Name:  Fel Marpa
E-mail:  5tarr.apram@sympatico.ca
Location:  Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Birthday:  6 February, 1939
Bio:  I was born in Ponong Carigara, educated there till High School, graduated from the University of the East with a degree in Doctor of Dental Medicine and passed the Board the same year. I am listed in the Philippine Dental Association's registry where I often times visit to check out former classmates and friends. I served as the School Dentist of the Holy Cross Academy from 1964-1968 till I immigrated to Canada on October of 1968.
Interests:  During the summertime over the last few years Golf is my main preoccupation but eager to go back to my first hobby, Flyfishing, lure making and fly tying itself. It gives me great pleasure to catch fish with my own creation. During winter Bowling is the game of choice. We are now in our 25th year of existence. Now that I am retired, smoke free and with the kids all grown up, there's a lot of time at hand to pursue these hobbies. All I have to hope now is that the fish and the weather cooperate. Is there still fish in the lake? I'll soon find out as soon as the foot or so of snow outside melt.
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