9-12, 2009:


1.     Nedic, Joseph (Gold)

2.     Cahimat, Christian (Gold)

3.     Plasnillo, Andrew (Gold)

4.     Delis, Joshua (Silver)

    Coach: Mr. Ricky Parena


1.     Tagpis, Mary Joy (Gold)

2.     Venturina, Queenilyn (Gold)

3.     Dionaido, Amabelle (Gold)

4.     Llaneta, Rizza Jane (Gold)

5.     Codera Jamaica (Gold)


Taekwan do

    1. Jonel Rendora (Gold)

    Coach: Ma. Gladys F. Apilado



    1. Nasinopa, Nick (Gold)

    Coach: Mr. Manuel Peruda


The winners will represent Leyte in the forthcoming EVRAA Meet 2010 at Tacloban City. In the ARNIS event, the athletes of Carigara National High School  which belongs to the Area II delegation was the  champion among other delegations of Area I, Area  III, Area IV, Area V, and Baybay District.

The success of the Carigara National High School  for standing out in this big event was attributed to  the athletes and their parents, teachers, coaches, school principal, Mr. Nino Angelo Mendoza, and Mrs. Elizabeth Ferreras, Head Teacher III from Carigara National High School. 


Events        Winners                            Coaches

Rhymes &

Jingles (H) 1st Carigara II CS                Edita Arintok

2nd Guindapunan ES            Milagros Macalinao

3rd Binibihan ES                  Lorna Labarda

Jazz Chants

1st Carigara II CS                Belba Dagalea

2nd Guindapunan ES            Raquel Bardiago

3rd Tagak ES                      Patria Macalinao


1st Mariel Tizon                   Martinito Parena

2nd Lester Pontilan              Hermenigilda Armstrong

3rd Jexean David                 Pascual Dolores Dionaldo

Verse Choir

1st Carigara 11 CS               Chino Aguirre

2nd Tagak ES                      Felicitas Macalinao

3rd Camansi ES                   Marilou Dataylo


1st Glynis Raftin                   Teresita Sonon

2nd Kenneth Modequillo        Agapito Hidalgo Jr.

3rd Shanina Kyle Tanginan    Evelia Macalinao


Grade I 1st Karylle Miralles Cherrie         Rose Ronquillo

2nd Jeanne Rose Dacallos     Irma Petallana

3rd Joy Cailega                    Alejandra Brit


Grade II    1st Gyle Basallage                Ester Nivera

2nd Danna Mae Higum         Milagros Macalinao

3rd Clarrise Arango              Alma Ingrato


Grade III   1st Chloe Ann Edusma           Syra Cabaltera

2nd Elida Narido                   Evelyn Indita

3rd Bea Parena                    Joselita Peflaflor


Grade IV    1st Alyssa Dadacay               Dolores Dionaldo

2nd Rovic Brun                     Petra Arguelles

3rd Jade Reyes                    Melendy Narido


Grade V     1st Jesusa Mary Avila             Benilda Urmeneta

2nd Christine Jane Nival         Felicitas Macalinao

3rd Catherine Idusma            Victoria Quidlat


Grade VI    1st Kim Nardo Ramos            Agapito Hidalgo Jr.

2nd Marife Quebec                Marilyn Celis

3rd Rosemarie Canasta          Janet Pepito 


A group of bonafide Carigaranos established a new cooperative  officially named San Lorenzo de Carigara Development Cooperative acronymed SLRCDC, under the patronage of San Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino saint.

Tracing its origin to thirty original member cooperators from Carigara, Leyte, it operates under the management of a 7-Man Board of Directors headed by a chairperson with the services of special committees rooted out from its members.

Board of Directors:

Chairperson- Gloria C. Aguilar;

Vice- Chair-- Damiana C. Makabenta;

Directors---- Thelma R. Remedi,

   Gilga 0. Lodero,

 Rosario I. Clores,

 Felicisima  R. C)emente,

   Zacarias Ligutan.

The Executive Committee:

President and Gen. Manager--- Teresita L. Dy;

Secretary---- Leonor R. Reamillo;

Treasurer---- Felicidad C. Cera;

Management Committee:

Bookkeeper--- Vicenta S. Lim;

Consultant----- Lino J. Obana.

Recognized by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) after its registration in May 4, 2009 with Registration No. TAC 3398, it serves the community in coordination with San  Lorenzo Ruiz Confradia, originated by a core group, teachers of  Carigara B Central School.

Now on its second year of operation, it envisions primarily to improve the quality of life of its members, their families, and  the whole community in various aspects of human development social, political, religious, and economic, among others,  as embodied in its Vision Statement of the religious nature.

Initially, SLRCDC focuses on two of its 'major programs  in agenda--Lending and the Consumer Store Operation serving  at the lowest interest rate. it is proud to have Mr. Lino J. Obana  as its consultant, a bonafide Carigara-on, at present the President  and Gen. Manager of Abucay Multipurpose Cooperative  (AMPC) in Bataan, one of the country's lending cooperatives.

Benefiting from the multifarious experiences of Mr. Obana as the Chairman of Cooperative Union of the Philippines, Founding Chairman of Bataan Cooperative Bank, and currently the  President of the Bataan Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association, SLRCDC hopes to make a difference in Carigara. With an authorized capital of PI.2 M, it has subscribed to a P300,000.00 capital and committed itself to offer the community opportunities  for a better life to cope with the challenges of the times.

As a growing COOP governed by Policies and Standards stipulated in its Constitution and By-Laws, it purports to embrace Carigaran-ons here and elsewhere.

SLRCDC Hotlines: Call 331-1118   Txt 09185921957

Leonor R. Reamillo, HCCC Faculty 

The Guindapunan East and West Fiesta celebration is definitely one of the most extravagant events of the year in Carigara. Everyone could feel the excitement of the event , which was inspired by jolly and fun-filled activities.

In Guindapunan, the occasion kicked off with a Basketball Tournament held from Sept. 18-21, 2009, sponsored by the Sangguniang Kabataan. Then a Singing Contest was held on Sept. 22 wherein one of the donors of the major prizes was former Pres. Legal Adviser Sergio A. F. Apostol. The winners in the Singing Contest were:
Ist Place Jakeson Bacong (San Mateo, Carigara)
2nd Place Babeth Dapiton (Ponong, Carigara)
3rd Place Ric Daug (Barugohay Central)
Another enthralling activity was the Doble Kara Contest held on Sept. 23, an open contest with participants from different towns. The winners were:
1st Place Erickson Briones
2nd Place Marlon Navares
3rd Place Ray Rosal
In Guindapunan West, the celebration opened with a short program wherein Brgy. Chairman Clarence P. Novilla Sr. gave his opening remarks. It was limelighted with the inauguration of the "Streetlight Project and the induction of the Day Care Parents Committee Officers.
Gracing the occasion were Hon. Carlos Jericbo L. Petilla, Governor of Leyte. Hon. Anlie Go Apostol, Municipal Mayor of Carigara. Hon. Trinidad Go Apostol, Congresswoman 2nd District Leyte.


(Schedule of Activities)

Competing Agencies 

2. DPWTH  8. FPJ
5. EVSU 11. HCCC
6. CDH 12. MTC
Volleyball, January 18, 2010

8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. MCWD vs DPWH (B & G)
9:30 &m.-11:00 a.m. Carigara I vs Carigara II (B&G)
11:00 am.- 12:30 p.m. EVSU vs CDH (B & G)
1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. LEYECO vs Fire/Police/Jail (B & G)
2:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m. CSF & Annex vs CNHS & Annex (B&G)
4:00 pm.-5:30 p.m. HCCC vs Court Employees (B&G)

Badminton, January 18, 2010

800 a.m.-9:30 a.m. HCCC vs Court Employees (B&G) (Single & Double)
9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. CSF & Annex vs CNHS 
11:00 am.- 12:00 noon LEYECO vs Fire/Police/Jail (B&G) (Single & Double)
1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. EVSU vs CDH (B&G) (Single & Double)
 2:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m Carigara I s Carigara II (B&G) (Single & Double)
4:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m. HCCC vs DPWU (B&G) (Single & Double)

Jan. 18, 2010, Monday  

8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Blood Letting (Rural Health Unit)

Jan. 19, 2010, Tuesday

800 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Icot Caravan (Kan Gara Gym)

Jan. 20-22, 2010, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday

Job Fair, Passporting, NSO & NBI services (LGU Roof Deck)

Jan. 22, 2010, Friday

6:00 p.m. Zarzuela (LGU Grounds)

Jan. 23, 2010, Saturday, Championship, Badminton Game.

8:00 a.m.-12:00 noon Badminton
1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. (Kan Gara Gym)

Jan. 24, 2010, Sunday *Championship, Volleyball

8:00 am.-12:00 noon Volleyball
1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. LGU Grounds

Jan. 25, 2010, Monday (LGU Grounds)

8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Float Parade and Dance Presentation
3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Awarding of Float and Presentation Winners 



They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
How foolishly depraved can they be,

Beauty is a reason for itself

Whether or not it solicits appreciation

Or it is left to bloom for itself.

The human intervention of what naturally is beautiful.
Is the greatest of all human follies,

Why interfere with what is naturally an aesthetic thing

By artificial human appendixes

When what bad been placed in the work of God?

God is the ultimate beauty.

Therefore, what He created is also beautiful,

Native beauty can never be replaced by

Human trickery or artificial magic

For God's omnipotence is impossibly replaceable.

Leave beauty to itself and if by chance

You want to own it or be part of it,

Think God and that power divine

Is yours to enjoy no encumbrances demanded.

Pat Q. Macabenta

Davao City




ON JULY 11, 2010