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Congratulations to all the new council officers.  We look forward to your success in your endeavour this coming year. These brother knights have offered their time and talent to further the cause of Columbianism in this city of Hamilton.

Being part of the Knights of Columbus is something to be proud of and unique, something special for each member. Membership in the Order provides the opportunity to do something positive locally and to have an impact internationally. Membership gives a person the chance to champion causes in his parish and community, and to have the resources available to be involved throughout the city of Hamilton.

Regardless of the reason a man chooses to join us, the fact is that members are the backbone of the Knights of Columbus. We should continue our drive to recruit younger members into our Order, someone who could inject added enthusiasm to the already dynamic and enthusiastic leadership. Take a look around you. What's the profile of the membership in our council? How many new members were recruited last year? How many young members have been added to our council? Has our council achieved our plans for its future?


Recruiting must be the number one priority in every council. It must become the number one priority of every member. We need to make everyone membership conscious. The function of the Membership Director and his committee is to oversee the membership activities of the council. They must organize, implement and evaluate the membership efforts. But it is every member's personal responsibility and privilege to get involved. A truly successful membership program combines the efforts of the trained membership recruitment teams as well as individual recruiters.
Grand Knight Don Stacey, Hamilton Council 9553, stipulated that to increase membership in this council, he says, "To solve the problem of recruitment, we need to have a 'team' approach. And that team consists of your GK, your Membership Director, you K of C Agent, and MOST importantly ... you. Without your efforts to continue to recruit new members, our work will go for naught.

You are the soldiers that are out in the front lines working with the Catholic men and have the contacts and thrust that is needed to lead them to the Knights. We need to get those active Catholic men into our fold. Be part of the team. Ask your friend that you sit next to at church to become a Knight or one of the men that you see at activities. Wear your badge to church and be proud of being a Knight as you should be, other men will see that and start asking questions. Invite one man this year. Just one. Then see how it multiplies. It's such a little thing, but it has such a big effect".

Columbian Squires
The Order's official youth organization is known as the Columbian Squires. Membership is open to boys between the ages of 10 and 18. The basic Squires unit is called a circle. Squire's circles must be sponsored by a local council or assembly. A highly organized and structured international organization, Columbian Squires aims to develop leadership qualities as well as a strong sense of civic and religious responsibility in Catholic young men