The Hamilton Pinoy Keglers
2002-2003 Team Champions

The 2002-2003-league season is now history. Youth once again has prevailed but we will avenge our
loss next year being the 25th year of our existence. Recruitement is now on to increase our team number for at least next year's membership. Bring your prospects to our summer picnic on July 26th at DOFASCO GROUNDS. Bring your golf clubs and Tennis rackets as well  for a friendly ball game.

The 2002-2003 League Champions RAGE
& New Perennial Trophy Donors

             High Average Mens: Manny Halili
High average Ladies: Jasmin Santos
                   Most Improved Bowler: Greg Cabasag
Most Improved Bowler: Anna Fernandez
2nd Place: The Eagle Summit
3rd Place: The Cannucks
Clowning around, part of why we are still envolved with our friends in Bowling.   A question for you:  
If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
DJ Rey Sibayan (Middle) & Assistant's provided the music for the evening. If you need a DJ/Karaoke for your occasion call REY at (905) 575 - 4772    (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)