Volume XVI No. 4


20 October 2008


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October 20, 1944
Leyte Idol Concert in Carigara
Smallholder Dairy Carabao Enterprise
Relief Operations for the victims of typhoon Frank
Holy Crossians in the Ranks
Carigara II 'District celebrates Science and Technology Month
Carigara Municipal Library gratefully acknowledges the following donations:
Fiesta Celebration in Guindapunan East and West
Galing Masahista Training

Loving is Living
Sarabutan O Balatian
An Age-Old Christmas Story
An Gugma
9/11, The Terror Within
Pinoy Iba Ka Han Kadam-an
Let Go
The Gift of Love
Courtship, Marriage Seminar
EVSU-CC Hosts DepEd Games
Building A Sound Financial Future For Your Child


October 20, 1944


On this day, Gen. McArthur and his forces landed on the beach of Palo, Leyte, starting the liberation of the Philippines and parts of Asia from Japanese occupation, in fulfillment of his promise; I shall return. This event is immortalized by a monument of life-size statues erected on the site of their landing (see photo above).

As the American soldiers marched into Tacloban City, a huge crowd of children and adults lined the road sides shouting "Victory Joe!" with their right hand held up with fingers forming the Victory sign.

Also in October, but many years later, in 1992, Remy Lauron and I started Budyong. The maiden issue came out on Oct. 31, 1992, only four pages and only a few copies distributed to friends, in Metro Manila. Starting as a quarterly, Budyong later on became a bi-monthly publication, issued every other month, with copies being sent to Kalgaranons not only in the Philippines but also abroad USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Guam, Indonesia, Australia.

With this issue, Budyong completes 16 years. It has grown into an 8 page publication, distributed free to its readers, here and abroad. On its 16th year, Budyong can humbly claim to have succeeded in its "reason for being" bringing news from home to Kalgaranons, wherever they are; also providing space for their literary output which we occasionally receive

Leyte Idol Concert in Carigara

Leyte Idol Live Concert of Icot Dream for Young Talents of Leyte was one of the significant activities last July 14, 2008, in connection with the town fiesta celebration.

Jointly sponsored by Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho "Icot" Petilla, and the Sangguniang Bayan, thru Hon. SB Member Anabella N. Crisostomo, the affair introduced the youth to a night of ultimate enjoyment and pure entertainment.

Lively productions, inspired by popular love songs, with hot dance numbers and a rock band, enthralled the audience.

Performers were:
Mildy Lou Astillo of Tacloban City-Grand Champion of Season 1 Leyte Idol;
Darrel Gariando of Tacloban City -1st Runner-up Season 1 Leyte Idol;
John Hamond of Baybay, Leyte, and Queenie Marquez of Dagami, Leyte - Grand finalist of Season 1 Leyte Idol;
Ria Roa of MacArthur, Leyte-lst Runner-up Season 3 Leyte Idol;
Frances Rodell Antoniette Go of Tabon-tabon, Leyte -2nd Runner-up Season 3 Leyte Idol, and
Jeffrey Bermudez of Tolosa, Leyte; and Joseph Lucinario of Tacloban City.

Hosts of the show were Ariel Dolor known as Mami Chocolate, Laloy Loreto, and Rex Basio as Ate Trisha. The night ended with a live band show and disco fever of the Sangguniang Kabataan led by SK President Adriano Llovia.

Mga Hitabo

Atty. Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr., Vice-Mayor of Carigara, celebrated his 70th birthday in his residence at Joson de Mata St., Baybay, Carigara

Atty. Remigio Lauron quietly celebrated his 75th birthday in his residence in Quezon City with his family. (The only guests - self-invited - were Wency, my son,and me - etm.)

Ariel Arboleda, son of Leonito & Imelda Arboleda (nee Umpacan) married Lourdes Belga, daughter of Antonio Jr. & Yolanda Belga (nee Panin) on Sept. 06, 2008.

Alfredo Batausa Jr., son of Alfredo Sr. & Sonita Batausa (nee Lebria) married Joyce Nartea, daughter of Restituto & Adelaida Nartea (nee Pongos) on Sept. 20, 2008.

Edsel C. Candido, son of Mr. & Mrs. Antonio
Candido, married Merlita D. Claros, daughter of
Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Claros on Oct. 18, 2008.

Patenio Ligutan Sr., 87, 29 July 2008
Jesus Narido Sr. (former Sangguniang Bayan Member of Carigara) 74, 5 Aug. 2008
Edgardo Quebec, 44, 14 August 2008
Melburga Obaob, 76, 04 August 2008
Dr. Felix Clemente, 59, 13 August 2008
Lydia R. Capanpan, 49, 06 Sept. 2008
Virgenio Oledan Jr., 47, 17 Sept. 2008
Conchita Aguja, 72, 22 Sept. 2008


Carigara Municipal Library gratefully acknowledges the following donations:

Atty. Fidelina Quintana Grapilon & Family - 56 assorted magazines
Rhodoro Lloren (Botica Lloren) - 16 assorted books
Dorothea Borgueta-18 religious magazines & educational references
Chris Biron - 1 book

Binisaya-English, English-Binisaya Dictionary,
2nd. Edition, Revised


Carigara, 600 Years of History
In a Town in Leyte


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109 Talayab St.
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Smallholder Dairy Carabao Enterprise


Mayor Anlie Go Apostol of LGU-Carigara, in collaboration with the Dept. of Agriculture Regional Field Unit 8 (DARFU8); Phil. Carabao Center Visayas State University (PCC-VSU); Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OP A), Leyte; and Breeding Center at Candara, Samar; and Caray-caray San Miguel, Leyte recently embarked on the "Smallholder Dairy Carabao Enterprise Project" designed for farmers
a) to raise their income with the use of modem innovations;
b) to increase dairy production or supply; and
c) to boost its One Town One Product Pastillas Making Industry in Carigara.

On August 28, 2008, the project opened with a short program with some fifty farmers of the municipality as participants. Municipal Administrator Myla L. Aguilar urged the farmers to be open-minded individuals who are ready to accept change or the technologies in agriculture especially in dairy production to contend with the global products crisis which the Philippines is facing today. Interviews followed as a preliminary phase to qualify them to the smallholder enterprise.

Second phase was an Orientation/Seminar held on Sept. 17-18,2008 at Kan Gara Gymnasium. The lectures imparted the knowledge on the use of technologies in Raising Dairy Carabao, such as milking, artificial insemination, breeding and feeding, decision making abilities in dairy production and management, and the planning, selecting, and implementing technological strategies in agriculture. Speakers were Feliciano Lolo, Director Francisco Gabunasa, Manuel Luis Calleja, Marivick Torres,

Edgar Nunez, Dr. Andrew T. Orais, Marilyn Villamora, Emma L. Morales, Dr. Wilson Cerbito, and Romeo Esmero. Ron. SB Member Mildred C. Modesto expressed her gratitude for the support extended by the farmers. She stressed that with the project, a sustainable dairy supply of products and profitable ventures for farmers will be gained. Success of the activity was attributed to the organizers Municipal Agriculture Office Staff and the Municipal Special Projects Office of Carigara.


Carigara II 'District celebrates Science and Technology Month

September is Science and Technology Month. With this year's theme: Science Clubbing Optimized: igniting and Innovating. Carigara II District held three important science related activities all of which were spearheaded by Mrs. Camilia C. Capalar the Principal II of Carigara II Central School and supported by Mrs. Bernardita C. Nivera the district supervisor who herself was the Science teacher of Guindapunan Elem. School in the 1970s.The first activity was the Induction of Science Club Officers of the Central School last September 4, 2008. The second was the holding on Sept. 6, 13 and 20 (all Saturday) of the echo-seminar on the construction of DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) Projects after Mrs. Camilia Capalar and Mrs. Necitas Resquiscio attended its division workshop conducted by Mrs. Susan de Veyra ES-1(Elem. Science). And the third activity was the holding of the District Science Fair and Quiz last September 26, 2008 which have the following winners with their coad1es and schools.







Grade I
Gyle V. Basallage
Dana Mae C. Higum
Reyven T. Yacap

Grade II
Golda Millenrose Ferreras
Elisa Narido
Jaica Paulo Ron

Grade III
Alyssa C. Dadacay
John Luis Montano
Rovic N. Brun

Grade IV
Ailyn Quileste
Rheena Mae Dadacay
Abish Dacoycoy

Grade V
Jayson Rey Cumpa
John Salvador Ricacho
Dave Earl Miralles

Grade VI
Vina O. Brier
Mary Grace Aguilos

Investigative Project:
John Salvador Ricacho

Carigara II Central Sch.
Guindapunan Elem. Sch.
Camansi Elem. Sch.

Carigara II Central Sch.
pangna Elem. Sch.
Guindapunan ELem. Sch

Guindapunan Elem. Sch.
Carigara II Central Sch.
Tagak Elem. Sch.

Tigbao ELem. Sch.
Barugohay Norte Elem. Sch.
Carigara II Central Sch.

Tigbao Elem. Sch.
Carigara II Central
Macalpi Elem. Sch.

Bargohay Norte Elem. Sch.
Guindapunan Elem. Sch.

Carigara II Central

Mrs. Lolita C. Ranin
Mrs. Helen Macabansag
Mrs. Ivy Carolina

Mrs. Ester Nivera
Miss Lagrimas Oledan
Mrs. Mila V. Macalinao

Mrs. Gregoria Nartea
Miss Belba Dagalea
Mrs. Patria Macalinao

Mrs. Cecilia Fami
Mrs. Amelia Lucelo
Mrs. Corazon Baculanta

Mr. Patrocinio Capalar
Mrs. Hermenigilda Armstrong
Mrs. Beatriz Artoza

Mrs. Thelma N. Bacaltos
Mrs. Rowena F. Redona

Mrs. Hermenigilda Armstrong

The first placers with their coaches were very happy of their wins but they can't afford to rest on their laurels. Come October 24-25, they will compete in the Division Science Fair and Quiz at Palo I Central School. Hopefully, they can bring home the bacon.

Teacher II
Carigara II Central School


Holy Crossians in the Ranks

Once again, the Holy Cross College of Carigara (HCCC) boasts of deserving students who heightened the school's prestige for remarkable achievements in various fields.

In the Second Science Quiz Bowl held recently, the HCCC delegation made it to the top ranks, maintaining the same honor garnered last year. composing the winning team among contestants from eleven private and public secondary schools in North Leyte were Angelica Avestruz, senior student; Christian Bryll Ferreras, third year; and Klaudine Grace Nedruda, first year.

The scholastic event which focused on the theme "Making Science Work for You" was held at SMED Center, Capitol Grounds, Tacloban City in connection with the National Week Celebration this year.

The event which gathered young future scientists was sponsored by Leyte Science and Technology Foundation Inc. (LSFll).

According to the winning coach, Mrs. Concordia de Leon, English and Science Teacher in the Freshman Department, "Work and Prayer are basic tools for a successful endeavour."

In another academic tilt, in the field of Social Science, HCCC representatives made it to the Second place in the group category. In this competition held in the University of the Philippines (UP) Campus in Tacloban City, the Holy Crossians triumphed over five competing secondary schools in Eastern Visayas. The coach was Mr. Romeo Macalinao, bona fide HCCC faculty member.

In the field of Education, HCCC is proud of Michael Q. Ilaya and Thelma G. Nogar. Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Board passers for the school year 2008.

These competitive tasks are painstakingly done every year to cater to a broad spectrum of students with multiple intelligences in the three domains of learning knowledge, skill, and values.

Leonor R. Reamillo
HCCC Faculty

Fiesta Celebration in Guindapunan East and West

The Brgy, Council of Guindapunan East, headed by Brgy. Captain Kenneth Elizon, the Brgy. Council of Guindapunan West, headed by Brgy. Captain Jonathan Novilla, and Dr. Teodoro Basilan (Basilan Family), the Hermano Mayor, joined hands in the successful celebration of the Guindapunan fiesta last Sept. 25. The concelebrated mass in honor of Senior San Mateo was officiated by Rev. Fr. Gene Sevilla assisted by Rev. Fr. Protacio Catan and Rev. Fr. Ronie Barreda.

As in the past, different contests were held and the winners and their prizes are as follows:

A. Zone Beautification Contest
1st Place Barracuda Zone P5000.00
2nd Place Malasugui Zone P3000.00
3rd Place Balyena Zone P2000.00
Consolation Prize Bolinao Zone Pl000.00

B. Videoke Contest
1st Place Xena Montemayor Pl000.00
2nd Place Mildred Yu P 700.00
3rd Place Wowie Lugana P 500.00

There were other contests, like the Doble Kara Contest with prizes ofP3000.00, P2000.00, and P1000.00 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placers, respectively. The exhibition of the Gay and Brgy Tanod had P2000.00 for the winner and P1000.00 for the non-winner.

Donors of the prizes were:
1. Guindapunan Milpitas Residents Club
2. Guindapunan Las Vegas Residents Club
3. Mr. Dolpin Ordoña
4. Mr. Boy Cabelin
5. Mrs. Betty Ordoña Delima
6. Brgy. Councils
7. Anonymous Donors
8. SAMICO Lending

The other expenses of the fiesta celebration were taken from the curacha numbers during the dance on the eve of the fiesta which was graced by the Hon. Mayor Anlie Go Apostol.

Bernardita C. Nivera
District Supervisor, Carigara II Central School


Relief Operations for the victims of typhoon Frank

LGU-Carigara through its Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, Vice Mayor Ulpiano U. Arpon, and the Sangguniang Bayan Members would like to thank the following for the assistance and support during the Relief Operations for the victims of the last typhoon "Frank" which devastated the town of Carigara last June 20, 2008:

• Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (President of the Republic of the Philippines) for bringing the Sagip-Tulong Caravan.
• PAGCOR through Chairman Ephraim Genuino for Medical and Relief operations in the most wrecked barangays-Brgy. Manloy, Brgy. Tinaguban, and Brgy, Visoria.
• Congresswoman Trinidad Go Apostol thru her "Tulong sa Barangays"
• Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho Petilla
• USEC Marilou D. Frostom, Office of Regional Concern, Presidential Mgmt. Staff (PMS)
• Provincial and Regional Office of the Dept. of Social Welfare and Dev't. (DSWD)
• Barangay Officials of Carigara . Red Cross-Tacloban City
• Engr. Nicolas Crisostomo . Adventist Dev't. and Relief Agency Phils. (ADRA) Adventist Community Services, Eastern Visayas
• DPWH, 2nd Leyte Engineering District
• PNP-Carigara Chapter
• Kabalikat Carigara Chapter
• LGU Employees

Galing Masahista Training

"Galing Masahista" Training
LGU-Carigara, through Hon. Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, the Technical Vocational & Dev't. Authority (TESDA) Provincial Office 8, Tacloban City, and the Calubian National Vocational School conducted an intensive 40-hour Skills Training of Masahistas dubbed "Galing Masahista" at West Visoria on September 18-26,2008.

Trainees were from three barangays hard-hit by typhoon Frank, viz. West Visoria, Manloy, and Tinaguban. About 21 trainees learned the skills and rudiments of therapeutic massage within a holistic framework, planning and implementing the therapeutic massage and also the remedial therapeutic massage.

Trainors were Benedicta A. Ochea and Gerardo S. Pag-ong from Calubian National Vocational School, Calubian, Biliran.

To be fully recognized as professionals, not merely practitioners, the trainees were required to undergo and pass the assessment of TESDA to enable them to get the certification which is scheduled this October.

The program enables trainees to derive an alternative source of income. They will also become productive and useful citizens.

The Gift Of Love

Be under no obligation to no one, the only obligation you have is to love one another. Whoever does this has obeyed the Law. The commandments, "Do not commit adultery; do not commit murder; do not steal; do not desire what belongs to someone else"; all these, and any others besides, are summed up in the one command, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." If you love someone, you will never do him wrong, to love, then, is to obey the whole Law.

-Romans 13.8-10

Courtship, Marriage Seminar

A seminar on Courtship, Love, Dating, and Marriage was conducted by the Guidance Office of the Eastern Visayas State University in its Carigara Campus last August 27, 2008.

Mrs. Irene T. Bodo, Guidance Counselor, deemed it best and necessary that a seminar be held as a response to the growing problems of early marriage and pregnancy among students in the campus.

Three resource persons, namely Dr. Josie Y. Refuerzo, Dr. Norma Abolencia, and Dr. Susan V. Loyola of EVSU Tacloban Student Services Department were on campus to impart knowledge and to enlighten the junior and senior students about the proper ethics and conduct of dating and courtship. They gave also some in sights on the correct manner of managing passion or love and the pros and cons of getting married while still studying.

The whole day affair had a lot of students as participants, not only because they could relate to the discussions but also on the idea that it could help them become successful in their studies if they know how to avoid peer pressure and handle very well personal relationships.

The speakers are scheduled to hold another seminar to deliberate on the issue of "Why do Men/Women Fall in Love with Married Women/Men."

(Reprinted from Talutang, Vol. I No.1, a publication of EVSU-CC.)


Let Go

To ease your heart with burden,
Is the best thing you can ever do,
Nothing else could ever be refreshing,
When you let go a lonely feeling.

To deny them and cover up the pain,
The more the pain remains.
Instead, allow yourself to feel it,
Cause after a while
You'll feel everything is regained.

When you feel that your world is about to end
Having lost a beloved kin,
Don't grieve for him, for now he's free
God wants him now, so set him free.

Losing a loved one or a friend
Perhaps t'will cost a sigh or a tear
Tis hard to part when friends are dear
But letting go, you'll still remember him.

Our life's too brief, yet its been full
Of good friends, of good times and love from all
Let go the ill feelings, anger, fear and unbearable pain
For we may have no time to gladden the heart from the chain.

Treasure the happy moments,
Better forget what the hearts tonnent,
For letting go turns sorrow into happiness,
Changing the gray clouds to a lighter shade.

We don't know what will happen tomorrow
For we are but dust and shadow.
Savor everything that will make life shallow
Let go all the sorrow and worries that show.

Pet P. Arguelles
T-3, Tagak Elem. School, Carigara n District


Loving is Living

Love motivates young people to do things
For people normally can do, it can cause people to be young again
It can cause people to do foolish things at a time
It can give meaning to everyone, who would otherwise
have no meaning in life.

Love is very powerful because it can nourish individuals
just as vitamins do.
But be careful, sometimes it can be poisonous too.
When it causes you anxiety, do not be upset, let it go.
What a waste! Save yourself. . . try to move on.

You would be able to find another love but not yourself
That love is disastrous, it seems to be unworthy
Open your sleepy brilliant eyes into the world of fantasy
As you go through your journey, you will discover your destiny.

You are still young enough my beloved friend
Enjoy first your life to the fullest, love can wait forever
Just stare at the glowing candle, all your pains will be erased
Always remember that if you lose, someone better is coming.

Don't be too hard on yourself
Don't let your heart run your life
Be sensible and let your mind speak for itself.
Open your ears and mind, then listen to my simple advice.

If you fall in love for someone,
Because he/she makes you laugh all the time
What happens when you can no longer hear that funny joke Would your heart still insist on loving?

If you fall in love for someone
Because of his/her glamorous style and beauty
What happens when that beauty is a fake?
Beauty is just like a bubble that fades away.

Learn to expose, explore, and experience
Look around you, there are a lot of things
There are a lot of doors for you to open and choose
Don't force him to love you once again.

Love is just like a game, you should learn how to play
Know when to start or when to stop to play
It is a game in which you could lose or win
If you win, rejoice, be thankful and if you lose, love again.

Be strong enough to accept whatever fate comes in your way
Happiness and sorrow that love may bring you all the way.
Now that you've learned a lot of wonderful things
Don't be hopeless, never stop loving because loving is living.

- Eufemio H. Darantinao
(former Associate Editor of EVSU-CC Dumagat Publication)


When you make a song you are in the song, when you bake a bread you are in the bread, when you make a baby you are in the baby, and because Yezu made you he is in you. When you love, it is Yezu who loves, when you are merciful, it is Yezu who is merciful. But when you hate or envy, it is not Yezu. for everything that Yezu made is good. Bad things are not there, they are nothing. Hate means no love. Envy means no justice. They are just empty spaces. where Yezu ought to be.

- G. Greene, A Burnt-Out Case

Sarabutan O Balatian

Sarabutan. . . pinaagi bin katadungan
Balatian. . . kabantaran han hunahuna
Sarabutan nga may pagbati,
Balatian nga may pagsabut.

Sarabutan nga may pagbati,
Usahay an duha magsankay,
Usahay an duha magkaaway,
Mahatungod hini---hunahunaa anay.

Balatian nga may pagsabut,
Turumanon han hingpit nga kalipay,
Turumanon han inuungara nga paguswag,
Mahatungod hini---tawaga la an imo hunahuna sangkay.

Na-aghat ako bin paghatag hin pagasoy,
Lugaring diri ko buut nga an magbarasa
Hini nga siday ma-insulto 0 magpaka-alo
Kay hira may sarabutan nga akon renirespeto.

- Pat Q. Makabenta

An Age-Old Christmas Story

There was no room for May and Joseph at the inn
And all the other inns in the town of Bethlehem.
Despite the overcrowding
One innkeeper managed to accommodate them.

This beautiful and age-old Christmas story
Often repeated, yet each time it is told
It is inspiring and something
To open our hearts to all.

Make a room in our hearts
Especially for the needy
The little boy with no toy to enjoy
For it's the Season of love and joy.

Don't be like the king
He has all the food and drink
But that cannot fill his heart with happiness and peace
For it was full of greed and selfishness.

Fill the empty space in our hearts
With love, respect, and service.
Make someone a little happier
And brighten up a dark comer.

Before going to bed on Christmas Eve,
Remember the age-old Christmas story,
Allow everybody in, the great and the lowly
And be today's innkeeper of Joseph, Jesus, and Mary.

- Pet Arguelles
T3, Tagak Elem . School


An Gugma

9/11, The Terror Within

Kon an butang nga tunan-on
May ada pagkatapus,
Nga hin nabian han siday
Nga guin basa ko pag opus;
Oiri upod an higugma
Kay waray pagka-obus,
Butang ita nga kalagnon
Ha tuna di' matapus.

An nabasa ko nga siday
May ada ako paghibabruan,
Nga pulong han higugma
May ada kamatayon;
Kay waray hito lawas
Nga sadang pagpusakon,
Usa la nga huna-huna
Ha kasing-kasing babati-on.

An kahimtang han higugma
Dao sugad hin alibangbang,
Naglupad-lupad ha bao-bao
Ha mga bukad han tanaman;
An katahuman han bukad,
Katam-is han iya "nectar'
Asay an nakaka-aghat
Kan alibangbang pagparayaw.

Tikang ha pagkabiyo-us
Magtahum nga mga bukad,
Natikang man an alibangbang
Hin mga linopad-lupad;
Pagparayaw han biyo-us
Ha layon nga namomuklad,
Kundi, kay lumalabay
Natikang liwat panrankag.

Panrangkag han mga bukad
Pagkaholug ha tuna,
Tubtub nga na tatabunan
Kanan alibangbang huna-huna;
Malimuton nga alibangbang
Lain nga bukad nangita,
Kay basi liwat ighalad
Waray katapus nga Gugma.

Amo ini an kahimtang
Han kanan tawo higugma,
Pagkatapus magtitikang
Sugad-sugad han kapawa;
Ha sidlangan guin lalad-Iad
An kanan adlaw kapawa
Kundi, pagkakolupay
Ha kasisidman nawara.

- Ben Tamaka

The "9/11 ATTACKS" were a series of coordinated suicide strikes upon the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. On the morning of that fateful day, 19 Islamic fundamentalists affiliated with AI-Queda organization hijacked four commercial passenger jetliners. The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the planes on the World Trade Center in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others working in the building, causing the"Twin Towers" to collapse within two hours, destroying at least two nearby buildings and damaging others. the group crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon Building in Virginia, the headquarters of the U.S. Armed Forces. The fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania, after some of its passengers and flight crew attempted to retake control of the plane, which the hijackers had redirected, intending to smash into the White House, the seat of the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. There are no known survivors of any of the flights.

Excluding the hijackers, about 2,999 people died in the attacks, another 24 are missing and presumed dead. The overwhelming majority of casualties were civilians, including nationals of over 90 different countries. Economic assets worth billions of dollars were destroyed. Panic and fear conveyed paranoia to millions of people around the world. Many countries felt the tremor of governmental instability and civilian unrest.

The United States responded to the attacks by launching a "War on Terrorism", invading Afghanistan to depose the Taliban Forces, who had harboured terrorists. Saudi billionaire Osama bin Laden, the leader and financier of AI Queda became a Universal Enemy Number 1. Many other nations, including the Philippines, strengthened their anti-terrorism legislation and expanded law enforcement powers. But the nightmare of Filipinos remains, since the U.S., considered to be the most powerful country, can be plagued by terrorism, how much more the Philippines, when reportedly, some high-ranking AI-Queda officers are already here to train extremist bandits like the Abu Sayaff Group.

Most of the time, the government seems to be at a loss whenever armed groups attacked the civilian population. The ongoing Bangsamoro rebellion shows the Armed Forces of the Philippines' difficulties in thwarting the flagrant destruction that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front inflicted upon the lives and properties of both Christian and Muslim brethren in Mindanao.

The 9/11 attack is an infamous event in history exposing the dark side of human nature: a futile attempt to resolve political, economic, and socio-cultural conflicts. The jihad or holy war that the AI-Queda, ASG, and MILF are waging in the Philippines is a religious vocation for them but utter criminality in the point of view of most Filipinos.

The indoctrinated terrorists sacrificed their lives in vain, while the innocent victims were wasted for nothing. In the end, the Philippine government has to re-examine its strategy in dealing with terrorism and implement appropriate policies that should address and mitigate the root of the problem: poverty, corruption, disunity, and state oppression. For humans would always resort to violence when they have nothing to lose except their sufferings.

- Gerry B.de Cadiz, MPRM. (The author is a college instructor at Eastern Visayas State University, Carigara Campus. He has degrees in Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, Master in Public Resource Management and currently finishing the course Doctor of Philosophy.)


EVSU-CC Hosts DepEd Games

The Eastern Visayas State University, Carigara Campus, hosted the Inter-School Track and Field Competitions of the Dept. of Education on Aug. 29, 2008.

Young athletes from different schools of DepEd Carigara II District competed in various track and field events. Spearheaded by Mr. Ramon Hilario, Principal of Guindapunan Elem. School, the activity served as a selection round for those who would represent the district in the upcoming Congressional Athletic Meet.

The campus hosting proves the high capability of EVSU-CC to serve as training ground for athletics, not only to EVSU students but also those coming from other institution.

Building A Sound Financial Future For Your Child.

A motorcade around the schools in the towns of Carigara, Barugo, and Capoocan was made last July 21, 2008 as an initial activity to launch the "Saving Has Never Been This Fun!" promo for the Kiddy and Youth Savings (KYS) program.

After the motorcade, the formal launching was made, attended by school heads from different schools and by the Municipal Administrator, Ms. Myla Aguilar., Mr. Dindo Meroy, Branch Manager of OCCCI, Carigara Branch, introduced the Kiddy and Youth Saver's Club of OCCCI. He emphasized that OCCCI is a FOCCUS Branded cooperative whose thrust is to teach its members good financial habits through its varied, easy, and accessible savings facilities and extending the same principle towards the kids and youth because OCCCI believes that educating these kids now while their spending and savings habits are still developing is the key. This Club is especially designed for kids 17 years old and below.

Guidelines for the promo which started last June 2008 to last until April 2009, were discussed wherein the kids can open an account with a minimum of only P50.00 and a minimum of a P5.00 deposit thereafter. To teach the kids for that special goal, at the same time make the experience fun and exciting, the kids will receive a specially designed passbook, free Youth-Savers (YS) Club gift (free notebook) upon reaching PI00.00 and a YS Sticker Card which will enable them to earn exclusive YS give- aways every time the kid saves. Give-aways are exclusive KYS items, such as bookmarks, paper pads, coin banks, lunch bags, and shirts. As the kids saves more, more delightful surprises and privileges awaits them. The kids will also get exclusive KYS greeting card on their birthday.

As a follow-up to this activity, school visits will be made to campaign for the promo.



Pinoy Iba Ka Han Kadam-an


An Pagkapinoy sadang naton igparayaw
may-ada nira unique nga kinaiya nga waray ha iba
Branded nga maupay magsugot didto ha langyaw
basi la matumanan mga inop nira

Ha panimalay imo hira matatapuran
pagmangno mga anak hin waray ruhaduha
nailob pag-antos bisan ha kawarayan,
kay an pag-uswag nga ngaran hingyap hin mag-asawa.

Ha ka Relihiyoso nga buhat an pinoy waray masugad
damo nga Debosyon iTra guin-iintrahan.
Mga tapos, Hermana ug iba pa ira guintatagad
kay an ira pagtuo sa Diyos labaw pa han ngatanan.

Ha mga katitirok hira na participar,
mga agenda ug panuyo ira guin tatratar
aragmot bisan mabug-at 1ra'guinkakaaburuyunan
tungod nga an pinoy iba gud han kadam-an.

May-ada pamilya nga may-ada camaraderie
an pagbinuligay nga ngaran ira guinbubuhi
mga magurang nga nakakatrabaho naglilibre
han kamanghuran nga nasunod aber pa magpasigue.

Aton mababasahan ha mga libro ug mga mantalaan
may mga pinoy nga writers, composers ug singer's
song, history ug literature ira hin doon guintatagan
para an sumurunod hall legasiya hira ma-rehearse.

Kadam-an nga pinoy na ambisyon pag-abroad.
Domestic helpers, Seamen, Entertainers ug Care-givers,
Doctors, Nurses, Teachers ug Engineers hira natapod
ha iba nga mga tawo waray nira pagkaawod.

Ha mga telebesyon aton makikita
Mga Drama, Shows ug iba pa nga mga Entertainments
Mga Participants darayawon an Performance nira
Usa nga Asset han aton "National Developments".

Ha Comedy below par hira hin action kan Dolphy
Tandemed ni Susan dida han John & Shirley.
The three inseparables Tito, Vic, & Joey
para han mga pinoy "A Living Testimony."

Ha Local Talent may-ada an Leyte Darayawon
Romualdez, Lucente, Mora, Makabentas ug iba pa nga ngaran,
aton ig "Emulate" an ira mga buruhaton
Pagdayaw han pinoy nga iba gud ha kadam-an.

Ha linya han Sports an pinoy diri napaorhi
Manny Pacquiao, Bata Reyes ug Paeng Nepomuceno,
Damo pa nga Potentials ha iba nga paagui
Eloquent speakers, Inventions ug palililok ha Paete nga bungto.

Waray ako pagdahum nga mga Babaye ma suber
Sugad kan Legarda, Cory Aguino ug Gloria Arroyo,
Pagkaput hin pamunuan hadto waray hira poder.
Ha yana nga siglo mga Babaye mga Poderoso.

Louie C. de Guzman
Head Teacher, Bar. Sur ES,
Carigara I District