The Hamilton Pinoy Keglers
League Rules



The management of the league is vested upon the "Executive Board" which consist of the elected officers and the "Team Captains"

Executive Board's Responsibilities:

A quorum, which will be represented by a minimum of two/thirds of the members of the Executive Board, will be necessary to form and adopt the league rules and regulations.

Team Captains' Responsibilities:

1. Maintaining a complete line up of bowlers once a team has been established.

2. Collecting the league fees from their respective members including pacers. Money envelopes will be provided for this purpose and will be collected by the Treasurer.

3. Recording and verifying their team league scores and of any pacer if applicable. League score sheets will be provided for this purpose and must be submitted to the Sec./Treasurer once completed.

4. Documentation:

Money envelopes should include the following information:
Team's Name (members including pacers if any.)

Date total Amount enclosed - League Scores sheets should be filled accordingly including the name and scores of a pacer if any.

Please mark a bowled-off player with "B/O", an absent bowler with "ABS" and a pacer with "PACER" on both the Money Envelope and on the League Score sheet.

       RULE #2: FEES

The amount paid by each bowler will constitute mainly the payment for lineage (lane fees) and the remaining portion will be kept as league funds. These will be used at the end of the league as prize money, banquet expenses etc.
The amount paid by the "Pacers" ($13:00/league night) will also have the same allocation as above. A pacer who has bowled a minimum of 17 league nights will be entitled to:

1. Attend the bowling banquet free of charge.
2. Receive special awards at the end of the season.

Checks drawn against the league funds will require the joint signatures of the League President and the Treasurer. An alternate secondary signature by the League Auditor will be required in the absence of either one of the signing officers.


Bowlers will use their previous season's average. New bowlers with no established averages will use an entry average of 150 for the males and 130 for the females. The first nine games bowled during the season will be the basis of the succeeding average. Handicaps, which represent 70% of the difference between the average and 180, will be in effect.


A legal team line up will constitute of at least one team member in conjunction with the other member's bowl-offs. In the absence of all members of a team, the opposing team will have to bowl at least 70% their team average (handicap included) to earn the points for the match. This will serve a check for "sandbagging".


A team may use the average of an absent bowler only if the absentee has bowled-off. A 10% deduction from the average will be applied otherwise. Calculations that end up with a 0.5 or higher value will be rounded off to 1.

A bowler who is physically present but is unable to bowl for any reason will be entitled to use his/her average provided the bowling fee has been paid.

A bowler who is unable to finish a game due a valid reason (disability, injury or emergency) will be allowed not to continue without any penalty. The team shall count the actual score for the frames bowled plus one-tenth of the bowler's average for each of the remaining un-played frame in the game. A valid emergency call will also be honored without penalty.

Unless otherwise prearranged and agreed upon by the opposing Team Captains, If and when a bowler does not complete a game for no valid reason, the player's team shall count zero for each of the remaining frame in the game. The player's succeeding games will then be subjected to the 1 0 % deduction rule.

A Bowl-off will only be deemed valid if accompanied with the corresponding league fee. A player without any valid reason will only be allowed 4 consecutive bowl-offs. Any succeeding bowl-offs thereafter will be subjected to the 10% deduction rule.

Any unresolved disagreement between the opposing teams should be promptly brought to the attention of the Executive Board.

All league fees from absentees should be paid for. Any unpaid balance will be deducted from the team's prize money at the end of the season.

"Bank bowl-offs" will still be allowed and should be submitted to the League Treasurer. Any unused Bank bowl-off will be forfeited to the HOUSE at the end of the season.
Only either the League President or Treasurer will pick up bowl-offs at the counter. All other bowl-offs will be accepted if submitted to the Treasurer before the start of the first game.


A late bowler will be allowed to catch up only before the completion of the fifth frame of the game. The 10% deduction rule will apply if a game or games have been completed before the tardy player's arrival.


The cumulative points earned will determine team standings. A team can earn a maximum of seven points on any given league match. Two points will be awarded for every game won and an extra point for winning the "Total" (overall higher pin-fall difference). In the event of a tied game each team will be awarded a point each.

Tied standings at the end of the season will have a tie-breaking game to decide the winner. This is only applicable for the first and second position ties, all other ties will be decided with the aggregate scores.

In the event that the leading team is ahead by 22 points or more at the start of the last position rounds, the leading team will not be matched against the second place team but instead with the last place team. The second place team will then be matched against the third, the fourth against the fifth, etc.


A monetary value will be awarded for each point earned during the season. This point value will be decided at the end of the season and will represent the residual funds after all commitments have been met, i.e. lineage, banquet etc.

      RULE #9: AWARDS

Trophies, not money, will be presented to deserving bowlers as individual awards. A player must have bowled at least 60% of the total scheduled games.

High aggregate trophies will also be awarded to bowlers (with the least number of absences) who are deemed to have the highest number of pin-falls after the adjustments have been made from the final printout. Cumulative aggregate scores are now included in the weekly standing printouts.


This fair handicaping system was implemented last year on a trial basis.  The system worked so well that we have decided to adopt it again this year. The difference in point from 1st place to last place team at the onset of the last 3 playoff games was only 6 points, with 21 points still to be had all the teams had a chance to championship trophy.

Here is how it works, the oposing team with the lower points get 5 pins handicap per point difference added to their already existing handicap at the start of the first game. At the end of the first game, the losing team gets 10 pins added to their second game handicap. This process is repeated after the second game adding again 10 pins to the losing teams 3rd game handicap.

This system works to equalize the teams regardless of individual bowling skills. We need not have to split teams in order to get a similar handicap among them as we used to do in the past years. All members have ratified the new handicap system.

Good luck everyone, you will need it `cause I'm going to bowl good this year, I think.

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift, Lets go bowling today"

The above rules and regulation are guidelines only specifically for our league. This has evolve to this recent format after years of editing to bring fairness to this league.

Fel Marpa
       League President