Volume XV No.5


20 September 2007


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CARIMEA holds 3rd Annual Assembly
Mga Hitabu
Legislative Extension Office
FFS in Barangay ManIoy
Team Building Seminar
2007 Alay-Lakad
Blood Letting in Carigara
What About BEC

Supplemental Feeding Program
September Song
Building Your House
The Carigara Public Library
Mag Aano Ako
I Believe

CARIMEA holds 3rd Annual Assembly

The Carigara Municipal Employees Association (CARIMEA) held their 3rd Annual Assembly at the LGU new municipal ball on Sept. 1st, 2007. A new set of officers were elected and the Organization Strategic Plan update and its constitution and by-laws were presented.

About fifty member-employees of the LGU Carigara attended the assembly.

Hon. SB Member Samuel L. Llose, keynote speaker, informed the employees of the 1O% salary adjustment that was approved by the Sangguniang Bayan of Carigara, effective July 1,2007.

CARIMEA President Baldomero Conde presented the Strategic Plan Update and Constitution and By-Laws of the organization for amendments and adoption by the members. Highlight of the event was the election and appointment of the new set of officers in the Executive Body and in the Standing Committees, respectively. .
Election was property. Facilitated by the Committee on election with Mr Francisco S. Caubalejo, Chairman, Ms. Aida L. Paner and Ms. Adelaida C. Barrera. Members.

The newly appointed officers of CARIMEA are:



Aurelia B. Igcasan


Baldomero M Conde


Charlotelyn O. Miranda


Bernadette 0. Ordona


1.Teodoro G. Dadulla

2.Lydia R. Capanpan


francis Allan C. Raagas

Shop Steward:

1.Abner L Mejares

2.Anita C. Clemente

Standing Committees:

1. Membership, Admission & Recreation Committee


Crescente F. Precia
1. Rebecca F. Salas
2. Nenita B. Pore
3. Alejandra L. Morales

2. Committee on Appropriation & Finance:


Amelia Cecilio
1. Ms Nenita B. Fulgueras
2. Reza S. Cabiola
3. Benjamin Pepinas

3. Grievance Committee:


Silvestre Makabenta
1. Paul Marquez
2. Primitivo Tito Granados
3. Marichu Apelado

4. Committee on Education & General Welfare:


Teodora S. Oballo
1. Romeo O. Makabenta
2. Josefina J. Josol
3. Evelyn P. Reyes

5. Credit Committee:


Evelyn A. Granados
1. Teresa C. Forsuelo
2. Leonor T. Morales
3. Leona Darantinao

Hon. Llose presided over the oath taking ceremony.

A raffle of prizes stirred everyones excitement and hope of bringing home a prize.

2007 Alay-Lakad

LGU-Carigara will celebrate this years Alay-Lakad on September 30, 2007 with the theme “Lakad bayan para sa Kaunlaran” to be attended by the national and local officers, non-government agencies, peoples organizations, schools, municipal and barangay officials and concerned individuals.

The hike will start. at. 4:30 am at the LOU grounds then around the poblacion and back to the assembly area. A short program will follow. Ms. Alma Q. Sanchez, Vice President. Sangguniang Bayan Municipal Federation will give a message. Attendees will be entertained with dances and songs by students from various schools of the municipality. SB Member ]oanlee C. Larraga will also deliver an Alay Lakad message.

The activity will Culminate with the closing remarks by Hon. Myra Mae L. Contapay, President of the SK Municipal Federation.

Blood Letting in Carigara

Blood Letting Program will be initiated at the Kan Gara Gymnasium on September 21, 2007. Anyone who wants to save lives by sharing his or her own bloodline is welcome to be a part of the activity. Hon. Joen1ee C. Larraga encourages everyone to be a blood donor.

Mga Hitabu


Hon. Vice-Mayor Utpiano U. Arpon Jr. celebrated his 70th birthday on Sept. 18, 2007 at his residence.


Carlito Sonon, son of Roberto & Virgilia Sonon (nee .NivaJ).roarried Dylinda Cabelin, daughter of Madronito & Natividad Cabetin (nee Liporada) on August 15, 2007.

Bryan Esmero, son of Romeo & Edna Esmero (nee EnacmaI), married Rizza Irlandez, daughter of Felix & Clarita Irlandez (nee Raflin), on August 25, 2001.

Marlon Debalusos, son of Teodolo & Juliana Debalusos (nee Mejoras), married Belenda Urmininita, daughter of Wllftedo & Consorcia Urminita (nee .Corro), on September 8, 2007,

Ariel Nedruda, son of Nicholas & Edna Nedruda (nee Narbonita) married Necia Raagas. Daughter of Alfottzo & Myrna Raagas, on Sept. 29, 2001.


The following Nursing students from Carigara passed the Li censure Exam for nursing held last June 10 and 11, 2007:
Jayson J. Daang, son of Mauro & Nenita Daang (nee Javines)
Fiona Mae Reyes Vivero, daughter of Magdalino & Elvira Vivero (nee Reyes)
Rodolfo U. Ligutan Jr son of Rodolfo & Leah Ligutan (nee Urmeneta)
Ralph Dennis A Segovia, son of Erlindo & :Raquel Segovia
Cyril Tabada, daughter of Ricardo & Angela Tabada (nee Ranin)
Lavinia N. Cabello
Norilyn C. CabaIles
Liezel Sonon
Angelo Paolo Tonolete
May Cristy Uy
Steve Dadulla


Atty. Alberto A. Aguja Jr., 51, 14 June 2007
Simplicio Caballes Sr., 64, 8 August 2001
Leonardo Makabenta, 69, 13 August 2007
Dometilo U. Redulla, 68, 12 August 2007
Jude Aguilar, 35, 19 August 2007
Irene A. Obero, 92, 21 August 2007
Lolita Makabenta, 51, 22 August 2001

Legislative Extension Office

Hon. Vice-Mayor Utpiano U. Arpon Jr. and Sangguniang Bayan members of Carigara welcomed guests to the inauguration of the Legislative Extension office on Sept. 10, 2007.

Gracing the occasion were Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, Judge Crisostomo L. Garrido, Judge Lauro A.P. Castillo Jr., Prosecutors Constantino F. Esber and Junery Bagunas, PAO Lawyers Atty. Albino O. Ala and Atty. Renato B. Padayao, Clerks of Court Atty. Fide1ina Q. Grapilon, Atty. Girlie B. Yu and Atty. Lolita B. Mercado; My1a L. Aguilar, and LGU heads of offices.

Culminating activity was lunch served at the new legislative office.

FFS in Barangay ManIoy

LGU-Carigara, through the Municipal Agriculture Office, and in coordination with the Dept of Regional Office & (DA-RFU 8) is presently conducting a season long Farmers Field School (FFS) of integrated Management for Rice at Brgy. Man1oy, Carigara, which is held every Thursday from 7:00 am to 12:00 noon. Participants are 19 farmers.

The FFS demo conducted seed Sowing on July I and transplanted the seedlings on July 25. Harvest will be on October 25, 2f007. The training aims at making our farmers good decision makers and experts to insect pests and diseases in rice fields

Team Building Seminar

Officials and employees of LGU Carigara were gathered together in a distinctive seminar called "Team Building Seminar" which was sponsored by Mayor Anlie Go. Apostol in coordination with the Administrative Office, headed by Myla L. Aguilar, last August 14-15, 2007.

From the seminar, the participants learned of the activities that"
a) Make them aware of themselves and their group mates.
b) Evoke their sense of 1 commitment in the welfare of the group; and
c) Make them good team players by realizing their weaknesses and their strength

It was a different kind of experience in which the employees learned to deal with their inner selves through introspection, Team building, and cooperation in a state of camaraderie among themselves.

The 2-day activities were facilitated by a very active and conversant speaker, Ms. Nila Filamor-Lusabia, DM-HRM, Head of the Commission on Audit Southern Philippines Training Center Operation.

Certificates were awarded by Ms. Lusabia assisted by Hon. Esteban B. Go, SB Member of Carigara

What About BEC

The Holy Cross Parish of Carigara is all geared up to implement the priority thrust of Archdiocese of Palo: Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC}. A new way of being church today.

Towards this end, Msgr. Wilftedo V. Alejan, Parish Priest, with the assistance of the parish Vicar Rev. F Dennis Inocando; and the support of the Parish Pastoral Council, embarked on varied relevant activities which corresponded to the theme of the last Fiesta celebration which was Renewed Integral Evangelization through Formation of Basic Ecclesial Communities.

A Core team was organized by a reliable group of BEC servant leaders to initiate activities which made way to the formation of of BEC in the pioneering Tangnan, Carigara, as the BEC pilot barangay of the Holy Cross Parish.

Seeking to accomplish the desired goal of the parish to embrace most if not all barangays under the parish jurisdiction, a trusted pastoral service group was tapped to involve in continuous Evangelization work in all barangays.

The group, subdivided into two teams, penetrated the barangays in coordination with their pastoral workers. Each team composed of a worship leader, a song leader, an animator, and at least two discussants, was entrusted to treat on a topic mainly on BEC. A new way of being church today. Every session is concluded with an Eucharistic Celebration, with full participation by those in attendance.

As a timely preparation for the 2007 Carigara fiesta celebration priest celebrants upon the invitation of the Parish, officiated the daily Novena schedule, integrating congruent insights particular to the days theme, thus:



Day I BEC: Small grassroots community of believers
Day 2 BEC: Evangelized and evangelizing community
Day 3 BEC: Cbrist-centered comnmnity
Day 4 BEC: Pmying community
Day 5 BEC: Wimessing community
Day 6 BEC: Loving community
Day 7 BEC: Sharing community
Day 8 BEC: Serv ing community
Day 9 BEC: Healing community
Day 10 BEC: Expression of a renewed church


Rev. Fr. Ric Marpa
Rev. Fr. Dennis Inocando
Rev. Msgr. Wilfedo V. Alejan
Rev. Fr. Aaron Quilaneta
Rev. Fr. Romy Murillo
Rev. Fr. Loreto Amante
Rev. Fr. Ronnie Barreda
Rev. Fr. Dennis Inocando
Rev. Msgr. Wi1fredo V. Alejan
Archbishop Jose S. Palma, D.D.

Bishop Filomeno G. Bactol, DD.

Today, the parish is laboriously implementing its evangelization efforts for a totally renewed Carigara in the future, on a gradual process, however, considering time constraints and the grueling schedule of the parish.

Leonora Ranin Reamillo
Master Teacher (Retired)

Supplemental Feeding Program

A Supplemental Feeding Program, one of the flagship projects of the Dept. of Social Welfare Development, (DSWD), which addresses the malnutrition problem in the country under the Kisig ng Kalahi in partnership with the Balik-Bigay Foundation Feeding Program. Mead-Johnson Nutritional Feeding Hope Program, and the Local Government unit was launched in Carigara on Sept. 4. 2007 at the Kan Gara Gymnasium.

Beneficiaries were malnourished children up to 6 years old who came from the pilot barangays: Brgy. San Mateo, Brgy. West Guindaponan, and Brgy. Uyawan.

A short program plus orientation commenced the day's activities, attended by parents of the beneficiaries, officers of the Supplemental Feeding Parents Committee, Brgy.chairmen and Kagawads, Staff of the Municipal Social Welfare & Dev't 0ffice of Carigara headed by Ms. Aida L. Paner, representatives from the DSWD Central Provincial, and Regional Offices Ms. Alma Infante. Ms. Cynthia Acoymo and Ms Amelita Estela, and Ms. Leticia COrrilo, respectively.

In attendance also were Mrs. Victoria V. Wieneke, Head Convenor of Kabisig ng Kalahi. Mr. Jun Alvendia, President of Batik-Bigay Foundation; Ms. Joanne V. Salamat, Corporate Affairs Manager of Mead-Johnson Nutritional; Mr. Jun-Jun Capistrano, Director of Balik-Bigay Foundation; Hon. Anlie Go Apostol. Mayor of Carigara; Ms. Myla L. Aguilar. Municipal Administrator. and Ms. Joanlee C. Larraga, SB Member.

In their messages, Ms. Infante, Ms. Salamat and Mr. Alvendia stressed that their main concern is to help the needy children, particularly the malnourished. And seeing to it that they develop into bright, jolly, and active individuals who are ready to cope with everyday activities, especially in School. Mr. Alvendia said that they were blessed to have Mr. Valdimar "Bimboy" Bough Jr., a native of Carigara, who gave a big share to the Foundation for the realization of the project.

In her message, Mayor Anlie Go Apostol prompted the parents to support and give resolute commitment in order to sustain the success of the program. SB Member Larraga, Chairman, Committee on Health & Social Services emphasized that proper nutrition is significant to children during their formative years for them to have an active and bright future. She stated further that her main objective is to have a child-friendly government with that she assured everyone of her unstinted support of the program.

A grant contract was signed and cheques were handed over together with Mead-Johnston products to be used in the feeding program in barangay beneficiaries.

Coinciding with the feeding program was the induction of the officers of the Supplemental Feeding Program Committee.

The feeding program will be implemented within six months in the barangay beneficiaries Evaluation will be conducted after this period by the sponsors to check the effectiveness of the program and the result will be the basis for the continued implementation of the program.

By Pat Q. Macabenta

Come sit with me
On this moonlit night,
And recall the songs
We used to hum together..

The songs maybe ancient
But the memories they bring.
Rekindle the love that
Brought us together.

Reminiscences, reminiscences
Always bring a fresh love
And put us in the mood
To sing together.

It's a long long while
From May to December
But the days grow short
When we reach September
And the autumn weather
Change the leaves to flame
One hasn't got time
For a wishing game
Though the days dwindle down
To a precious few
November, December
And these few precious days
I spend with you
These few precious days
I spend with you

(Author's note: If you are in your 50's or older, try humming this song, it will add more years to your life.)

Pat Q. Macabenta

The Carigara Public Library gratefully acknowledges the following donations:

Yen Makabenta--297 assorted books.
Meynardo & Cynthia Sanchez (nee Quilaneta)California, USA--87 assorted books.
Kim D. Majam--44 Environmental Science and Engineering books.
Cassidy Elem. School Library--17 asstd. books.
Camansi Elem. School Library--5 asstd books.
Concepcion Javines--30 religious books.
Dr. Felix Clemente--9 books, plus magazines.
Maribeth Llaneta--11 asstd. books.
Sylvia Q. Urmeneta--6 asstd. books.
Anilyn Miranda--6 asstd. books.
Fe 0ledan--5 asstd. books.

By Bebot Lagera

We don't have to know what the future holds. What is important is that we know Who holds the future. The question, my dear read is do You know who holds the future? There are two answers and it's an AND, not OR. It's God AND you, because our life is the result of a collaboration between the Creator AND the Creature. God is the Creator and you, I, and all of us are the creatures.

We all know that we have an all-loving Creator who is also All-Wise and All-Powerful. When He decided to create each one of us, in His Wisdom, our Creator had a definite, unique purpose for each one of us. In other words., nobody else can duplicate you, me and everybody else. Unique-you can also spell it YOU-nique. Each one has a different role in life and nobody else can play it for you-no substitutes. Somebody else can take your place but the role will be played his way nut yours. Anybody can be a teacher.. . but only Teacher Maria Paz can be the kind of teacher that she is. Anybody can be a Guidance Counselor, but only Teacher Gina can be the kind of counselor that she is.

Because our Creator is also all-loving and all-powerful, He has a grand design for the life of each one of us, a design that will lead us all to our final destination, life with Him in Heaven. However, in His goodness, He bas also given us Free Will, He has made us His partners.

Our lives can be compared to a house that we build here on earth where we shall live in the hereafter. Thus, our Creator is the Divine Architect. He sends engineers and foremen (our spiritual advisers) to guide us and we are the workers. We may choose to follow what our foreman tens us to do, or we may decide to go our own way and build our house the way we want to, contrary to our Creator's plans and directions.

The beauty of it is that our Architect is always there, ready to be consulted. He consistently speaks to us through His engineers and foremen (our elders), reminding US about his directions. He also speaks to us through the events that happen in our lives and that of others. All we have to do is LISTEN and OBEY.

Oftentimes, though, because we are so wrapped up in our own selfishness and greed, we fail to hear His voice. What becomes more important is what will make us happy. Never mind the other people, even our loved ones and the ones who truly care for us, even if they get hurt. It's their problem, not ours.

Your house is not yet done. It still has to be furnished before you can truly live in it. I bid you to continue building it, furnishing it. Remodel it if you have to. Continue listening to and obeying our Divine Planner and you will be able to present your Mansion, not your barong-barong, to our Heavenly Father.

(Nota Bene. From the tone of the foregoing essay, it would seem that our friend and kababayan" Bebot Lagera, educator, businessman, is also an evangelist. More power, Bebot! - etm)


In the article I Love The Teaching Profession by Mrs. Bernardita Celis Nivera (July 31, 2007 issue of Budyong), the Letter M was the answer to the question: What happens once in a minute, twice in a moment but never in a thousand years?


Mag Aano Ako

Usa nala katuig maretire na ako ha pagtutdo
Nawwoworuk ako kon magaano ako
Gutiay nga kantidad akon makakarawat
Sinko anyos nga pag-antos an akon paghulat.

Kadam-an naretire usahay natitigdaan
Lump sum nga salapi nakalit la kaubos
Kamalolooy hine nga akon kahimtang
Maiha pamu1at han pension, ha kwarta kapos.

May ada na retire ka caregiver an guindadangatan
Pagserbe han mga apo kay sulundanon man
Kaiooy han iya mga anak hira napaumaya.

Gutiay uga kwarta ira guin nenegosyo
Napalit hin sarakyan pagbugas nga kargahan
An iba nga nasasalin ha 5-6 an dalagan
Kay nag-iiyawat kwarta nga gutiay manggad pa umuhan.

Napalit hin pukot og sakayan basi managat
Nabalikhan kadaan nga iya panginabuhi
An iba naman napalit hin uma nga iya mabubuhat
Basi la an panahon mawaray karag, kinabuhi malibre.

Tukso han kasangkayan ha pagbulang hiya nagara
Kay kuno goliat waray masaway ha ira
Nagahin hin kwarta nga iya ipupusta
Mallamado o mabaya deberisyon an panuyo la.

Ha paglakaton an iba ngadto ha langyaw
pagpalipas han adlaw kay hadto ha trabajo manla
Mga anak nag-aaghat pagbisita ug pagdu-aw
Basi makaenjoy bulahan nga buhi pa hira

Han iya pagtrabajo hiya nakilala
Naangay ha pulitika kay may abilidad
pagdiskurso ug pagkampanya
Waray kasigurohan an iya pagdarag-an
An iba naabaho, an iba nadaug naman.

lakat ban panahon ay bugto mag-aano ako
Malaay pag-inukoy ha batay masumo
Nakumbida bin sangkay pas-mom nga bisyo
Kay may pension naman kada bulan areglado.

Tungod kay senior citizen na mahubya na palinakat
Ha balay natipukpok tikang ha aga ngadto ha kulop
Waray na ngani sangkay ha imo nadangat
Mga inop nimo ha hunahuna mayada pagkahulop.

Kon an pangidaron daw halag nasugad bin adlaw
Pagserbe han katawhan ha Diyos an katapusan
Mangaad pa ha lain nga kinabuhi ikaw may mahingadtuan
Langitnon nga amay ikaw pababaluson man.

Sagdon ko sangkay kon ikaw usa nga retiree
Ha akon iguin saysay hain kagud hine
Bisan ano an imo buhaton ha guilayon
Ayaw kangalimot, Diyos manta an unahon.

Louie C. De Guzman

I Believe

I believe in the supreme worth of the
Individual and in his right to Life
Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe that every right implies a
possibility, every opportunity an
obligation, every possession a duty.

I believe that the law was made for
man and not man for the law. That
Government is the servant of the people
and not their master.

I believe in the dignity of labor
whether with head or hand. that the
world owes no man a living but that
it owes every man an opportunity to
make a living.

I believe that thrift is essential to
well-ordered living and that economy is
a prime requisite of a sound :financial
structure wfletf1er in Government, Business
or personal affairs..

I believe in the sacredness of a promise
that man's word should be good as his
bond, that character not wealth. nor power.
nor position. is o£supreme worth.

I believe that the rendering of useful
service is the common duty of mankind
and that Only in the purifying fire of
sacrifice is the gross or selfishness
consumed and the greatness of the
human soul set free.

I believe in an all wise and all loving God
named by whatever name and that the individual
highest fulfillment. greatest happiness
and wisest usefulness are to be found
in living in harmony with his will.

I believe that Love is the greatest thing
in the world, that it alone can overcome hate
that right can and will triumph over might.

(This piece, which was written by John D. Rockefeller, is contributed by Hon. Vice-Mayor Ulpiano U. Arpon lr. )



In a verdant group of islands in the vast Pacific,
is a clustered 7,107 inhabited islands to be specific,
The Spaniards named it after their King Philip,
And with the pine trees they saw dominating the mountain peaks, hey called it the "Philippines" as that sounded majestic.

But the Filipino natives weren't ever too pleased,
When the discoverer Magellan's military gallantry divulges. The Warning bells sounded horridly to that effect,
And Lapulapu slew him in Mactan as the ultimate,
After accepting the Cross, and drove the rest to where they originated.

But the Spaniards were so determined
To conquer the Philippines for the King of Spain,
They dispatched another expedition
On the command of Roy Lopes de Villalobus,
To colonize the Philippines at any cost.

The natives were again so incensed,
With this deliberate foreign scheme,
So that insurgency campaign to rebellion,
Were conducted in every region
to repel this foreign aggression.

But the Spaniards were mighty strong,
Equipped with swords, guns and cannons,
Against the natives, machetes, bolos, spears, and harpoons,
So they were subjugated finally to the end,
And laid down their arms and accepted their fate in shame.

So far three hundred and thirty five years and maybe more,
Filipino& suffered under Spanish rule and domination
And the American government was so appalled,
That they started to file a motion of cessation,
And in the treaty of Paris, the Philippines were ceded to the US

The Philippines became a Commonwealth of the United States. The new democratic government established in the Far East. Ana enforced the teaching of the English language.
In primary grade school, colleges, and universities,
Where tthe Spanish language was dominantly in state.

But long long afterwards so it seems,
No peace no earth is everlasting,
Where the Japanese Imperial Army command,
Bomb Pearl Harbor the US dockland,
That awakened the sleeping giant.

The Japanese Imperial Army started immediately
To occupy the US Far East territories,
And the Whole Island of Leyte,
Was overwhelmed by the Japanese in its entirety.,
And the whole of the Philippines eventually.

But very soon they met with very strong resistance,
In Bataan,. Corregidor, Appari, and Cagayan,
Filipino and American soldiers suffered heavy casualties, In the Philippine battlefields in totality,
To repel the Rising Sun forces from US territories.

The fall of tbe Pbilippines to the Japanese invading force Was marked by 6en. Douglas McArthur's great escape, Via Australia to America with a solemn promise
To return with a vengeance to eradicate the enemy
And to liberate the Philippines from the tyrant Japanese army

To the Filipino people consternation,
As the Japanese domination went on,
They waited for the great man's return
Which was fulfilled on the 26th Oct. 1944, a day to behold The dawn of the era of the Philippine liberation.

Gen. Douglas McArthur and his Liberation Forces,
Waded ashore on the Island of Leyte
Surprising the Japanese Army in every way,
Attacking them the air, land, and sea.
Wltb the US might, the Japanese Forces suffered very heavily.

Eventually, the Japanese signed the terms of surrender
and the Philippines was finally free from the invaders.
The theater of war in the pacipic is finally over,
Especially whe Hiroshima and Nagasaki totally disappeared
When the US dropped atomic bombs that ended the Pacific war years.

T.D. Lance Arches
London, UK


109 Talayab St.
Talayan Village
Quezon City 1104
Tel. 711-4558
Fax 711-4503