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Pore through these funny yet interestingly enough, accurate representation of our petty idiosyncrasies, although some are grossly exaggerated. Link below on the designated topic for more trivia.


 It is the only place on earth where... 

1.  Every street has a basketball court.

2.  Even doctors, lawyers and engineers are unemployed

3.  Doctors study to become nurses for employment abroad. 

4.  Students pay more money than they will earn afterwards.

5.  School is considered the second home and the mall considered the third.

6.  Call-center employees earn more money than teachers and nurses.

7.  Everyone has his personal ghost story and superstition. 

8.  Mountains like Makiling and Banahaw are considered holy places.

9.  Everything can be forged.

10. All kinds of animals are edible.

11. Starbucks coffee is more expensive than gas.

12. Driving 4 kms can take as much as four hours.

13. Flyovers bring you from the freeway to the side streets.

14. Crossing the street involves running for your dear life.

15. The personal computer is mainly used for games and Friendster and Facebook.

16. Where colonial mentality is dishonestly denied!

17. Where 4 a.m. is not even considered bedtime yet.

18. People can pay to defy the law.

19. Everything and everyone is spoofed.

20. Where even the poverty-stricken get to wear Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger (peke)!

21. The honking of car horns is a way of life.

22. Being called a bum is never offensive.

23. Floodwaters take up more than 90 percent of the streets during the rainy season.

24. Where everyone has a relative abroad who keeps them alive.

25. Where wearing your national colors make you baduy.

26. Where even the poverty-stricken have the latest cell phones. (GSM-galing sa magnanakaw)

27. Where insurance does not work.

28. Where water can only be classified as tap and dirty.

29. Clean water is for sale (35 pesos per gallon).

30. Where the government makes the people pray for miracles. (Amen to that!)

31. Where University of the Philippines is where all the weird people go.

32. Ateneo is where all the nerds go.

33. La Salle is where all the Filipino Chinese go.

34. College of Saint Benilde is where all the stupid Filipino Chinese go and;

35. University of Asia and the Pacific is where all the irrelevantly rich people go.

36. Fast food is a diet meal.

37. Traffic signs are merely suggestions, not regulations.

38. Where being mugged is normal and it happens to everyone.

39. Rodents are normal house pets.

40. The definition of traffic is the 'non-movement' of vehicles.

41. Where the fighter planes of the 1940s are used for military engagements and;

42. The new fighter planes are displayed in museums.

43. Where alcohol and cigarettes are a necessity; and where the lottery is a commodity.

44. Where soap operas tell the realities of life and where the news provides the drama.

45. Where actors make the rules and where politicians provide the entertainment.

46.. People can get away with stealing trillions of pesos but not a thousand.

47. Where being an hour late is still considered punctual (Grabe talaga 'to!)

48. Where the squatters have more to complain (even if they do not pay their tax)

- than those employed and have their tax automatically deducted from their salaries.

49. For the many Filipinos, to be in politics is a dream to get rich quick.
50. Graft and corruption in the government are accepted facts of life.
53. Pag-pag (recycled leftovers) is in a poor man's menu.

54. The politicians and big shots are always in the front seats everywhere, even in church.

55. The birthday celebrant is the one treating everybody.

56. And where everyone wants to leave the country!


1.    The sign in a flower shop in Diliman called 
"Petal Attraction". 

3.   A 24-hour restaurant called 
"Doris Day & Night" 

4.   Barber shop called 
"Felix The Cut"; 

5.    A bakery named
"Bread Pitt" 

6.   Fast-food place selling 'maruya' (banana fritters) called 
"Maruya Carey". 

7.   Then, there is
"Christopher Plumbing" 

8.   A boutique called 
"The Way We Wear" 

9.   A video rental shop called 
"Leon King Video Rental" 

10. A restaurant in Cainta district of Rizal called "Caintacky Fried Chicken" 

11. A local burger restaurant called 
"Mang Donald's" (San Fdo, La Union ) 

12. A doughnut shop called 

13. A shop selling 'lumpia' (egg roll) in Makati called 
"Wrap and Roll" 

14. And two butcher shops called 
" Meating Place and Meatropolis" . 

Smart travelers can decipher what may look like baffling signs to unaccustomed foreigners by simply sounding out the 'Taglish' (The Philippine version of English words spelled and pronounced with a heavy Filipino) such as: 

15. At a restaurant menu in Cebu : 
 We hab sopdrink in can an in batol? [Translation:  We have soft drinks in can and in bottle]. 

16. Then, there is a sewing accessories shop called Bids And Pises -
[translation: Beads and Pieces  --or-- Bits and Pieces]

There are also many signs with either badly chosen or misspelled words but they are usually so entertaining that it would be a  mistake to 'correct' them like........

17. In a restaurant in Baguio City , the 'summer capital' of the Philippines: 

Wanted: Boy Waitress 

18. on a highway in Pampanga:
We Make Modern Antique Furniture 

19. On the window of a photography shop in Cabanatuan :
We Shoot You While You Wait 

20.. And on the glass front of a cafe in Panay Avenue in Manila : 
 Wanted: Waiter, Cashier, Washier 
Some of the notices can even give a wrong impression such as: 

21. A shoe store in Pangasinan which has a sign saying:

We Sell Imported Robber Shoes? (These could be the 'sneakiest' sneakers); 

22. A rental property sign in Jaro reads: 
House for Rent, Fully Furnaced (It must really be hot inside)! 

23. A laundry place in Manila called: 

24. A funeral establishment in Quezon City : Mabuhay Funeral Services.

25, City in southern Philippines which said:  
Adults: 1 peso; Child: 50 centavos; Cadavers: fare subject to negotiation. 

26. European tourists may also be intrigued to discover two  competing shops selling hopia (a Chinese pastry) called Holland Hopia and  Poland Hopia - which are owned and operated by two  local Chinese entrepreneurs, Mr. Ho and Mr. Po respectively - (believe it or not)! 

27. Some folks also 'creatively' redesign English to be more efficient. The creative confusion between language and culture leads to more than just simple unintentional errors in syntax, but in the adoption of new words, says reader Robert Goodfellow who came across a sign.....
"House  Fersallarend" (house for sale or rent). Why use five words when two will do?

28. According to Manila businessman, Tonyboy Ongsiako, there is so much wit in the Philippines . Why? Because we are in a country where a good sense of humor is needed to survive. We have a 24-hour comedy show here called the government and a huge reserve of comedians made up mostly of politicians and bad actors.
29. Another fast food restaurant in Manila called  King Burger  using the same logo ( crown ) as Burger King.

Now I ask you where else in the world would one want to live?


1. Doctrina Christiana is the first book published in the Philippines, was published in 1593, by the Dominican press. Because of the monopoly of printing presses by religious orders prior to the 19th century, early written literature was predominantly religious in content and in purpose.

2. The first women's magazine in the Philippines  was El Hogar (The Home), which first came out in 1893.

 3. The first Filipino immigrants to the United States (1850) settled  in Louisiana.

 4. Emilio Aguinaldo lost to Manuel L. Quezon in the country's first presidential elections in 1935.

 5. The largest crocodile ever captured in the Philippines  (1823) was found in Laguna de Bay.

 6. Fort San Pedro was the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. .

 7. Farmers' Market Foodome is the largest restaurant in the Philippines  (in Quezon City).

 8. Cesar Virata is the first and last Prime Minister of the Philippines  after WW II.

 9. The Cagayan River, the Philippines longest river, originates in Nueva Vizcaya.

 10. Aimee Carandang is the first Filipina to become a commercial plane pilot.

 11. The oldest Philippine university for women is Centro Escolar  University.

 12. Jose P. Laurel has the most children (7) among the Philippine presidents.

 13. Eva Estrada Kalaw is the first Filipina to be elected senator twice, in 1965 and in 1971.

 14. The first modern building in the Philippines is considered to be the Crystal Arcade in Escolta, completed in 1932.

 15. Aurora is the only Philippine province named after a first lady

.16. The biggest game preserve and wildlife sanctuary in the Philippines  is located on Calauit Island  inPalawan.

 17. The most translated Philippine poem is Mi Ultimo Adios.

 18. The Philippine mammal with the biggest eyes in relation to its body is the tarsier.

 19. Bagumbayan was the original name of Luneta Park.

 20. Iniibig and gawa are the first and last words of Panatang  Makabayan.< /b>

 21. The Presidential Saber is awarded to the top graduate of the Philippine Military  Academy.

 22. The original Philippine flag, sewn in Hong Kong in 1898, was made of silk.

 23. Gen. Tomas Karingal was the first assassinated victim of the NPA's Alex Boncayao Brigade.

 24. Frank Murphy was the last American governor-general of  the Philippines.

 25. After the United States, the Philippines  have the most Boys Scouts.

 26. After Happy Birthday, the song most sung in the Philippines is Lupang Hinirang, the national anthem.

 27. Hajji Butu was the first Muslim Filipino to become a senator.

 28.. The most popular and durable of all Philippine almanacs is called Kalendariong Tagalog ni Honorio Lopez.

 29. Rainier Lagman was the first Filipino to have a heart transplant.

 30. Gemma Cruz was the first Filipina to win an international beauty title - Miss International 1964.

 31. P5 million was the highest prize offered for the capture of then-rebel-now- turned-senator Gringo Honasan.

 32. Palawan has the largest land area among the Philippine provinces.

 33. Negros Occidental has the most cities among Philippine provinces.

 34. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi was the first Spanish governor-general of the Philippines.

 35. Evangeline de Castro of Baguio was the first Filipina to win the Miss Philippines title.

 36. Cebu is the oldest Philippine city.

 37. The word Filipinas first appeared in coins.

 38. Archipelago de San Lazarus was the name Ferdinand Magellan first gave to the islands he "discovered. "

 39. Alphabetically, the first province of the Philippines  which comes first is Abra in the Ilocos region.

 40. The largest Philippine wild animal is the tamaraw (a species of buffalo, similar to the carabao). It is found only in the island of Mindoro.

 41. Rio Grande de Mindanao  is the longest river in Mindanao.

 42. The first line of Jose Rizal's Mi Ultimo Adios is Adios patria adorada.

 43. Luzon is the biggest island (141,3 95 sq km) among the Philippine Archipelago which consists of 7,107 (most figures) islands and islets stretching some 1,850 kilometers from north to south and 1,107 kilometers from west to east at its widest point.

 44. Mt. Apo in Mindanao, a dormant volcano, is the highest mountain in the Philippines  at 2,954 meters (9,689 feet). Mt. Pulog  in Lu zon is second at 2,928 meters (9,604 feet)..

 45. Cagayan River in Luzon is the longest river, snaking for 353 kilometers (221 miles) across the provinces of Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela and Cagayan before finally flowing into theSouth China Sea in Aparri in Cagayan.

 46. The first recorded intermarriage of a Filipino to a white foreigner was the wedding of Rajah Tupas' widowed niece to a Greek ship caulker who had sailed to the Philippines& lt; /span> with Miguel Lopez de Legazpi (ca 1565).

 47.. According to the 1990 census, Metro Manila has a population density of 12,315 persons per square kilometer (32,000/ sq.mi.), the highest in the country.

 48. The longest underground river system accessible to man IN THE WORLD is located at the St. Paul National Park in Palawan.

 49. The hottest day in the Philippines  was recorded on April 29, 1912 when the temperature reached 108.32 degrees Fahrenheit (42.4 degrees Celsius) in Tuguegarao, Cagayan. The coldest day was recorded in Baguio city back inJanuary 7, 1903 when the thermometer dipped way down to 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius).

 50. The safest province geologically is Palawan. It is farthest province from volcanoes and earthquake faults.

 51.. Marissa Delgado - The first Filipina who appeared in Playboy (sometime in 1965). She wasn't a centerfold but she did expose ... her back! The first Filipina who appeared as a centerfold is the  beautiful Lourdes  Estores of Hawaii.

 52. The Tagalog term for dye is jobus or jobos which came from the name Joe Bush. Joe Bush was an American who set up a cleaning and dyeing shop in Manila back in the 1940s. His products were powdered dyes with the trade name Joe Bush.

 53. Galunggong (mackerel) has the distinction to be the most widely caught fish in Philippine waters.

 54. 8 - ocho, walo, eight - is the size of Imelda's shoes.< span style="font- size: 10pt; font-family: Tahoma; color: black; font-weight: bold; ">

 55. Ma Mon Luk - credited to be the inventor of mami. He was a Cantonese immigrant who probably named the dish after his surname and the Chinese word for noodles which is mi.

 56. The first ice cream parlor in the Philippines  was called Clarke's Cafe located at Plaza Moraga in Binondo. It opened sometime in 1899.

 57. Kristo the Tagalog name of bookmakers at cockfights. He' s called that because he poses like Jesus when he calls for bets and shouts the odds (arms extended like the Lord himself).

 58. The first Greek fraternity in the Philippines  is the University of the Philippines' Upsilon Sigma Phi (established in 1918). It does not have any branches outside the UP system. Among its alumni are the p reserved ex-President Ferdinand E. Marcos and his arch-nemesis, the late Senator Benigno 'Ninoy Forever' Aquino. The first sorority with a Greek name is Sigma Delta Phi, also at UP and sister sorority of Upsilon Sigma Phi, established in 1938.. (Partly contributed by Butch Bandong.)

 59. Davao City is the largest city in the Philippines with an area of 2,211 sq. km., about three times the size of Metro-Manila.

 60. Manila Hotel is the first building to be air-conditioned.

 61. Philippine Airlines' first flight was from Manila to  Baguio on March 15, 1941. The plane was a twin-engine Beech Model 18 carrying five passengers. There was no attendant or lavatory. It reached Baguio  in 45 minutes.

 62. The largest employer in the Philippines  other than the government is San Miguel Corporation which has over 39,000 full-time employees.

 63. Luneta Hotel, corner T.M. Kalaw and Roxas Blvd is said to be  the oldest multi-storyed building in the Philippines   (As of November, 2008 the Luneta Hotel was boarded up and abandoned... ..very sad .....hope some jerks don't tear it down like they did the jai-alai. In the 70's, before Circuit at the Hyatt, there was a very popular club there called Third Eye where the band "Red Fox" used to play).