Volume XVI No. 3


31 July 2008


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Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross
Occupational Safety and Health for Municipal Employees
Acrobatic Show on 413th Town Fiesta
Seminar on Entrepreneurial Capability
GMA Seeds Released to Farmers
Nutrition Month 2008
A Dream Come True
Chicken Raising and Egg Production

Doble Kara Lightens Carigara Town Fiesta
The Apostolate of Smiling
Gay Fashion Parade
4x4 Invitational Challenges
The Fiesta in Metro Manila
Kalgaranons at the Top
Carigara Municipal Library
Carigara Fiesta Sports Competition
Boroksing Ha Kan Gara
Carigara Physique Club
Grand Slam and More for HCA Class 1968 At Last!!!

Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross

In 1595 Father Antonio Sedeno, first Vice-Provincial of the Jesuits in the Philippines, ordered Fathers Chirino, Juan Campo, and Cosme de Flores, and a lay brother, Gaspar Garay, to open a mission in Leyte.

The group arrived on the shores of Carigara on a Sunday, July 16, IS9S, On the beach amass was offered in great solemnity for the day was the feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross, a significant date and feast in Spain for it commemorates the victory of Spanish forces against the Mohammedans in the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212. The battle was won, it was reported, because the Holy Cross appeared in the sky lifting the morale of the Spanish soldiers.

After the mass, Chirino and his companions erected a cross to mark the date and place of their historic landing. They then walked to the town proper where they were welcomed by the encomendero, Cristobal
de Trujillo. The mass was die first celebration of the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross in Carigara
and in Leyte, possibly in the whole Philippines. The Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross, from that day on, has been the feast day of Carigara.
From Carigara, Six Hundred Years of History in a Town in Leyte.

Occupational Safety and Health for Municipal Employees

The orientation on Occupational Safety and Health for Carigara municipal employees was conducted for two reasons: to raise awareness of the said topics among members of Carigara Municipal Employees Association (CARIMEA) and other lay employees, and as part of the plan to re-echo the 3-day training on occupational safety and health attended by a CARIMEA representative, which was held on July 7-9, 2008, sponsored by Public Service International, in Tacloban City.

To successfully orient participants in the above- mentioned issues, Mrs. Melina G. Ador, National Auditor and representative for health in Visayas for the CIU, was invited to discuss topics on OSH. Her discussions centered on the following issues:
- Physical health hazards
- Ergonomics
- Biological and chemical hazards
- Food-borne and water-borne diseases
- Waste management.
- Occupational safety practices
- Trade union role in occupational safety & health

The half-day orientation was conducted at the Carigara Municipa1 Library and Museum last July 2, 2008, with 52 participants composed of CARIMEA members and employees from different LOU departments.

Acrobatic Show on 413th Town Fiesta

The E.R.G. Acrobatic Troupe performed an acrobatic show on July 13, 2008 at the Kan Gara Gym as one of the activities for the 413th town fiesta of Carigara.

The show provided entertainment for every one, especially the kids, by the nerve challenging performances, punctuated by ecstatic applause from the crowd. The performers: jugglers, acrobats, contortionists with beaming faces and flashy costumes presented wonderful acrobatic and gymnastic feats which included riding a high unicycle with one foot, balancing over a tall stock of chairs, ball spinning, somersaulting on a wire, various balancing maneuvers, and other incredible stunts.

The show was sponsored by the LGU Carigara, headed by Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, in partnership with the Philippine Acrobatic Show, and with the support of Hon. SB Member Steve B. Go and Municipal Administrator Myla L. Aguilar.

Seminar on Entrepreneurial Capability

The Dept. of Agriculture, Regional Field Unit, 8 (DARFU-8), in cooperation with the Municipal Agriculture Office, Local Government Unit (MAO-LGU) conducted a two-day Entrepreneurial Capability Building Seminar, with emphasis on record keeping, held at the Mun. Agricultural Office last July 23-24, 2008. Participants were farmers, Rural Improvement Club (RIC) members and Cooperative members.

Mga Hitabo


Catherine A Camposarlo passed the Bar Examination held last September 2007 in Manila. She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts at San Sebastian College Recoletos, Manila. She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Manuel R. Camposario Sr. of Brgy. Jugaban, Carigara, Leyte.

Stephen Cabelin Dadulla passed the Electronics Engineering Exam held last March 2008. He is the son of the late Teodoro G. Dadulla and Vilma CabeIin of Brgy. East Visoria, Carigara, Leyte.

Loudie Jay Canonoy Falguera was the 5th placer on the May 2008 CPA Board Examination. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Celso Falguera.


Rey T. Macalalag, son of Rodrigo Macalalag and Salvacion Tadefa, married Maricris F. Nieves, daughter of Francisco Nieves and Maria Famor on May 17, 2008.

Luisito E. Indita, son of RosaIino Indita and Nila Eria, married Madelin R. Condalor, daughter of Artemeo Condalor and Carolina Rosima on May 17, 2008.

Bayani Ranin son of Alberto Ranin and Teresa Cumpa, married Ordeza Tadefa, daughter of Policarpio Tadefa and Cannen Canabe last June 14, 2008.

Henry Cito Resuera Jr., son of Henry Cito Resuera Sr. and Isabelita Piano married Hazel Macalinao, daughter of Manuel Macalinao and Editha Sacay on June 26, 2008.


Sheryl Torrevillas, 30 yrs. old, 27 Aprl12008
Jesus O. Juntilla, 16 May 2008
Francisco Trichera. 93 yrs. old, 1 June 2008
TeodoroG. Dadulla, 49 yrs. old 5 June 2008
Marianito N. Cabrera, 40 yrs. old, 14 June 2008
Carmela Tayoni. 35 yrs. old, 15 June 2008
Antonio Aguja. 55 yrs. old, 17 July 2008
Angelique Marquez, 13 yrs. old, 15 July 2008.

Binisaya-English, English-Binisaya Dictionary,
2nd. Edition, Revised


Carigara, 600 Years of History
In a Town in Leyte


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GMA Seeds Released to Farmers

The Municipa1 Agriculture Office released 780 bags of assorted varieties of certified rice seeds namely NSIC RC-130; NSIC RC-146, NSIC RC134 and PSB RC-18 to qualified farmer beneficiaries and 390 packs of Hybrid Rice seeds of NSIC RC-132 or SL-8Hvarie- ties for the cropping season May-Oct. 2008. This is in support of the Ginintuang Masaganang Ani (GMA) program of the national government


Budyong gratefully acknowledges the following donations from -

Antonio Arintok P2000.00 Pasadena. CA, USA
Bernardita Nivera P2000.00 Carigara, Leyte .

Donations: Whatever the amount, are welcome; they help defray the cost of printing 500 copies and postage, a major expense due to the increase in postal rates, plus the fact that copies are mailed to Kalgaranons not only in the Philippines but also abroad - -USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Guam , Australia.
Editorial and administrative services are gratis.

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Talayan Village
Quezon City 1104
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Fax 711-4503

Nutrition Month 2008

July has been designated as Nutrition Month under Section 7 of Pres. Decree 491 known as Nutrition Act of the Philippines. The theme for this year's celebration (the 34th) is "Sa Wastong Nutrisyon ni Mommy, Siguradong Healthy si Baby!" It focuses on pregnant and would-be pregnant women, to emphasize the importance of proper health and nutrition of the baby. It also stresses the importance of proper nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy for a healthy mother and baby.

The highlights of the celebration included:
1. Hanging of streamers on strategic places and different schools.

2. Opening parade on July 4, 2008 participated by Elementary and High School students, Brgy officials, Brgy nutrition scholars, Brgy. Service Point Officers, BHW, and other on~ed agencies of the munici

3. Nutritional feeding was con- -, ducted in some elementary schools, viz. -Cassidy Elem. School, Alberto T. Aguja EIem. School; Jugaban Elem. School, Ponong Elem. School, Guindapunan Elem. School, Barugo- bay Norte Elem. School; and Tagak Elem. School.

4. Buntis Forum was conducted on July 24, 2008 for the benefit of pregnant and would-be-pregnant women from different barangays in relation to Nutrition Month. Speakers were Mrs. Ceferina C. Uribe, Rural Health Midwife, and Maria Belinda P. Alberca, Municipal Nutrition Action Officer.

Success of the affair was made possible with the support of Mayor Anlie Go ApostoL Municipal Administrator Myla L. Aguilar, and Municipal Population Officer Maria Belinda P. Alberca.

Maria Belinda P. Alberca

The Apostolate of Smiling

Just a little smile on your lips
Cheers you in good humor
Preserves peace in your soul
Promotes your health
Beautifies your face
Induces kindly thoughts
Inspires kindly deeds

Until you notice that your constant
Seriousness, or even severity, has vanished.

Until you have warmed your own heart
With the sunshine of your cheery countenance,
then... go out and radiate your smile.

Has work to do work to do for God
You are an apostle now, and your smile
is your instrument for winning souls.
Sanctifying Grace dwelling in your soul
will give the special charm to your smile
which will render it productive of much good.

SMILE - on the lonely faces
SMILE - on the timid faces
SMILE - on the sorrowful faces
SMILE - on the sickly faces
SMILE - on the fresh young faces
SMILE - on the wrinkled old faces
SMILE - on the familiar faces of your family and friends - let all enjoy the beauty and inspiring cheer of your smiling face.

COUNT If you will, the number of smiles your smile has drawn from others in one day. The number will represent how many times you have promoted contentment, joy, satisfaction, encouragement, or confidence in the heart of others. These good dispositions always give birth to unselfish acts and noble deeds. The influence of your smile is spreading Though you do not always see the wonders it is working.

YOUR SMILE Can bring new life and hope and courage into the hearts of the weary, the overburdened, the discouraged, the tempted, the despairing.

YOUR SMILE can help to develop vocations, if you are a priest, a Brother, or a Sister.

YOUR SMILE can be the beginning of the conversions to the Faith.

YOUR SMILE can prepare the way for a sinner's return to God.

YOUR SMILE can win for you a host of devoted friends.

Smile at God is loving acceptance of whatever He sends into your life, and you will merit to have the radiantly Smiling Face of Christ gaze on you with special love throughout eternity.

Rev. Brono Hagspiel S.V.D.
(Thank you, Sis. Auring Eloriaga. For sending this
essay to Budyong. )

Doble Kara Lightens Carigara Town Fiesta

A fun filled affair during the 413th Town Fiesta of Carigara was the "Doble Kara 2008 Contest." It was the most awaited and probably the most amusing part of the day's events which was jointly initiated by LGU Carigara thru Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, Congresswoman Trinidad Go Apostol and PEPSI Company, at the LGU Complex on July 13, 2008.

Six contestants from Carigara, Tolosa, and Samar were judged on their ability to distinguish the male and female voice, their interpretation, expression, and diction, their tempo, rhythm and phrase, creativity, costume, and props and the suitability of their pieces and their stage presence.

Ecstatic yells, laughter, and applause erupted from the crowd as the amusing show started. Winners were Menard Poman (Tolosa, Leyte), 1st place
Feman Espino (Carigara, Leyte). 2nd place
and Babetb Dapiton (Carigara. Leyte), 3rd place.

Jurors were Ms. Esperanza Negado, head Teacher Uyawan Elem. School;
Mr. Mariamto Sabay, retired teacher;
and Mrs. Myla L. Aguilar, Municipal Administrator.

Credit for the success of the event was also due to the Mayor's Office Staff, Mun. Admin. Staff, Rodello Jaya Cabelin and Tricia, who served as host/promoter and Ms. Myla L. Aguilar, event coordinator.

A Dream Come True

Carigara, known as a "town of firsts" and, in the past, the seat of the spiritual empire of the Jesuits in Eastern Visayas, improved its momentum of development with ongoing projects in the last few months.

The latest of such projects is the rehabilitation of Town Plaza Triunfo. At a probable cost of PI million and completed in two months. The rehabilitation is duly accredited to Congresswoman Trinidad "Ebbie" Go Apostol and Mayor Anlie Go Apostol.

During the blessing and inaugural program on July 13 of Plaza Triunfo, Congo Apostol expressed full support for her hometown saying that it is her greatest dream to improve and give progress to the town, the town in her heart.

Carigaranons gathered in unity on this occasion to witness the ceremonies ribbon cutting attended by Mayor Apostol, Vice-Mayor Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr., and SB Members Dennis N. Garay, D. Joenlee C. Larraga, Anabella N. l, Crisostomo, Santiago Gil Lloren, Esteban Go, and Mildred C. Modesto.

On the same day, Rev. Fr. llIuminado Endriano, Parish Vicar, also blessed the barangay projects of Cong. Apostol, assisted by the barangay captain of the barangay concerned.

The projects were:

Bray. Binibiban, concreting of farm to market road,
Brgy. Macalpi, concreting of farm to market road,
Brgy. Paragum, concreting of farm to market road, water system, Day Care Center, and electrification,
Brgy. San Isidro, concreting of farm to market road,
Brgy. Candigahub, concreting of one lane circumferential road,
Brgy. Cutay, concreting of one lane circumferential road.

Leonor R. ReaD1illo HCCC Faculty

Chicken Raising and Egg Production

More than 41 people representing the Women's Organization of Carigara, farmers, and other potential chicken raisers gathered on July 10, 2008 at the LGU Building for the "Training on Native Chicken and Egg Production Technology cum Gender and Development Awareness" as part of the activities during the 413th town fiesta in Carigara.

Participants gained insights on the improved management techniques on raising native chicken as well as awareness on gender and development issues.

Speakers from the Dept. of Agriculture, Regional Field Unit 8, were Engr. Melicia C. Gordillo. Agricultural Center Chief III, and Zaldy H. Villanobos, Agriculturist II,

Gracing the affair were SB Members Joenlee C. Larraga.; Mildred C. Modesto, Chairman, Committee on Agriculture,Municipal Agriculture Office Staff; Myla L. Aguilar, Mun. Administrator, who gave a short talk inspiring women to be equal to men.

LGU-Carigara sponsored the affair through the Municipal Special Project Office, headed by Ronnel Tupas Villas, in cooperation with the Mun. Agriculture Office and the Dept. of Agriculture, Regional Field Unit 8.

Coinciding with the affair was the opening of the Garden Show jointly conducted by Hon. SB Member Mildred C. Modesto, Chairman, Committee on Agriculture, and the Mun. Agriculture Office, at the LGU grounds on July 20. 2008.

Vice Mayor Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr. cut the ceremonial ribbon assisted by SB Members Anabella N. Crisostomo, .Joenlee C. Larraga, and Mildred C. Modesto.

Six exhibitors from Carigara showcased their ornamental and flowering plants. Exhibitors were Dads Ongue, Corazon Babilonia, Jun Javines. Danilo Redofia Garde, Alfonso Sanchez, and Larraga's Farm.

Gay Fashion Parade

Another exciting and entertaining competition sponsored by the LGU-Carigara in connection with the town fiesta was the "Gay Fashion Parade 2008" held on July 14, 2008.

Eleven gay contestants were greeted with howling cheers and admiration by the public as they headed downtown in a parade, all dressed with special and al- luring fantasy and festival attire.

A fashion poses for a final glimpse followed at the LGU complex.

"Gay Fashion Parade 2008" winners were Martin Ortula as celebrity Katrina Halili; Marlon Sicadsicad, 1st runner up as Cindy Kurleto; and Dee Jay Sicadsicad, 3rd runner up as Angel Locsin. Marlon Sicadsicad also won the Best in Costume Award. Special awards: Miss Feminine Look, Miss Flawless, Miss Body Figure, and Darling of the Crowd were all won by Martin Ortula.

Prizes were awarded by Congresswoman Trinidad Go Apostol, assisted by SB Members Hon. Joenlee C. Larraga and HOD. Dennis N. Garay, Judges were Guilberto Tolosa,. Susan Laami Bagro, Aurelia b. Igcasan, Janet Ordona, and Edgar Caubalejo.

The event was promoted by Rodelio "Jaya" Cabelin in coordination with Ms. Myla L. Aguilar and Hon. loenle C. Larraga and the Municipal Administrator's Office Staff.
Gays, who believe that female impersonation is an art, were proud of themselves to be part of the show

4x4 Invitational Challenges

4x4 Invitational Off-road Challenge was organized by Mayor Anlie Go Apostol. SB Members Hon. Samuel L. Llose.Hon. Clint P. Tonolete, and Pat de la Pena last July 13, 2008 at Brgy. Uyawan.

The challenge started at 9:00 am with 20 competitors, mostly from Ormoc City. The race had 2 stages. In the first stage 10 of 20 participants advanced to the next round and in the final round, 5 of 10 were selected as winners, viz.

Champion Gerry Doyong, Ormoc City
1st runner-up Jerry Lanoy, Onnoc City
2nd runner-up Gilbert Lanoy, Onnoc City
3rd runner-up Mr. Galvez. Ormoc City
4th runner-up Pat dela Pena, Carigara
5th runner-up Danny Calape, Ormoc City

Spectators' nerves were shaken as each participant made a hard-driving cruise. They smashed, dashed, bumped, and blasted through mud with shredding tires on their way to victory.

Gratitude for the successful event was due to Gov. Carlos Jericho "Icot" Petilla of Leyte, Brgy. Officials of Brgy. Uyawan and KPK Concrete Products.

Grand Slam and More for HCA Class 1968 At Last!!!

HCA Class of 1968, a Ruby Jubilarian for the first time in the history of the yearly Alumni Homecoming bagged the most number of awards especially the most coveted Grand Awards, the Grand Slam Awards, thereby winning a cash prize of P20.000.00 plus the biggest trophy in this years Alumni Home-coming, hosted by HCA Class of 1983.

Other awards won by Class' 68 on its entry the "WOODSTOCK 1969" are the following:
First in Musical Extravaganza (class presentation) on live band performed by the following class members:
Alvaro T. Torrevillas Jr.-on the base guitar, Danny R Acebo Ir. -lead guitar and 1st lead vocalist Carmela D. Sonon, 2nd lead vocalist, Armando H. Ligutan Jr.-on the drums Camlelo L. Garrido, 1st keyboardist Nellie A. Karlsson, 2nd keyboardist Nimfa P. Garrido-tambourine and drums Adelaida S. Caubalejo, back-up singer Cleofe C. Aguirre back-up singer Adelaida L. Lloren back-up singer.

Best in Costume, Most Active Young "Once" Class, Most Participated Class, Most Active Young "Once", Most Cooperative Co-Jubilarian" Best in Attendance, and the special award of "Deri Pa Kami Laos presentors”. At least nine trophies and total cash prize of P32, OOO.OO were received by Class '68. Successes of the class were through the efforts and financial support of our dear classmate Mrs. Nellie Karlsson and the efforts of the new set of officers.

President--------- Mr. Amando H. Ligutan Jr.
Vice-President---- Mrs. Vicenta S. Lim
Secretary--------- Mr. Marianito Raagas
Treasurer--------- Mrs. Nimfa P. Garrido
Auditors---------- Mr. Danny R. Acebo Jr. Mr. Abner P. Mijares
PIO's------------- Mr. Camelo D. Sonon Ms. Lydia CabelJo
Marshals---------- Mr. Alberto Zartiga Mrs. Asuncion Vtllaracillo


The Fiesta in Metro Manila

Kalgaranons at the top

Carigara Municipal Library

Kalgaranons in Metro Manila never fail to celebrate their own town fiesta. Novena as in previous years was at the St. Rita Chapel in Quiapo, Manila from July 7 to 15 at 6:30 PM, followed by the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Gerry de los Reyes, a Kalgaranon.

Socials after the novena consisted of a dinner and raffles, at PI 0.00 per ticket.

Feast Day, July 16, was celebrated at the Quezon City Performing Arts Theater (formerly Amoranto Stadium) in Roxas District, Quezon City. Fiesta Sponsor was the Agudera Family.

After the sumptuous dinner, couples crowded the dance floor as they danced to music provided by a live band.

There were raffles again with tickets, this 1ime, at P20.00 each. Prizes were worth the price of the ticket

Rev. Fr. Filomeno Javines, Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of San Carlos, Cebu City

Antonio Tonolete was recently elected President, Tagsaurog Han Sr. Sto. Nino de Leyte, an organization originally composed of Taclobanons but present members now come from several towns in Leyte Including Carigara.

Clarissa Anne de los Santos (nee Makabenta) manages the restaurant of IKEA, a furniture company in Sydney. Australia. The restaurant caters to some 300 employees of IKEA. In recent months,However, walk-in customers have out-numbered the IKEA employees.

(na-ayon han lutong Pilipino)

gratefully acknowledges the following donations:

Atty. Fidelina Quintana Grapilon & family- 131 magazines

Wesley Maderazo - l17 books

Asia Foundation - 50 books

Becky Aguja Lloren - 49 books

Ledy Jao-40 books

Cassidy Elementary School-22 books

Salvacion Agudera-15 books

Holy Cross College of Carigara - 13 Gospel Komiks

Rodolfo Eusebio-28 magazines

Edilberto Anopol- 7 Reader's Digest magazines

Jessica Joson - 5 books

Carigara Fiesta Sports Competition

An inter-agency sports competition added luster to the Carigara fiesta celebration, amidst the high temperature and heat of the sun. Competing teams battled each other in volleyball, badminton, and basketball. Hon. SB Member Joenlee C. Larraga couldn't resist the competitive urge: she joined the LGU Carigara team.

Winners of the Competitions:
A. Badminton
Women's Division
1. Singles Category
Champion-LOU Carigara (played by Hon. Joenlee C. Larraga)
1 st place- Carigara DepEd II
2nd place -DPWH 2nd LED

2. Doubles Category
Champion- Carigara National High School Main
1 st place- Carigara DepEd II
2nd place DPWH 2nd LED

Men's Division
1. Singles Category
Champion-Holy Cross College of Carigara (HCCC )
1 st place - DPWH 2nd LED
2nd place Kan Gara Multi-Purpose Coopérative

2. Doubles Champion HCCC
1st place DPWH 2nd LED
2nd place Kan Gara Multi-Purpose Cooperative

B. Volleyball
Women's Davison
Champion Carigara Bay Credit Coop. (CBCC)
1st place LGU Carigara
2nd place DPWH 2nd LED
Men’s Division
Champion Eastern Visayas State Univ., Carigara Campus
1st place Carigara DepEd II
2nd place Carigara DepEd I and HCCC

C. Basketball
Champion DPWH 2nd LED
1st place LEYECO
2nd place LGU Carigara

Event coordinators were Hon. SB Member Dennis N. Garay, Guilberto Tolosa, Crescente F. Precia, and Human Resource Management Office Staff.

Boroksing Ha Kan Gara

Another fiesta event was the "Boroksing Ha Kan Gara" promoted by Vice-Mayor Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr and Sangguniang Bayan Members with the support of Congresswoman Trinidad Go Apostol and Mayor Anlie Go Apostol.

Held on July 14 at Kan Gara Gym, the tournament kicked off with the blessing of the Sport Facilities to be used in the opening of the Kan Gara Sport Complex followed by a short program.

In her message, Congresswoman Ebbie Apostol again assured everyone of her continued support for the development and improvement of the town which she dearly loved; she also donated the boxing ring and other needed facilities.

Vice-Mayor Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr. said that he was thankful that Carigara had a child like Congresswoman Apostol who devoted her efforts to the town's needs, especially the farmers-to-market roads which facilitated the movement of people, goods, and services.

Fifteen pairs of amateur fist fighters, all from Carigara, hooked and jabbed each other, for a flurry of impressive punches, as each strove to win.

Victors of the matches in the Junior Division were:
Ramil Tesmo knocked out Archie Nicdao;
Eduardo Ranes knocked out Jaynard Esta;
Jestoni Florendo knocked out Ronnel Mendo;
Sandy Canabe knocked out Romnick Advincula;
Rowel Darantinao knocked out Argy Cleo;
Jonel Grama knocked out Angelo Rosa;
Phat Lucelo knocked out Aljan Dacoycoy;
Mark Anthony Rocha knocked out Jomuel National;
Christian John Grisola knocked out ~her Lauron;
Emilio Uovia knocked out Virgilio Rojas;
Brent Dacuma knocked out Cyrus Ronunel Estrada;
And Richard Vega knocked out Erwin Aguilos.

In the Gay Division, winners were:
Raymond Didil knocked out Kim Oled8li;
Ruel Infante knocked out Sam Bacarisas,
And Toyeng Balendo knocked out Josefa Raagas.

Audience, including Hon. Simeon Ongbit Jr. Board Member, 2nd District, Leyte, were overwhelmed with enjoyment and delighted at the bout of the gays which served as ice breakers of the tension.

The success of the event was also attributed to the referees:
Louie de Guzman and Ramon Hilario;
Judges: Honorio Makabenta, Glerio Urmeneta, and Gregorio Arpon Sr.;
Time keeper; Roy Makabenta,
Emcee, Domingo "Beboy" Obaob Jr.
Fr. Roger Uy (Ring Physician) and all the legislative staff.

Carigara Physique Club Real St., Ponong, Carigara Tel. 331-4480

The quest to improve one's physical attributes was inherent even during the earlier years when the current hi-tech exercise machines were beyond one's imagination. The greatest Philippine National hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, was himself a body builder who trained with home-made cement barbells. The late President Ferdinand E. Marcos was a noted physical fitness buff and sports enthusiast. When he graced the first and only Mr. Universe contest hosted by RP at the PICC, he honored the sports by staying throughout the more than four hours competition and was visibly seen enjoying the entire proceedings.

Gen. Carlos P. Romulo, one of the Philippines best known statesmen, former Secretary General of the United Nations and the Foreign Affairs Secretary tit the time of his death was a noted martial arts exponent and physical culture enthusiast. Making reference to bodybuilding Gen. Romulo once said, "Bodybuilding is important for Nation Building." This today is the slogan of the International Federation of Bodybuilders.

The Carigara Physique Club was organized by Mr. Florentino Mercolita, Mr. Marvin Claros, Mr. Segundino Grisola Jr., and Mr. Doring Madehas, encouraging the youth and the people in general to be active in sports, directing the attention of the youth for "No to Drugs", and to everyone regardless of gender to stay fit and healthy.

A body building competition was held last July 8, 2008 at Carigara Municipal Building with two non-title category events a novice and a body building open.

The winners of the novice were:
1st runner-up, Eduard Ramirez,
2nd runner-up, Rey Arintok,
3rd runner up, Michael Arpon.

For the open category:
1st runner-up Geremy Macalinao,
2nd runner-up, Billy Eloberio,
3rd runner-up, Edgardo Arbis.

Judges were Mr. Lino Espinosa Jr., (Nurse), SPO3 Rito Pallomira (PNP, Carigara), PO3 Pascual Talua (PNP, Carigara), Ms. Sharon Hilario (Nurse). P/lns. George Agero, and SP04 Juan Talua (PNP)

The contest was sponsored by Mr. And Mrs. Nita George and the LGU thru Mayor Anlie Apostol.




The world could not have been a fairer paradise,
If nobody had ever spent her life,
It is our mother dear, who gave us the light,
To meet the world with a smile.

She offered her life for you,
And taught you how to live,
For God created her,
To take instead of his place.

When you are in trouble,
She's always at your side.
Comforting words are always said,
To ease your troubled mind.

In every mother's heart,
There's always that secret place,
Where unending love lies,
To protect you from miseries.

The hands that rocked the cradle before,
Is now aged, old, and slow,
The wrinkled lines in her hand show,
Her undying love, so pure and true.

Through hardships and trials,
She held on to the rail,
No money or treasures,
Could ever make her thrill.

But as time passes by
When riches, honor, power, pleasure strike.
Mothers are forgotten,
Leaving them behind.

Not all have the chance to speak,
To a person who made their life complete.
To all to each, we find it hard to say,
I LOVE YOU MOTHER, to put her at ease.

Now is the time,
To tell her you care,
For beyond the dawn tomorrow,
You may not find her there.