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For all Fiesta enthusiasts:
(para han mga para-pamatron) 

The Carigara East Coast Fiesta this year will be on July 14, 2012 and hosted by the Carigaran-ons of New Jersey and the Larraga Family of Florida. 
The picture on the right is of this year’s reception site. 

Book your vacation time on this date.
The full particulars of the fiesta is posted  here now. 


**** 2010 Illinois Fiesta Pictures

**** Vesperas @D Rimandiman_Ponces

**** Parumpag @ Tinley Park IL

**** @ Betbet & Toytoys Place

I have received this year’s invitation already. This here is an attempt to reach out to more Carigaranon’s. Please pass this along to our town mates.                                                                       See you all at the Fiesta.



South Plainfield Boro Seniors Center, 
90 Maple Ave.
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
telephone no. (908) 754-1047.

Map to 90 Maple Ave. South Plainfield, NJ 07080










History of our Pot Luck 
2007 Host New York 
 By Connie P. Frias 
 a.k.a. Inday de la Peņa 

 When we, Carigaranons of New York City, started this town fiesta celebration 20 years ago in New York City (July 1987), we called those who could come to bring in food to share with everyone who would be coming to attend the celebration. From then on, it became a traditional celebration so that in the following years, we did celebrate Carigara fiesta in the East Coast and most attendees would bring in various Filipino dishes and delicacies as potluck share. However, to make a long story short, some of the food would spoil very quickly due the heat of the sun and the distance being traveled to bring the food into the fiesta location. 

 We then agreed that instead of bringing in food, in the following years’ celebration, a donation of $50 would help the host to buy food and other items needed in the celebration. In addition, the host members would still prepare foods and desserts --- carried them into the agreed venue, prepared the hall, managed the kitchen, bought disposable eating utensils, managed the restrooms, and countless other tasks. The host members never get a chance to socialize, which is the main purpose of the celebration, because they are pinned in the kitchen preparing food for lunch, snacks, dinner and putting back the place in its original condition. 

 Twenty years have passed and 20 years have also been added to our lives. We thought that celebrating the town fiesta through a caterer would really help our aging bones to be kept in tact and allow us, the hosts, to move around to greet people who come to attend. Because of the success and satisfaction made at the Chicago celebration through the hosts’ arrangement with Itasca Country Club, we, the New York hosts for this year 2007, decided to follow suit and have a caterer feed all of us at the celebration. Hence, we are requesting our Carigaranons to donate the following. 

 We surmise that a $50 donation for every family is suffecient and not to exceed four members. Additional adult guests should add a donation of $10 each. Children 12 years and under are free. Please note that there is no limit in the amount of your donation and we would greatly appreciate your generosity. 

 We thank you very sincerely for your kind support. 

 The New York Host Members




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