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The sigben

The sigben or sigbin is said to be the pet of witches and warlocks like the wak-wak. Their front limbs of this quadruped are shorter than their hind limbs thus giving them the impression of standing upside-down (and to most Filipinos, standing upside-down is one of the hallmarks of a supernatural creature). They are said to be fond of the flowers of the red squash and of piglets.

However, there are people who believe that the sigben is not a supernatural creature but rather a rarely-seen nocturnal animal that avoids areas populated by humans. There has been speculation that stories of the sigben were inspired by a now-extinct species of kangaroos that used to live in parts of the Philippine islands. Their physical description (i.e., front limbs that are shorter than their hind limbs) does match that of kangaroos. A cyber-friend who said that he saw a sigben reported that the sigben is a little bit smaller that a two-year-old goat with grey skin.