Volume XV No: 6


19 November 2007


Click on the topics to read its content. This is a one page only issue with archives to past publications. Enjoy the more recent news from home. MAUPAY NGA PASKO HA IYO NGA TANAN!!!


15th Year
Mga Hitabo
Knock-out Tigdas 2007
Orientation on Reproductive Health
Cutflower Production Training
Universal Children's Month
Coffee for Breakfast
Getting High

Kahidlaw Ngan Panumdom
May Reunion Kay Ano
HCCC Caps Top Awards
2nd Fishery Congress
FFS Results Presented
Winners in Barangay Election in Carigara
Water as Preventive Therapy


To the winners of the recent Barangay elections CONGRATULATIONS!!!
To those who did not make it , take comfort in the old adage:
It is better to have tried and lost than never to have tried at all.

15th Year

With this issue, Budyong" published bi-monthly, six times a year, completes fifty years of "bringing news from home' to Kalgararanons wherever they are."

The maiden issue of Budyong came out on October 31, 1992. Ir started as a quarterly with Atty. Remigio Lauron encoding the materials on his computer while I wrote some of the articles and the editorials.

When Remy Lauron was elected Mayor of Carigara in 1995, I took over the production of the newsletter; which became a bimonthly publication. Aside from bringing news from home to Kalgaranons Budyong is also a vehicle for the literary warks--prose and poetry--of Katgaranons in the Philippines and abroad.

Budyong can modestly claim to have an international circulation as copies are sent to Kalgaranons not only here in the Philippines but also abroad . the Americas, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia. Also, Budyong is probably one of the few, very few, municipal newsletter published regularly and distributed to subscribers/readers FREE.

Knock-out Tigdas 2007

LGU-Carigara, thru the Municipal Health Office (MHO), intensified its campaign on "Knock-Out Tigdas 2007' with the theme Huling Kabanata Sana, a nationwide program of the government to promote better health and longer productive: lives for the Filipinos.

Knock-off Tigdas is a sequel to the 1993 and 2004 "Ligtas Tigdas" mass measles immunization campaign. This follow up anti measles campaign will be administered in a span of one month from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15. Almost 90% of children aged 9 months to 48 months (4 years old) were vaccinated regardless of whether they had previous Immunization hots.

To ensure that all children will be covered by program, the vaccination team composed of the MHO personnel and staff, led by Dr. Bella Vega Profetana, and barangay health workers had a door-to-door campaign visiting the respective houses of the targeted children. The immunized child was marked with a gentian violet on the posterior upper left earlobe for Validation.

Also, with garanntisadong Pambata, other health services were provided to the children. such as Vitamin A and Deworming.

The over-all objective of the program is to eliminate measles, in all communities by 2008.

Cutflower Production Training

A three-day Cutflower Production Training was conducted on Oct. 10-12, 2007 at the Municipal Nursery Resource Center, Barugohay Norte which was sponsored by the Carigara Vegetable Farmers Assn, (CAVEFA), in coordination with the Carigara Municipal Agriculture Office and Dept. of Agriculture, Region 8. The training was designed to augment the income of the members and some other flower enthusiasts. The enterprise will1 need only a small area or it can be grown along with vegetables as the main crop, and it can also serve as crop diversification and insect repellant.

The training, attended by 28 participants, included lectures and discussions particularly on different cultivars, cultural management, pest and disease control preservation and transporting of anthurium, chrysanthemum, daisy and roses. It culminated in bands-on demonstration on propagation with the use of cuttings and seedling tray propagation.

Mga Hitabo


Ernesto Ibatan Jr., son of Emesto and Leliosa lbatan (nee Narbonita) and Alicia Quileste, daughter of Benito and Estrella Quileste (nee Tampol), will be married on Nov.
25, 2007.

Christopher Nierves, son of Elpidio and VIrginia Nierves (nee Palmis) and Cherry-Ann Narbonita, daughter of Remigio and Lusinda Narbonita (nee Irlandez) will be married on December 22, 2007.


Dindo CIaros, 43, 24 Sept. 2007.
Presceliana Rocha, 81, 21 Sept. 2007
Rito de la Serna, 81, 5 Nov. 2007

The Carigara Public Library gratefully acknowledges the following donations:

Keith Webb (England) - 56 Novels, 16 Children's books,
61 Reader's Digest

National Historical Institute 42 titles (History)

Melodia U. Jacela 20 assorted titles

Nora de la Pena 15 assorted titles

Sheila E. Esmero 18 assorted titles

Ed Hanopol 7 Reader's Digest

Maribeth Llaneta, 7 assorted titles

Wilma Makabenta 5 assorted titles

Cados Emperio 2 titles

Orientation on Reproductive Health

The Adolescents Health and Youth Development Center (AHYDC), thru the Provincial Population Office, recently conducted an "Orientation on Adolescents Reproductive Health" for all third year and fourth year students of Carigara National High School, Jugaban Annex, and Holy Cross College of Carigara on Sept. 6 and Oct. 16, 2007, respectively.

The activity underscored one of the priority projects of Hon. Carlos Jericho Petilla. Governor of Leyte, geared towards the upliftment and empowerment of the Youth,
Salient viewpoints discussed were Drug Awareness, Gender Sensitivity, and Responsible Sexuality Education, Youth Information Nook, Education and Communication Activities, Sports and Recreation Programs, Capability Building Activities and Livelihood Programs.

Facilitators were Melchora Macawile, Provincial Population Officer, Maria Belinda P. Alberca, Municipal Population Officer of Carigara, in coordination with the AHYDC Provincial Personnel Karen Tolentino. Janet Go and Rode! Catapat.

Successes of the programs were attributed to the support of the School Heads and Mayor Anile Go Apostol.

Winners in Barangay Election in Carigara

(Due to space limitations, we arc only listing the Barangay Captains and the SK Chairmen. Our apologies to 1he KB gawads.)

Brgy. Bagong Lipunan
Punong Barangay: Grabador, Isaac Jr. B.
SK Chairman: Montero, Gil

Brgy. Ba1ilit
Punong Barangay: Drilong, Filomeno E.
SK Chairman: Oyzon, John Philip

Brgy. Barayong
Punong Barangay: Reamillo, Leo O.
SK Chairman: Caballes, Julius Cesar N.

Brgy. Barugohay Norte
Punong Barangay: Dipa, Ernesto
SK Chairman: Arguilles, Hazel Jave

Brgy. Barugohay Central
Punong Barangay: Aguilar, Gloria C.
SK Chairman: Daganasol, ReynaIdo T.

Brgy. Baybay
Punong Barangay: Brilata Salvador
SK Chairman: Clemente, Jeffrey

Brgy. Barugohay Sur
Punong Barangay: Agunos, Antonio L.
SK Chairman: Boyo, Rachel A.

Brgy. Binibihan
Punong Barangay: Gonzales; Celso P.
SK Cbairman: Brun, Clark Vencent A.

Punong Barangay: Makabenta, Eusebio
SK Chairman: Porral, Wenceslao III N.

Brgy. Caghalo
Punong Barangay: Caballes, Romualdo 0
SK Chairman: Quebec, Jennylyn C.

Brgy. Camansi
Punong Barangay: Yacap, Sergio I.
SK Chairman: Ranin, Ma. Lee Ann B.

Brgy. Canal
Punong Barangay: Jacela, Carlos U.
SK Chairman: Aguilos, Bartolome

Brgy. Candigahub
Punong Barangay: Lucelo, Benjamin
SK Chairman: Lauron, Recky

Brgy. Canfabi
Punong Barangay: Queleste. Dominga E.
SK Chairman Rendora, GinaIyn I.

Bgy. Canlampay
Punong Barangay: Panal, Guillermo I.
SK Chairman: Bactol, Sunmar Ayo

Brgy. Cogon
Punong Barangay: Quintana.Julio M.
SK Cbairman: Pernis, Genesis F.

Brgy. Cutay
Punong Barangay: Acolbe, Alfredo P.
SK Chairman: Dingcol, Mark Athony

Brgy. East Visoria
Punong Barangay: Naldo, Gilbert H.
SK Cbairman: San Pedro, John Ian P.

Brgy. Guindapunan East
Punong Barangay: Elizon, Kenneth C.
SK Chairman: Ordolla, Van Joseph

Brgy. Guindapunan West
Punong Barangay: Novilla, Clarence Sr. P
SK Chairman: Oledan. Kevin

Brgy. Jugaban
Punong Barangay: Go, Benito Jr. B.
SK Chairman: Soriano, Maita D.

Brgy. Hiluctogan
Punong Barangay: Anos, Narciso L.
SK Chairman: Bactol, Jovelyn I.

Brgy. Libo
Punong Barangay: Umpacan, Ermelinda
SK Chairman: Cadiente, My1ene

Brgy. Lower Hiraan
Punong Barangay: Sabillo, Primitiva C.
SK Chairman: Caballes, Daisy U.

Brgy. Lower Sogod
Punong Barangay Quileste, Eduardo
SK Chairman: Llovia, Adriano Jr. B.

Brgy. Macalpi
Punong Barangay: Panal, Emerito P.
SK Chairman Panal, Meriam I.

Brgy. Manloy
Punong Barangay: Negado, Armando M.
SK Cbairman: Erlandez, Beaufille B.

Brgy. Nauguisan
Punong Barangay: Villarino, Jesus B.
SK Chairman: Llaneta, Roselyn

Brgy. Paglaum
Punong Barangay: Parena, Cholita
SK Chairman: Parena, Michelle

Brgy. Pangna
SK Cbairman: Brier, Eugenio B;
SK Chairman: 0Iedan, Maricris A.

Brgy. Paragum
Punong Barangay: Venturina, Priscilo
SK Chairman: Florendo, Marvin

Brgy. Parina
Punong Barangay: Larraga, Alejandrito
SK Cbairman: Nalda, Rey

Brgy. Piloro
Punong Barangay: Cabia-an, Elvira F.
SK Chairman: Inagan, Mark Anthony J.

Brgy. Ponong
Punong Barangay: Llames, Bienvenido
SK Chairman: Darantinao, Bierben

Brgy. Rizal
Punong Barangay: Petallana, Medardo
SK Chairman: Del Pilar, Jayson G.

Brgy. Sagkahan
Punong Barangay: Narido, Mario B.
SK Chairman: Darnayla, Philigrina, H.

Brgy. San Isidro
Punong Barangay: Inalisan, Antonio U.
SK Chairman: Imus, Liezl

Brgy. San Juan
Punong Barangay: Palce, Felix M.
SK Chairman: Grateja, Christopher

Brgy. Santa Fe
Punong Barangay: Lagera, Elmer S.
SK Chairman: perit, Mary Ann

Brgy. San Mateo
Punong Barangay: Canamaque, Epifanio
SK Chairman: Casas, Judith B.

Brgy. Sawang
Punong Barangay: Zosa, Constantina Rowena
SK Chairman: Darantinao, Bambi Mae A.

Brgy. Tagak
Punong Barangay: Permejo, Fernando C.
SK Chairman: Balendo, Bernadette

Brgy. Tangnan
Punong Barangay: Napoles, Elpidio N.
SK Chairman: Guirindola, Jimbo

Brgy. Tigbao
Punong Barangay: Engrato, Benjamin
SK Chairman: Venturina, Romel

Brgy. Tinaguban
Punong Barangay: Hamtig, Santiago Jr. F.
SK Chairman: lbatan, Priscila

Brgy. Upper Hiraan
Punong Barangay: Anopol, Rogelio P.
SK Chairman: Narbonita, Noemi

Brgy. Upper Sogod
Punong Barangay: Ibatan, Eduardo
SK Chairman: lbatan, Ed Duardo

Brgy. Uyawan
Punong Barangay: Florendo, Florencio J.
SK Chairman: Florendo, John Philip

Brgy. West Visoria
Punong Barangay: Vega, Ismael
SK Chairman: Daquigan, Evelyn

Universal Children's Month

On October 8, 2007, Carigara marked the opening day of the "Universal Children's Month" with the theme: Bright Child: Karapatan Nasa 'Yo, Isigaw sa Buong Mundo.

The day started with a well participated parade by Day Care Children together with their parents who proudly represented their respective barangay Day Care Center (DCC).This was followed by “Kiddie Parlor Games" which inspired the children to win the prizes at stake and to show their parents and teachers that the games were just "sisiw" meaning too easy for them.

A. Trip to Jerusalem
1st Joshua Acolbe (Cutay DCC)
2nd Lorenz Rio Rendera (Barogohay Central DCC)
Kendrich M. Nival (Baybay DCC)

B. Sack Race
1st Reden Rendora (Tinaguban DCC)
2nd Jemuel Rendora (Binongtoan DCC)
3rd Khim Vince Panal (Macalpi DCC)

C. Statue Dance
1st Rosalie Bregania (paglaum DCC)
2nd Karen Rance (Cutay DCC)
3rd Jasper Parena (Macalpi OCC)

D. Message Relay
1st B1ueTeam
2nd Yellow Team
3rd Red Team

E. The Boat is Sinking
1st Jefferson Guevarra: (BaybaY DCC)
Jeovito Advincula(Libo DCC)
John Mark Pamanian (L~ OCC)
2nd Mark Josepp LabjtagJ,L1bo DCC
JOhn Rey Rueda (Libo DCC)
3rd Boy lan Anos (Hiluctugan DCC)
Roden Rendora (Tinaguban DCC)
Nelson Caiiete (Bar. Sur DCC)
Michael Rico (Tinaguban DCC)
Reymark Rosa (TinagUban DCC)
Mateo Inosante (Tinaguban DCC)
Joshua Quimno (Tinaguban DCC)

To raise funds for the improvement of the Day Care Service, the organizers launched a "Search for Day Care Prince and Princess '07." Among the 31 Princes and 38 Princesses contestants, Joshua Alfred II. Lauron of Barugohay Sur with a vote of P16,330.00 and Shaira Jhoy O. Misa with P5,420.00 votes won as Day Care Prince and Princess '07, respectively.

The month long celebration ended with the Coronation Rites, the Awarding of Prizes, and a Closing Parade for the Princes and Princesses '07. The culminating program had the following distinguished guests: Hon. Mildred C. Modesto, Hon. Joenlee C. Larraga, and Brgy. Captains: Hon. Antonio Agunos (Barugohay Sur), Hon. Ismael Vega. (West Visoria), and Hon. Mario Narido (Brgy Sagkahan).

Universal Children’s Month is a yearly event Sponsored by the LGU-Carigara thru its Municipal Social Welfare & Dev’t. Office, led by Ms. Aida L. Paner, in collaboration with the Day Care Teachers of the municipality.

Coffee for Breakfast

In times past, years and years ago, the favorite breakfast drink in Carigara was chocolate, which was churned by a wooden moronillo in a small pitcher-shaped brass pot called batidor**. The thick, rich, and sweet chocolate was then poured into small cups.

Coffee was hardly ever mentioned; if ever. We were told it was bad for growing tots. It made people nervous and unable to sleep. That was then.

I don't know when and how coffee was introduced into the breakfast table. But introduced it was and it soon became the favorite breakfast drink despite the negative image painted about it. Probably because it is easier to prepare, especially with the advent of “instant coffee".

And now comes this article - Coffee and Your Health by Jardine Davies Torno, MD, a psychiatrist and host of a health television show, (Manila Bulletin. 24 February 2007). The article starts –

"Coffee is an important commodity that continues to play an important role in our society today. The Turks first adopted it as a drink adding spices such as cinnamon and anise to the brew but it was not unti1 1938 that freeze dried coffee was invented to become the first drinkable instant coffee”.

"And while much has been said about the ill effects of coffee during past decades, more recent studies have linked coffee to a number of potential health benefits."

Studies by health organization reported the following health benefits associated with coffee:
* Those who drank more coffee were significantly less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.
* People who drink coffee on a regular basis are up to 80% less likely to develop Parkinson's disease.
* Coffee drinkers tend to have less risk of developing gallstones.
* Coffee reduces the risk of diabetes by over 60%.
* People who drink more than a cup of coffee each day are less like1y to deve1op liver cirrhosis and liver cancer than those who don't.
* Methylpiridinium, a powerful antioxidant found almost exclusively in coffee boosts blood enzymes that are widely believed to protect against colon cancer.
* Coffee reduces the incident of heart disease though the exact mechanism is still unknown.
* Coffee stimulates peristalsis and is considered to prevent constipation.
* A Brazilian study has determined that drinking a few cups of coffee a day will also increase male fertility.
* As a stimulant to the nervous system, coffee increase the dopamine levels in the brain reducing the after effects of sleep, improving concentration.

"Coffee (however) is neither: a miracle drink nor a cure for all diseases ………………In order to benefit from it, one should follow the simple but reliable role that, “everything should be taken in moderation”. A balanced and sensible diet with regular physical activity is still, by far, the best way to keep fit and healthy."

** I don't know why and how "batidor'" also came to mean Intriguer in Carigara.-etm

Kahidlaw Ngan Panumdom

One day while I was driving to work, a deep nostalgic feeling hit me. All of a sudden I thought of Carigara and the sweet memories it bas given me. I left our beloved town more than two decades ago. It was rough, tough, and painful. Anyway there were so many things that came rushing back to my mind. The best ones and funny ones are the waray-waray words that do not have a single mixture of either Spanish or English. I stand Corrected though if ever I am wrong in some of these words.
Here we go:

llawod / Iraya
Sidlangan / Katundan
Katuigan / Karayapan
Kikidlat / Dalugdog / Uranos / Tarahiti
Dalagan / Naparambo / Napakurongkudong
Napilas / Nasamad / Nagdinugo / Nagtinuok
Gin hapuhapan / Gin ugayan / Gin hinarukan
Makalolooy / Makalilipay / Makaharangit / Mangirhat
Gin Apadong / Gin poladong / Gin salabay
Katatawa / Naghihinirihiri
Ginbabalhas / Hinahagkot / Narahol / Nangaturog
Nakarigo / Nanlolodgod / Naghihiso / Nagbobolyas
Nagtanom / Nagbukad / Naglaray

I have to stop kay nagtitikadamo. I am just so amused because these words are seldom used labi na didi ha amon nga langyaw. I just hope that we all sometimes think of these words and many more that our ka-apoyan gin tikangan.

Sa1amat bin madamo.
Leila Darantinao
Washington, DC
Oct. 10, 2007

(This piece was sent by Ms. Darantinao without a title and I have taken the liberty of appending the title which, I hope, is acceptable to her. Thank you, Ms. Darantinao, for taking time out to write and send this article and for your donation of US $25.00.

I would also like to take this occasion to thank previous donors:

Jose AguiIa Grapilon (P500.00) and someone whose name I am sorry to say I forgot (also P500.00), If the donor reads this. I hope he contacts me so I can properly acknowledge the donation.

These donations help in someway to defray the cost of printing and postage, the latter a major expense with the increase in postal rates, plus the fact that Budyong is sent to Kalgaranons not only here in the Philippines rot also abroad-USA, Canada, Ireland, England, Spain, Italy, Guam, Indonesia, Australia. - etm)

Getting High

Different people have different highs.
One may get high on narcotics or
Another may get high on money,
But a surplus supply of both
Is anything else but temporary.

One may have a high on possessions,
Become engrossed because of power,
Or one may be conscious of his image
Rely too much on earthly passions,
Is there no end to these conclusions?

Wads of money is everybody's desire,
To live a life of heady maximal,
Heady but empty you'll note my friend"
For the high is not forever lasting,
Your soul will thirst for the unquenchable.

Jim Hendrix (1942.1970), the legendary rock guitarist, An icon of the 60's who knew what it means to get high, Once stopped mid-song during a rock concert,
Cried out into the excited and moving crowd:
"Does anyone there know the truth”?

Lord Byron (1738-1824), a romantic poet and eccentric,
Is one proof that a high desire never last,
He once said, "I have drunk every draft of pleasure,
And quaffed every cup of fame and found out
That it's nothing and I die of thirst."

Van Morrison, a leading musician and song writer,
Is another proof that a high is actually nothing?
Once he said, "You finally reach the place called FAME,
And you found out nothing but an empty room,
These three guys echo words out of the Bible.

Proverb 14:13 in the bible has this to say:
"Even in laughter the heart is pitifully sorrowful,
And the end of that heavy mirth is a heavy heart,"
You have two selections to take in that dilemma,
You may take a corruptive high or the costless beatific one.

Once Jesus met a woman near a well getting water,
He said, "Whoever drinks this water will thirst again.
But whoever drinks the water that I give you will never be thirsty once more,"
One doesn't need to get an earthly high,
Only try the high that beats all other highs

We invite you who desire the best high to say this prayer:
0 JESUS I've tried lots of things but I've never
really tried you. Please come into my heart
And wipe all my heartaches and mistakes
As only you know how. Amen.

Pat Q. Macabenta.

HCCC Caps Top Awards

The Holy Cross College of Carigara (HCCC), the institution Carigara is proud of, continues to etch a good name and honor for Carigaran-ons everywhere.

In a Regional Inter-School Quiz on Philippine, Asian, and World history, conducted recently at the Leyte Park Hotel Convention Center, Tacloban City, the HCCC delegation got the Championship award in the group category, outranking fifteen other regional delegations of Region VIII.

Moreover, it capped the Third Place in the individual category. The team was composed of Myra Erika Molo and
Glinys Fe Escabarte, fourth year students, with Carlos Jacela, also in fourth year, who represented tire Individual category .

The winning coach, Mr. Michael Cirera, Student Affairs Organization coordinator teaching Makabayan, explicitly expressed his dedication to sustain HCCC's academic excellence in the future for the glory of Carigara.

Earlier, a provincial tilt entitled LSTFI Science Quiz Bowl, sponsored by Leyte Science and Technology Foundation, Inc. brought the HCCC delegation to the fore, placing second among ten Secondary Schools competitors. The contest highlighted the Science Month celebration in September held in SMED Center Capitol Grounds, Tacloban City.

According to the trainer and coach, Mrs. Concordia M de Leon, Science instructor, High School Dept., the success was due to the cooperative efforts of thc team Composed of Jessalyn Cumbis, Fourth Year, Angelica Avestruz, Third Year, and Christian Brylle Ferreras, Second Year.

In recognition of the preceding outstanding accomplishments, a Trophy with Certificates of Recognition, were awarded to the winning delegation.

HCCC School Directress Sister M. Anthony Kuizon, O.S.F. and Sister M. Grace Gerong, O.S.F., School Principal and Dean of Education, whose efficient leadership and support ascertained the triumph of the school awardees, deserve the same honor and recognition.
Kudos to the HCCC winners.

Leonora R. Reamillo

May Reunion Kay Ano

Ang pagkaurosa ban magpapariente;
Kon pag-iisipon kamakawiwili.
Din kay kon signon usa la nga arte,
Kay adton panuyo, labi ka importante.

Bis' kon hirayo na an kamagparyente,
Kon an pagkirigta baga permanente,
Labaw pa hin bugto an at binabati
Bugto na hirayo , waray uli-uii.

Kon an mag-uropod. di magkiriglala;
May mga hitabo, basulan unina.
Labi kon ha iangyaw na pagkilirigta,
Sook nga uropod, nag-aaragsawa.

Di 'ba kon usahay ha mga katirok,
May baga nabida, iba it pang-gios,
Imo guin lilibak, guinpapakaraot,
Diri ka nasabot, im ngay-an uropod.

Hi kita la nga haw, ha at experiencia,
Nagsusugat-sugat hadto ha kalsada.
Waray la latagbot, waray la estorya,
Ngay-an kay uropod, di la magkilala.

Pero yana ngahaw, nga nagkaada na,
Han kada tinuig nga pagka-urosa,
Aton singabuton, ngan at siguroha
Adton kada nawong, matitigamnan ta.

Padi man, abogado, doctor, maestro.
empleyado, o magin para-uma,
Rico. pobre, o ha panhilawas man mayda deprensiya
Hingalimti anay anuman nga gasa,
Importante maglipay, magrisyo, manrakya.

Hiyom, wala totoo, kay sigurado ka,
Mga uropod mo it im kaurosa,
Kon ha mga orhi, kinahanglanon hira,
diri ka magaalang, kay kasuok mo na.

Salamat ban tagatukod hini nga reunion,
Mga panuyo hini, di ta gud kawangon,
An at sumusunod aton gud pamat-on.
Nga an ugat hini, diri gud pag-otdon.

Salamat, salamat, Msgr. Filomeno Bactol,
Ug hadton iba pa, nga mga nagrahol,
Hadton pagsinulsog han mga tilito1
Kay di barumamay tin ira kakapoy.

by Jose Edson Bactol CabalIes .

2nd Fishery Congress

2nd Fishery Congress
With the primary aim of gathering mentors, researchers and extension workers in the academe and non-academe institutions whose interest is in the development of fishery resources in Region VIII. The 2nd Regional Fishery Research and Development Congress Was held in Eastern Visayas State University, Carigara Campus, last October 17-18, 2007.

The congress program consisted of the opening ceremony with messages from prominent personalities in the morning and talks from resource speakers in the afternoon of the first day. The discussants and their respective topics were:

(1) Seaweed: the Untapped Marine Resources in Eastern Visayas (Dr. Paciente Cordero);

(2) Fish Processing Industry in Eastern Visayas: Issues and Concern (Dr. Roberta Lauzon);

(3) Fish Processing Updates (Dr. Laurentina Calmorin); and

(4) EVSUCC-DOST Researches on Alimango and Bangus Farming (Dr. Ma. Socorro Mazo).

On the second day, the areas of concern were on:

(1) Fishery Industry in Eastern Visayas and Local Mariculture Industry (Mr. Jesterie Granali);

(2)Novel Food Products from Fish (Dr. Obdulia Camaying);

(3) Essentials of Probiotics in Aquaculture (Mr. Wi1son Dayaday); and

(4) Aqua Feeds (Dr. Teresita Jocson).

The assembly was able to meet the slated objective successfully, notably on

(1) Assessing and identifying the status of the biodiversity and potentials of the fishery resources of Eastern Visayas;

(2) Developing concern and awareness of the participants to conduct researches that will foster fishery development in the region; and

(3) Developing linkages with concerned agencies in the conduct of fishery related activities.

Among the highlights were the presentations of different products made out of fish and other marine resources. At the end of the Congress, there was a profound interest and resolve to work in a concerted effort by all concerned towards the development of the fishery sector in the region thru proper resource maximization and ecological management.

Along with the able leadership of the Campus administrator, the fishery Congress would not have been successful if not for the wholehearted support and financial assistance from the EVSU administration the Municipal Government of Carigara, the Department of Science and Technology, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, and other sponsors who shouldered various expenditures.

Gerry B. de Cadiz, MPRM (EVSU CC MIS &. Planning Coordinator)

FFS Results Presented

The highlight of the season long Farmers Field School on Integrated Pest Management for Rice conducted by the Municipal Agriculture Office in coordination with the Dept, of Agriculture, Regional Office 8 (DA-RFU8) was a presentation of the cost and return analysis of the Protection Trial which was done during the Graduation Day on Nov. 8, 2007.

It was presented by Mr. Calixto Macalalag, a farmer cooperator. The demonstration focused on the effectiveness of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices as compared to the traditional Fanners Crop Protection Practice (FCPP).

The activity then, proceeded with a short program. In his message, Mr. Reynaldo Salamat, RCPC Center Chief Slid that "KASAKALIKASAN, IPM Program is a great help to farmers because this technology not only lessen the cost of protection but also preserve the environment."

Hon. Mildred C. Modesto, SB Member and Chairman, Committee on Agriculture disclosed that she will support the Agriculture projects and programs of Carigara. Likewise, Dept. of Agriculture, Re8ional Office 8, thru its representative Mr. Francis Rosaroso, expressed their full support to Carigara, in particular the farmers.

The comparative study or results presented are as follows:




Total Expenses/Ha
Total Yield /Ha
Gross Sales/Ha
Net Income/Ha
Return on investment (RO1)

7,800 kgs


8,000 kgs


Water as Preventive Therapy

(from the Philippine Daily Inquirer 29, 2007)
Water can be used as preventive therapy. It's so critical to body metabolism that the lack of it can trigger problems that result in slow recall, tiredness, constipation, formation of kidney stones and cancer.

In Jane Scrivner's book, "Water Detox", she describes basic facts about water dehydration. Some of them on a hot day, a person can sweat up to 16 glasses of water per day.

* Not drinking enough water can lead to dry and itchy skin, tiredness upon waking, and fatigue during the day.
*We lose as much water when we're sleeping as when we're awake. Therefore upon Waking up, drink water and hydrate yourself.

*Lack of water is the primary cause of tiredness.
* Eight to ten glasses of water a day cou1d ease up 80% of general aches and pains. Water is not only a thirst quencher, it's also a pain reliever.

* Five glasses of water the risk of bladder cancer by 50%.

It only takes a 2% drop in hydration to slow down the brain cells. This can cause trouble with performing basic math and focus. Workers should be encouraged to drink water for their mental and physical well-being. It's better to have water breaks than coffee breaks to improve productivity and performance.

*Five glasses of water a day decrease the risk of colon cancer by 45% and the risk of breast cancer by 79%.

Drinking the right amount of water can improve the qua11ty of life. Let’s have a toast to that:
Happy Drinking (Water that is).




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