Volume XV, No: 4


31 July 2007



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Nutrition Month Celebrated in Carigara
Mga Hitabo
The Carigara Public Library
Inter-town Basketball Tournament
Ballroom Dancing Competition
the Inter-Agency Night
Inter-town Basketball Tournament
Ballroom Dancing Competition
HCCC Alumni Parade 2007

Search for Ms. Gay '07
The Last Eden
The Fiesta in Metro Manila
I Love The Teaching Profession
HCCC Crusaders Grab Over-all
Workshop on Teaching Strategies
Daw Kakulop Pa La
4 A's and a P

Nutrition Month Celebrated in Carigara

Sec. 7 of Presidential Decree 491 known as Nutrition Act of the Philippines has designated the month of July as the Nutrition Month.

This year Carigara once again joined the nation in celebrating the Nutrition Month with the theme:

Healthy Lifestyle ng Kabataan, Landas ng kinabukasan.

The celebration featured several activities, such as the followmg:

*Hanging of streamers on strategic places, e.g., schools

*Simultaneous recitation of Nutrition Prayer and the Nutrition Pledge by the employees of LGU-Carigara and in some schools

*Supplemental feeding for underweight elementary pupils from Grade I to Grade III in various schools, e.g., Jugaban Elem. School, Cassidy Elem. School, A.T. Aguja Memorial Central School, Guindapunan Elem. School, Barugohay Norte Elem. School, Tagak Elem. School, and ponong Elem. School.

Success of the affair was attributed to the Municipal Nutrition Committee chaired by Hon. Antie Go Apostol, Municipal. Mayor, Myla L. Aguilar, Municipal. Administrator, Mrs. Maria Belinda P. Alberca, Municipal Nutrition Action Officer, Brgy. Chairmen, Barangay Volunteer Workers, and public school teachers.

Inter-town Basketball Tournament

Another activity during the town fiesta was an inter-town basketball tournament organized by Municipal Mayor Anlie Go Apostol and her staff in partnership with the Municipal Special Project Office.

Players ftom Leyte and Samar joined in the battle for the Apostol Cup and the various prizes at stake.
Champion was the Palo team which received a cash prize of P50,OOO.OO; the Hernane, Samar team received P30,OOO.00 as 1st runner-up; and the team of Tabak, Tac1oban City got P20,000.00 as 2nd runner-up.

Prizes were awarded by Congresswoman Trinidad G. Apostol of the 2nd District of Leyte, . assisted by Mayor Anlie G. Apostol on July 14,2007 at the Kan Gara Gym.

Present at the awarding were SB Members Hon. Anabella N. Crisostomo, Hon. Dennis Garay, and Hon. Mildred C. Modesto.
The tourney was enlivened with a raffle of prizes which most of the spectators vied for.

Mga Hitabo


Rev. Mr. Leo Ayaso Llames was ordained to the Priesthood by Most. Rev. Thomas Christopher Collins, Archbshop of Toronto, at 81. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto, Canada, on 12 May 2007. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Jose C. LIames.

Dr. Roy A. Marpa, son of Atty. Archimedes Marpa & Mrs. Nona Anacta Marpa, married Sherie Lyn L. Agero, daughter of Mr. Jorge Agero and Mrs. Teresita Lago Agero on July 14, 2007.

Allan Recamadas, 35 yrs. old, 9 July 2007.
Concepcion Almocera, 59 yrs. old, 21 July 2007
Armando Dandan, 66 yrs. old, 9 June 2007
Ranulfo Drilon, 75 yrs. old, 23 June 2007.
Marcelina Caratao, 84 yrs. old, 29 June 2007
Gaudioso Paner, 65 yrs. old, 30 June 2007.,

Franco Omar Tiu Morales, recently passed the Licensure Examination for Civil Engineers held on 9 & 10 May 2007 in Cebu City. He is the son of Lucas & Leonor Morales (nee Tiu)

The Carigara Public Library gratefully acknowledges the following donations:

Mr. & Mrs. Meynardo Sanchez (nee Cynthia Qnilaneta), California, USA 64 novels, 12 children's books, 54 asstd. Magazines, and 2 stamp pads.

Mr. Eduardo Makabenta Jr. & family 297 titles in different subjects: politics, history, sociology, etc.

Mr. & Mrs. Arnulfo Agudera, Sydney, Australia, l set of Encyclopedia. Britannica, 33 volumes

Iday Pami G. Aguilar---15 titles

Chris Biron, Reseda, California-l3 novels

Salvacion Agudera-12 titles

Carlos Emperio-2 titles


Ballroom Dancing Competition and Awarding Highlights the Inter-Agency Night

One of the highlights of the 412th Carigara town fiesta activities was the Inter-Agency Night held on July 15, 2007, eve of the fiesta. It was a get-together affair of employees and officials ftom various agencies of the municipality.

Limelight of the night's affair was the Ballroom Dancing Competition organized by Hon. Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr., Vice-Mayor of Carigara, in coordination with Mr. Wenefredo Custodio. Participants from selected agencies showed off the best of themselves in dancing to the max with authenticity and perfect harmony.

Judging the dancers were Renanti Rapi, Ryan Gino Ceblano, and Charina Almocera- Tolosa, all of them dance instructors. Contest winners were:
First Place
Genevieve PamaiUanand Archie Bodo (representatives ofDepEd 2nd District)
Second Place
Lilibeth Gardiola and Paulino Apurillo (representatives of Dept. of Public Works & Highways Lineth Bojo and Junie Gardon (representatives of Holy Child Dev't. Center)

Winners were awarded by Presidential Legal Adviser Hon. Sergio A. F. Apostol and his better half, Congresswoman Trinidad G. Apostol. of the 2nd District of Leyte.
Coinciding with the affair was the Awarding of Prizes to the winners in the different contests and competitions sponsored by LGU-Carigara, headed by Mayor Anlie G. Apostol, in connection with the town fiesta celebration.

Inter-Agency Volleyball--W omen Division
(Coordinators: Hon. SB Member Santiago Gill Lloren and Sylvia Q. Urmeneta, HRMO/Peso Manager)
1st Place Winner LGU Carigara
2nd Place Winner Eastern Visayas State Univ. (ESVlJ), Cangara Campus
3rd Place Winner DepEd (Secondary), Carigara School of Fisheries

Inter-Agency Volleyball--Men Division
(Coordinators: Francisco S. Caubalejo, Mun. Assessor & his staff)
1st Place Wi1111er LGU Carigara
2nd Place Winner DPWH of 2nd Leyte District
3rd Place WinDer EVSU, Carigara Campus

Inter-Agency Basketball Tourney
(Coordinators: Hon. Dennis Garay and Hon. Samuel Llose)
Champion DPWH 2nd Leyte District
1st Runner-up LGU-Carigara
2nd Runner-up Phil. National Police

People's Organization Basketball Tourney
(Coordinators: Dennis N. Garay and the SB Personnel)
Champion Pro-One team represented by Pio Dalimocon
Ist.Runner-up CAFVEMCO represented by Rey Metrnn
2nd Runner-up PEDAL represented by Ramon Sudario

Inter-town Pedicab Race
(Coordinators: Hon. SB Member Steve B. Go, Hon. Jun B. Go,-Pres. Of Liga ng mga Barangay, PNP Chief of Police Felix Diloy, Dr. Bella V. Profetana)
1st Place Winner Ramil Oml
2nd Place Winner Archie Rendora
3rd Place Winner' Renate Amistoso

Drum and Bugle Corps
(Coordinators: Bon. SB Members Joenlee Larraga and Clint Tonolete, Juliet R Hanopol-OIC-Municipal Accountan! and her staff.
1st Place Winner Holy Cross College of Carigara
2nd Place Winner Carigara School of Fisheries
3rd Place Winner Carigara National High School

Cheer Dance.
(Coordinators: Hon. SB Member Joenlee Larraga and Juliet Hanopol, OIC Municipal Accountant, and ber staff)
1st Place Wi1U1er Holy Cross College ofCarigara
2nd Place Wiroer Carigara School of Fisheries
3rd Place Winner Carigara National High School

Gracing the occasion were:
Hon. Charita M. Chan, Mayor of Babatngon;
Hon. Manuel Siaque, Mayor of Dulag;
Mr. Rodolfo Badiable, Leyte Prov'l. Treasurer (representing Hon. Carlos Jericho Petilla, Governor of Leyte);
SB Members of Carigara Hon. Joenlee Larraga, Hon. Dennis Garay, Hon. Mildred Modesto, and Hon. Samuel Llose;
Mr. Romulo Bernardes, Asst. Regional Director of L TO;
Ma. Margarita J. Laguipo, Dist.Engineer of DPWH 2nd Dist. of Leyte;
and Myla L. Aguilar, Mun. Administrator of Carigara.

Everyone enjoyed and had fun especially the honorable guests who were called upon to dance the curacha.

Found this while surfing YouTube. Just helping out expose this to our Igkasi Kalgaranon.
HCCC Alumni Parade 2007HCCC Alumni Parade batch 1986

This year's 4I2th town fiesta of Carigara in honor of the Trimnph of the Holy Cross had a roster of several activities, among them, the "Search for Miss Gay 2007" held on July 13, 2007 at the Kan Gara Gymnasimn.

Ten candidates vied for the coveted title

Reseuel Caldoza (as Angel Locsin) of Tacloban City bested the other candidates and was crowned "Miss Gay 2007" by new SB Members of Carigara, Hon. Mildred C. Contapay and Hon. Samuel Llose. He also reaped special awards: Best in Gown, Feminine Look, and 1st Runner Up Best in Festival Costume.

Ist runner-up for Miss Gay 2007 was Jonard Abenido (as Ruffa Gutierrez) of Tacloban City who received the most number of special awards-Best in Festival Costume, Darling of the Crowd, Sexiest Body, Best in Swimsuit.

Gener Pelino (as Heart Evangelista) of Tacloban City was adjudged 2nd runner-up.

Other contestants who garnered awards:

Rodel Oranus (as Diana Zubiri) of Palo was 2nd runner-up Best in Festival Costume and Demosthenes Mooney Lovilla of Pastrana, Best in TaIent for his charcoal painting.

Cash prizes and trophies were awarded to winners and consolation prizes to non-winners.

The Board of Judges was composed of:
Ms. Lyndee G. Corbe, as chainnan.
Evelyn A. Granados and Nimfa P. Ganido, as members.

The show was also enlivened by the humorous lines of the night jock Bergahita (Rodel Cabelin) who was the emcee and stage director of the show.

The show organizers:
Hon.Mildred C. Modesto in coordination with the municipal Civil Registrar Office staff: headed by Teresita C. Pilande, and the municipal Engineer, Ricardo Pureza, were thankful for the success of the search

There's no paved path to the mountain tops,
But old women their faces concealed by flimsy shawls,
Insist on going through thick bushes, their vision barred by fogs,
They must reach the caves and do their long days haul,
Or else they will bear the brunt of their earned tops
And be considered unworthy of their life's oblation.

Who would ever think that these women in their heydays,
Were holders of exalted and responsible government positions?
After earning high academics in local a(1d foreign universities?
But now garbed in tatters sans their costly designed fashion,
They must reach the caves of mysterious Mount Banahaw,
In their poor and unobserved lowly positions.

Something good must have happened in their childhood,
Reared by their elders, they were honed in whispers
That in the caves of Mount Banahaw they were told,
A daily pilgrimage to it would make them as listeners
To the spiritual forecast they should sincerely behold,
As the fate of RP, their beloved country, in the distant future.

Inside the cave, the women took to their accustomed places,
No one talked; no one made a distinct social move,
Although each one was surprised that never there were traces,
If being breathless or being far removed from their
Stamina of their bodies in spite of the long trek
Each was ever ready for what was eagerly expedited.

There was a movement of gentle breeze in the cave,
Although outside the cave everything was stirless
The sun was up, although: from a distant side
Some nocturnal insects continued their sleep moveless,
The world was oblivious to what was to prophesy
Coming from some powerful spirit no more than less..

The gentle breeze inside the cave had assumed
An alive being, touching each woman as if
She was a bringer of tidings of things presumed
To inform Filipinos of their struggles and strife’s
And the reward that they would have rightly earned
If they did the biddings of the high heavens.

And the voice had assumed a more authoritative tone,
"Your country is small, but by its intelligent leadership,
It has invited cooperation with countries to its own,
With continued heaven’s blessings of its confluenceship,
It may gain peace and progress from its Liaison and
It may just be the last Eden of this troublesome world."

Patrocinio Q. Macabenta

Editor's Note;
Pat Macabenta, on June 2002, received the "Editor's Choice Award" for his poems. The award was presented by "poetry com" (1 Poetry Plaza, Owings Mills, MD 21117 USA)and the International Library of Poetry.

America's environment is not only unique but distinct As comparatively speaking of any country like the Philippines Of course knowing the differences between torrid and temperate You must always be ready and brace yourself for a change.

Like dressing up where a big difference is in offing Though here there's no dress code that is suggesting So long as you're comfortable and in good body condition Never mind how you're wrapped because it's winter.

Household chores are easy, convenient and no tarry With a wink of the eye presto and no more disarray.Safe, convenient and economical equipments do it for you And the work is done where you do it with much gusto.

No traffic mass will be experienced anywhere you go Sighs, chucles, grins, snarls, grits or what have you In your shopping sprees, joy riding or to and ITO C'mon go you will enjoy it much my fairest amigo.

foods are in abundance and prices are very low
Which is very convenient to the poorest of poor's pocket So you can savor the food you've wished before And be contented with these graces you've received.

So many unique things are here for you to experience Which are so distinct of what we bave in the Pbilippines But all along all you have to do is make adjustments And you'll find that living here is really the NICEST.

Eufracio "Freeze" Gavero
San Francisco, CA, USA

Kalgaranons in Metro Manila, as in previous years, had their own celebration of the Triumph of the Holy Cross, complete with the nine-day novena at St. Rita Chapel in Qui.apo and a feast-dinner and dance-on the 16th of July
Sponsors of the novenas and the fiesta proper were the following

July 7, Saturday
Non & Della Llavore & Family
Sonny & Lucy Tansinco & Family
Samson & Hilda Clemente & Family

July 8, Sunday
Mark Daryl

July 9, Monday
Labro Family,
Maria Brenda Almocera,
RCA Class '87

July 10, Tuesday
Lodero Family
Angelo & Bam Abustan & Family

July 11, Wednesday
Calonge Family
Rudy & Eliza Reamillo & Family

July 12, Thursday
Peruda & Fopalan Families

July 13, Friday
RCA Class '71 c/o Aida Hamtig Quilaquil

July 14, Saturday
Maria Quinagutan

HCA Class '66 c/o Lino Llames
& Beth de la Pella

July 15, Sunday
HCA Class '66 c/o Lino Llames
& Beth de la Pena

July 16, Monday, Feast Day
Lily T. Aguilos,
Jaime & Josie Darantinao
Gil & Ching Espinosa
Blas & Josie Espinosa
Joseph & Fe Espinosa Woo

Feast day was held at the air-conditioned Quezon City Performing Arts Theater (formerly Amoranto Stadium) which was filled to capacity. Dinner was buffet style; couples danced to music by a live band. A curacha number pairing Director. Nick Crisostomo and Atty. Fidelina Quintana Grapilon raised P68,OOO! Everyone had lots of fun.

Kudos to the fiesta organizers!

I Love The Teaching Profession
by Bernardita Odes Nivera
Guindapunan Community School

On my 40th Anniversary as a Teacher in the Elementary Grades, may I share with the readers of Budyong my feelings about my profession.

MUCH bas been said about the heartaches in the teaching profession. There is no need of enumerating them, for every teacher knows them and each one can talk endlessly about them. Just for a change, I wish now to shed light on the other side of the teaching profession. I wish to share with my fellow teachers my experiences, my thoughts and my feelings about the profession considered by others as an unrewarding one.

I consider it a blessing to have had my first three years of teaching in Uyawan-a barrio located in the midst of the wide rice plantations of Carigara. There I learned much and I became richer in the experience. From my dealings with the barrio folks, I developed my PR. Sharing a lunch with a needy pupil or one with almost no shirt to his back made me feel the miseries of the poor and challenged me to impart to them know ledges and Skills that could lighten their burden. Crossing rivers to visit a pupil absent for days made me feel like a missionary such as the Redemptorist Fathers whose .zeal in bringing souls back to God I admire much. trying a hand at harvesting rice and plowing the garden. eating lunch by the river, listening to the many chirping of birds, gazing at a golden sea of grain and enjoying the peace and quiet of the country-these have made my life richer and fuller
Now after eight years of teaching, I have come to realize that no other profession develops so fully one's abilities as the teaching profession. Teaching dances to my pupils makes me a dancer, not a ballerina of course! Introducing a guest speaker during graduation makes me Ii public speaker-a neophyte, that is. And being the most important audio-visual aid in the classroom makes II)e an actress-with no hope for F AMAS- award nomination.

There are times when I'm not in the mood to teach. At times I'm tired of doing the daily classroom routine. Like everybody else, the numerous extra-curricular activities and contributions irritate me and affect my interest in the profession. But when I look at my pupils, their faces longing for my love and my guiding hand; when I see them braving the rain and the sun, walking the great distance between their homes and the school, defying hunger at times, I feel guilty if I do not do justice to them. These pupils who will be tomorrow's leaders spend one year of their precious time with me. What memories could they have of me or what influence would I have on them? Having this in mind, I roll up my sleeves and teach and guide them to the best of my ability. Through the different activities I try to discover and develop in them whatever talents they have. I sing, I dance and oh yes, I play with them. In doing these, forgot I'm already in my late twenties. I feel young again just as before when I was at their age.

At times, too, no matter what I do to make my lessons interesting, there are still pupils who are inattentive. Others feel sleepy. To give life to my class, to have fun with them and to stretch their mental muscles, I give simple riddles like these: What is between heaven and earth? (Answer: and). What happens once in a minute, twice in a moment but never in a thousand years? (Answer: Letter).

How varied, how funny their answers are! I can't help laughing. The pupils are now challenged. They start thinking hard-very hard. The sleepy ones rub their eyes and eagerly find out what the commotion is all about. The inattentive suddenly become interested after the fun; they are once more ready for the lesson. Their minds activated.

In those moments when a very slow learner gives one correct answer, when a pupil reforms his ways, when the result of the test is very satisfactory, and most of a11, when I have won their love and respect, then and there I feel deeply compensated for all my labors, and I can safely say that in terms of the many good things a teacher can do for youth. And in terms of the rich and varied experience one gets, teaching is after a11 a truly rewarding profession.

(This article was first published in the Phil. Journal of Education on September 1975)

HHCCC Crusaders Grab Over-all">Second Place


Tacloban Stadium, Capitol Hills:

The championship match of the HCCC Crusaders versus the Asian Dragons took place at around 9:00 clock in the morning last March 2007. The basketball cup was said to be supported by the Leyte Athletic Amateur Association (LAAA). The teams to gear up and play the final match were chosen with the fol1owing procedures: the final four teams which were The Sacred Heart Junior stallions, EVSU Junior Hawks, Asian Dragons, and the HCCC Crusaders fought against their designated pairs and the winner would fight against winner 2, which were the Asian Dragons and the HCCC Crusaders. In order to determine the champion, the mechanics was rank 2 has to beat rank I twice.

Unfortunately, the HCCC Crusaders did not win the championship with the final tally as 2-0. However they grabbed the smashing over-all second place and got several awards which made the Holy Crossian community very proud. The awards included Best Team Performance, the Mythical Five, and two individual awards-Best Center, Chino Tajanan, and Best Shooting Guard, Gary Sabillo. It was not bad, after all. All their practices and endeavors paid off.

Comprising the HCCC crusaders team was:
Rolando Balais, the assistant coach, Romeo Macalinao, and the players: Chino Tajanan, Gary Sabillo, Leonard, Martin Obaob, Noel Lesiques, Sydney Eric Reyes, Jason Royo, Dareen Nivera, Ivan Cagascas, Ralph Pe:iiaranda. Joboo Dagasdas, Rowen Ponferrada, Raynel Pureza, Evander Macalinao, and the Ball Captain, Vicente Guirindula.

Ball Captain GuiIidula had these to say of their victory: "Despite the fact that we never expected we could go that far, with the determination and with proud souls, we are happy to say, we did it!

CONGRATULATIONS Crusaders! HCCC is proud of you.

Workshop on Teaching Strategies

A recently concluded District Echo-Seminar Workshop on Teaching Strategies particularly in English, Science, and Math was conducted as a major output of a Division Seminar held earlier. Approximately 98% of the teachers in the district were in attendance.

A fitting take-off for School calendar 2007, it accelerated the teachers to a higher gear hoping to improve foremost, teaching strategies in Reading from Grades I-VI with the end in view of effecting quality education of the national objective. New strategies in teaching reading were introduced and discussed with high expectations for increased academic achievement.

Ultimately, this serves as a stepping stone to help school learners cope with the seemingly increasing academic demands in the grade school.

Apparently, the conduct of the District Echo Seminar manifested a very satisfactory participation and enthusiasm as crystallized in the outputs presented.

Tackled with confidence to echo the seminar were the following teachers who represented the district to attend the Division Training Workshop held in May 29-31, 2007 at Carigara II Central School, Carigara, Leyte.

Sent to attend were:
Grade I, Mrs. Adelina Custado;
Grade II, Mrs. Sucit Apan;
Grade III, Mrs.Anselmo Cairo
Grade IV, Mrs. Edithe Nivera:-
Grade V, Miss Jocelyn Obaob; and
Grade VI, Mrs. Yolanda. San Pedro
with Mrs. Alejandra P. Narbonita, Central School Principal, as the attending School Administrator.

In recognition of the participants' active participation, certificates were awarded to those in attendance by the District Supervisor of Carigara I. Dr. Delia D. Catilogo, ES-I ALS, with Mrs. Alejandra P. Narbonita, Principal, and District Training Chairman.

Leonora Ranin Reamillo
Master Teacher (Retired)


Daw Kakulop Pa La

Daw kakulop pa la ha gobyeno an akon pagserbisyo
Mga adlaw, mga bulan ug mga tuig akon gin siguro
Waray pag-ihap han kakapoy han mga buruhaton
Nakalait la an termino human na an mga obligasyon.

Octobre 2, 1973 ako gintawag
Pagtutdo ha Uyawan substitute status
Tungod kay linghod excited ug akon karuyag
Kinarawat ko hinkalipay mga inop waray magpaltos.

Neophyte ha pagtutdo ako dayon ginprobaran
Makuri nga Head teacher Ms. Morales an ngaran
Sigue entoy pakitaa ako ban imo gin adman,
Kay B.S.I.E. kaman kamo kono mga buhatan.

Riprap nga stage akon gintikangan
Pintakasi an paagi kabulig an mga kabataan
Mga snacks namon co-teachers kami ginseserbihan
Malipay nga buot ug waray masiwat kay ginkakaurosahan.

Academic subjects Math ug Work Education
Gintapod ha akon ha mga bata pagliksiyon
Upod an Scouting, Music, Arts ug P.E.
Kay nadiskobre ako nga musician ug athlete ha L.I.T.

Dalagan ban panahon maupay an amon mga relasyon
Atmosphere ban edukasyon sisters and brothers na propisyon .
An amon trababo ha kada usa nagsissiguro
Usahay.nagbuburoglig kon kinahang1anon hin tawo.

Ay adlaw balik gad kon mahihimo
Mga katatawa, pagsurusonlog kon nagkakaurosa
Ha amon pangaon kami nagburubalyo
Bisan ano an amon balon, pagkaon permi magana.

After four years na transfer ako ha Ponong
Pareho gihapon nga subjects an ginhatag ha akon
Mga challenges ako liwat ginkakita
Kan Ms.Llavore nga principal waray ka matatatsa.

Duha ka tuig liwat an naglabay ha Cassidy ako ginbalhin
Dako nga eskuwelahan kilala an ngaran
"Lionshare" han school plan ha akon gingaihin
Tungod nga branded ako nga maupay magtrabaho man.

Giganti nga project han bakasyon ha akon gintapos
Ms. Encarnacion nga Head teacher kay project-oriented man
Pagpader ug filling ha bug-os nga liburan
Akon natuman gihapon kay ha mga school head dako an akon pagtahud.

Labay han mga katuigan hi ako na promote ka TIC
Egin assign ni Ms. Nivera ha Hiluctogan ug Canlampay
Mapanain nga pagkarawat tungod by achievement ine
Casa han kinabuhi ipaangbit basi makalipay.

Mga igkasi ko magturotdo timan-i ine
An kinabuhi ban tawo ada ba imo an pagbasi
Bisan ma Bed of Roses ug Bed of Thoms ha dayuday
Panumndum han naglabay ay adlaw balik gad anay.

Louis C. de Guzman, HT. Bar. Sur.ES


4 A's and a P

Today's challenges, Tomorrow's opportunities.

Every parent today is faced with many challenges. To dwell on them would be a waste of time. We're all experts when it comes to challenges and besides, who wants to talk about unpleasant things?

I have decided instead to share with you a formula on how you can survive these challenges. It goes like this 4 A's and a P = good and happy children and parents. First the 4 A's. The first A is for acceptance. We all mouth the words each is different, just as no two fingers are alike. Yet, why do we complain when one child doesn't receive honors while all the others do, why this child is so shy while the younger sister is so gregarious? My Howard Gardner introduced us to Multiple Intelligences. According to him, we are all intelligent but in different ways. In other words, there's no such thing as a "bellow average" child, to say it bluntly. 'Let's accept and enjoy the uniqueness of each child. Remember, his Creator knows best.

The second, A is for Attention. "Look at me Mommy" is the favorite expression of our three-year olds. As he grows up, the child still says the same thing but in other ways by doing or saying the unexpected just so you will pay attention to .mm. In our busy world, especially when both parents- are working, we seldom have time for our children. We say that we spend quality time with them. Question what is the quality of the time that you spend with them? Is it spent engaging while wrestling with his homework? When your child talks to you, do you listen to him, not only with your ears, but also your eyes and your heart, make each moment that you spend with your child count. They (and you) will cherish these moments and these are the memories that you build on for the future, especially when these adorable little kids grows up and become strong willed teenagers who will make you wish that they hadn't grown up at all.

Very close to Attention is the third A, Affirmation. Has your child ever put a star on his own workbook or seatwork? Children love to be praised. Do we praise them for the good things that they do even the smallest things? Often times, the things that we take for granted are a big deal to them. A pat on the back, a "Very Good" and especial1y "I am proud of you" will go a long way. It tells them that they are of value and it builds up their self-confidence, which in turn enables them to do a lot of things and face challenges that may come their way in the future.

The last A stands for Affection. We all love our children but sometimes, our children are not very sure about it. If you grew up in a family that does not show affection physically, you better do something about it. Affection is shown through words and actions. You cannot keep people guessing, Is there anybody amongst us who doesn’t want to hear the words "I love you"? Children do, too. We can never be too generous with our hugs and kisses. There was an orphanage where they put all the babies together in one big room. They observed that the babies were weak except for the one nearest the door, even if they got the same amount of food. They realized that because she was nearest the door, this baby got the most pats and coddling from anyone who happened to pass by. What made her healthy was the affection, not the food.

You can give your clri1dren the 4 A's but without the P, the 4 A's wont work. P stands for prayer. Give your children God. Teach them about the loving Father who loves them as they are, all the time, and who has given them everything. Teach them about the God who is so good. And teach this to them by your example. Make you hope a Nazareth; make Joseph and Mary your role models as parents. Allow your children to grow in grace and wisdom. Your children are what they are now because of the kind of homes that you have built for them.

by Bebot Lagera