Volume XVII No. 1


25 January 2009


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2008 LGU-Carigara Christmas Party
The Eleventh Hour
Read This.....
Never Alone
3 Students of Cassidy Win Division Prescon
Glimpses of Rizal's Martyrdom
Buhawi Hin Kakurian

5-Day Residential Training for School Administrators in Leyte Division

Carigara II District hosted a 5-Day Residential Training on Instructional Management, Instructional Leadership, and Instructional Supervision to enhance effective management and supervision of school administrators in their respective assignments.

The training was conducted on November 3-7, 2008 at Carigara II Central School. The training was mandated by Division Memorandum No. 213, s. 2008 to be attended by the school administrators of the different districts in Leyte Division.

The following districts sent participants: Kananga, Capoocan, Dulag N & S, Burauen I & U, Julita Dagami N, Tolosa NHS (secondary) and Abuyog. There were more than 70 delegates. Participants who were not able to complete the 5 day session in other venue which they had attended came on the day they were absent. They were required to complete the sessions before they could receive their certificates.

The training was conducted by Ricardo C. Nacorda, Leyte Division INSET Coordinator and Education Supervisor in HEKASI; Mrs. Editha M. Labanta, ES-l in English, and Mr. Marlo Camposano, a young principal from Dagami.

At the opening program, Mayor Anlie Go Apostol said in her inspiring message that no learner should be left behind, teachers should give special attention to the needs of their pupils. Teachers should discover the strengths and deficiencies of their pupils. This message was also taken up by the lead trainer, Mr. Nacorda, as the salient point in his topics.

No registration fee was required from the participants, who enjoyed free meals (breakfast, lunch, and supper) and snacks during the 5-day sessions. Those who came from distant towns stayed in, while those who had their service cars went home every night. Finance was shouldered by the Leyte Division fund. Carigara I and II delegates hosted the fellowship night with finger foods, drinks, and videoke which provided the music for dancing and singing.

Participants would remember this occasion as a memorable moment when they were in Carigara.

Mrs. Bemardita C. Nivera, Carigara II District Supervisor, supported by the school heads and teachers, gave tokens to the participants from other districts. Though the tokens were just little items, which included an eye-catching Mickey Mouse from Congresswoman Trinidad G. Apostol of the 2nd District of Leyte, and some nuggets of wisdom reproduced in leaflets, they demonstrated the hospitality of the Carigaranons, and were much appreciated by the participants.

Epifanio R. Baculanta Jr., Principal.

Professionalizing the Barangay Tanods in Carigara, Leyte

The road towards development and social justice, peace and order and public safety playa key role by providing the needed environment for investment, commerce, growth and the delivery of government service. Thus, as advocates and defenders of peace in the community and as police force multipliers, it has been a must that our Barangay Tanods possess the needed knowledge and skills and the proper attitude to perform their duties, enforce our laws and help bring about a peaceful and safe community.

Recognizing the potentials of the Barangay Tanod in their role as police force multipliers and public safety officers, the Municipality of Carigara, under the leadership of Hon. Anlie Go Apostol, with the DILG and its attached agencies (PNP, BFP, BJMP) and the Liga ng Mga Barangay, has successfully motivated the Barangay Tanods in the municipality. Moreover, this training re-establishes the high level of coordination between our public safety agencies in the municipality.

Topics discussed;

1. Barangay government structure and organization
2. Legal basis and the responsibilities of the barangay
tanods in the maintenance of peace and order
3. Benefits of the barangay tanods under Mun . Ordinance 08, s. 1999, or "An Ordinance Establishing the Subsidy Program for Barangay Tanods."
4. Define the nature of arrest and the rights both of the arresting. officer and the accused.
5. Fire prevention and suppression techniques
6. Practice and demonstrate
a. Methods of restraint
b. Self defense techniques
c. Blotter entry
d. First aid
e. Suppression of fires and the operation of the fire nozzles.
f. Traffic signals and management
7. Spot and identify the hazard zones, escape routes and evacuation areas in the respective barangays.
The discussants were Juvy Pedrera and Ronald Acebedo of DILG Carigara, FOI Ambel G. Sison, and SF02 Felipe Molabola of the Bureau of Fire and Protection, J03 Glenn L. Sabillo and J02 Pmdencio Digman of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, and SP02 Ernie B. Rocha and SPOI Rafael B. Bernal of the PNP Carigara. Of the 588 barangay tanods of Carigara, 562 completed the training from October to November 2008.

Mga Hitabo


Jovelyn T. Baculanta, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Epifanio R. Baculanta Jr., passed the 2008 Licensure Exam for Teachers.

Shebert Tagpis Makabenta, son of Mr. & Mrs. Honorio R. Makabenta, passed the Licensure Exam for Civil Engineering held on November 22 and 23, 2008.

Holy Cross of Carigara LET passers for 2008:


I. Gilbert D. Obanil


I. Joanna D. Calandria
2. Aireen Jane V. Makabenta
3. Cathy O. Rocha
4. Michelle B. Sevilla
5. Jason S. Planada


Bienvenido C. Darantinao celebrated his 70th birthday on January 15, 2009
Abner I. Mijares celebrated his 60th birthday on January 14,2009
Primo L. Nedruda celebrated his 60th birthday on January16,2009


Jovelino C. Dollete, 76, on 4 January 2009. He was Brgy. Captain for more than 20 years at Brgy. Upper Hiraan.
Alfredo Bodo, 56, 29 December 2008
Gertrudes C. Quilaneta, 90. 22 December 2008
Francisco F. Parena, 79, 14 December 2008
Baldemero Narido, 69, II December 2008
Antonio Darantinao Sr., 78, 3 December 2008
Benjamin Sabillo Sr., 86, 15 December 2008
Jose Almocera, 4 November 2008
Cesar de Gracia, 80, 23 November 2008


Rodel Almocera, son of Miguel Almocera and Lutgarda Tolosa, married Jennifer Brilata, daughter of Salvador Brilata and Herminia Misagal on 29 December 2008.

Charleson Tan, son of Charles Tan and Estrella Tiu of Tarlac City married Aida Resquicio, daughter of Arturo Resquicio Sr and Isabel Geralda on 28 December 2008.

Felino Clemente Jr., son of Felino Clemente Sr. and Lolita Oledan, married Enecita Florendo, daughter of Florencio Florendo and Eliza Ligutan on 27 December 2008.

Nathaniel San Pedro, son of Viole to San Pedro and Yolanda Fallorina, married Rowena Dapiton, daughter of Eliseo Dapiton and Purificacion Toledo, on 7 Dec. 2008.

Benjamin delos Santos III, son of Benjamin delos Santos Jr and Hermenia dela Torre married Honey Rose Biscante, daughter of Cesario Biscangte & Marilyn Melgar on 6 Dec. 2008.

Larry Tomale, son ofVenancio Tomale and Juliana Makabenta, married Ma. Liza Ibatan daughter of Ernesto Ibatan and Leliosa Narbonita on 30 November 2008.

Genovevo Prias Jr., son of Genovevo Prias Sr. and Patria Mateo, married Jorgina Chato, daughter of Jorge Chato and Ofelia Ronquilio, on 26 October 2008.


Carigara Municipal Library gratefully acknowledges the following donations:

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Asia Foundation thru Efren Balajadia 40 asstd. books
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Alicia Torevi1las Adizas------143 asstd. novels
Natividad Macalalag------141 magazines
Cassidy Elem. School-----8 asst. books
Anita Esclamado------------45 magazines
The National Library------15 books, 21 magazines
Elda D. Pascual--------------4 novels
Mr. & Mrs. Teodulo Giban and Children----10 asstd. books.

Binisaya-English, English-Binisaya Dictionary,
2nd. Edition, Revised


Carigara, 600 Years of History
In a Town in Leyte


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The Life of a Barrio Teacher
No Classroom For Me and How I Got One
By Bernardita Celis Nivera, Guindapunan Community School

The date was July 24, 1967. On that day, I turned a new leaf in my life. Henceforth I would be a teacher. I was to report to Uyawan for my first day of service. That morning, I got up early. I was rather excited. Soon I would meet my pupils and I would be in my classroom. It was the day I had been waiting for.

A tricycle took me to that barrio which is two kilometers away from the town of Carigara. On the way I was unmindful of anything that passed by me. I was deep in thought. The district supervisor's description of the school was still vivid in my memory.

"You will like the school. It's a very nice one. It has just recently won second place in the provincial beatification contest."

I was to handle a newly opened Grade V class. The school, I was told, already had thirty enrolees. Would they still be there? What kind of classroom would I have?

"The tricycle driver dropped me off exactly at the gate. Before I could see the entire school, a teacher, Mrs. Julia LIoren, took me right away to her house which was fifty meters away. To my surprise, I met my pupils there. A dozen of them shyly greeted us. The others hadn't known yet that their new teacher had already reported. She showed me an annex room of their house--one that had been built temporarily during the fiesta. That was to be my classroom, she told me. When she left, I was somewhat confused. I could not understand what the whole thing was about In the afternoon, I joined the other teachers in the school for some information about my classroom. There I was told that I hadn't any, and that I had still to put up one. How shocked I was for I never thought it would be that way! My temperature rose. I felt feverish. I wanted to cry but it would be childish. That afternoon, we went home on foot. It was my first walk homeward and the distance seemed great. When I lay down on my bed that night, sleep was rather elusive. My schoolhouse greatly bothered me and I was deeply discouraged. That was my first day in the teaching profession.

The following day, I met the head teacher, Mr. Domingo LJavore, who was in the district office on some important business on the day of my arrival. He assured me that he would help me with my schoolhouse. He called a PTA meeting. The problem of the schoolhouse was presented so tactfully to the barrio people that they unanimously volunteered to help. Mr. Llavore had a great skill in conducting meetings. Being a good leader, too, he was the first to announce his contribution of three kilos of nails. The others followed suit. Some would give posts. The others would give bamboos. Two would give rattan. Those who knew carpentry volunteered to build the schoolhouse. Before the meeting was adjourned the barrio people and I had a good impression of each other.

While my schoolhouse was still a-building, I held my classes in the temporary room. It had one long table in the middle and two long benches at the sides. I structured it to make it look like a classroom. As I was to teach Home Economics, I displayed my apron, pin cushion, emery bag and the other projects on the H.E unit board. The beautiful art objects of my pupils decorated one corner. Some pictures were nicely arranged in the other corner. Gouramis occupied the aquarium. Some potted plants here and there, some ivy hanging from a wall vase greatly helped in improving my improvised classroom. My pupils liked it.


The following month, materials poured in. Some posts, rattan, nails, and bamboos arrived. I checked them against my list of contributions. It was during this time that one barrio man touched me deeply. He was a thin man in his fifties, riding on his slow moving Carabao wet to the skin and shivering for he had been caught in a heavy rain. He presented to me a big log that he had cut from the mountains. What a pitiful sight he was!

As soon as the materials were almost complete, construction began. Five to seven carpenters would work at a time. Their work was rather fast. For my part, I prepared lunch and snacks for them. Carabeef was the usual main dish. Two packs of cigarettes and a gallon of tuba was sufficient reward for them for a day's work. Serving them lunch and snacks made me close to them. After lunch, they would fascinate me with their humorous stories or they would tease me about a shy Romeo who couldn't say anything but who sent me delicious fruits. I enjoyed their company immensely

When the framework was erected, I bought one thousand two hundred nipa thatches for roof and sidings. My schoolhouse was very much bigger than the ordinary classroom because one-third of it had to serve as my H.E. room. Luckily, a supply of desks arrived when we were about to transfer to our new schoolhouse. My pupils were excited with their new desks in their new classroom.

A district appraisal was fast approaching I had to work hard and fast. After structuring my classroom, I focused my attention on my H.E. room. Two families helped me to the end. Mr. and Mrs. Arcadio Lloren helped me in many ways, while the Obejeras of Brgy. Canal, Marga and his three sons, Pablo Pascual, and Juan, who were all carpenters, did not leave me until I was able to structure my H.E. room with cabinets, tables, chairs, bed and other things that an H.E. room should have. There was a time when darkness caught us still painting and putting some finishing touches. We used a "petromax" to the surprise of the passers-by. Often it was past eight in the evening when I reached home dead tired and hungry.

My schoolhouse was completely furnished with all the necessary items when the appraisal came. It took nearly three months to build and structure. It was realized at a cost of so much sacrifice from the barrio people and me. It also drained considerably my father's dwindling treasury. But when I looked back and evaluated my accomplishments, I felt that I had tackled the hardest work first and I knew then that things would be easy for me in the months and years ahead.


Adlaw han Kalgara 2009
438th Founding Day Anniversary
Proposed Calendar of Activity



















Apostols cup basketball tournament
Blood Letting Services
Poster Making Contest (Settlement of Gara)
Coastal Cleanup
Tree Planting
Blood Typing / Blood Letting
Opening of One Town One Product (OTOP) Fair
DOLE Day ( carrer Caravan)
Carrer Guidance Counseling (4th Year High School Students)
School Exhibits
Carrer Guidance Counseling (4th Year College Students)
Tilapia Fingerlings Dispersal
SMB Night
International and Local Job Fair (NSO, NBI Services)
OFW Family Service Hour
ABC Night
International and Local Job Fair (NSO, NBI Services)
Medical and Dental Mission
Pasporting Services (DFA,NSO, NBI Services)
Opening of the Carigara Market (Cutting of the Ribbon)
Mass Feeding
Turn Over of Projects to the Barangay
SK Night
Float/Parade / Settlement of GARA
MOA Signing With Transpo NGO
Fireworks Display
Inter-Agency Night (Choral Rendition)
Entrance Examination (LNU)


Kangara Gymnasium
Kangara Gymnasium
Municipal Library
Coastal Area
Brgy. Paragum
LGU Grounds

LGU Grounds/Kangara Gymnasium

Kangara Gymnasium

Kangara Gymnasium
LGU Grounds
Kangara Gymnasium
Kangara Gymnasium

LGU Grounds
LGU Roof Deck
Kangara Gymnasium
LGU Lobby
Public Market
Kangara Gymnasium
LGU Grounds
LGU Grounds
LGU Grounds
Town Street

Kangara Gymnasium
LGU Grounds
Kangara Gymnasium
LGU Roof Deck


First Ever Christmas Party of the Sangguniang Bayan

Christmas is always an exciting time of the year but it is often a real challenge to know what to do to have a festive and enjoyable season.

This year Legislative officials and staff gathered together to celebrate their first ever Christmas Party which was held on December 10, 2008 at the Legislative Office.

It was a well attended event enlivened by a short program with a number of entertainment numbers shared by everybody the Vice Mayor and the SB Members and the staff. Everyone had fun-enjoying cold drinks, fun-filled dancing and singing, and exchanging gifts.

United in this Yuletide celebration were Vice Mayor Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr., SB Members Hon. Mildred C. Modesto, Hon. Joenlee C. Larraga, Hon. Anabella N. Crisostomo, Hon. Dennis N. Garay, Hon. Santiago Gil Lloren, Hon. Samuel L. Llose, Hon. Esteban B . Go, Hon. Benito Go Jr. and Hon. Adriano B. Llovia, and Atty. Ismael C. Lloren, SB Secretary.

Vice Mayor Arpon acknowledged with deepest gratitude the support and cooperation of all the legislative staff and personnel which contributed to the success of the celebration.

Extraordinary Ministry of the Holy Communion

The newly elected officers for CY 2008-2010 are


Segundino "Baby" Grisoia
Honorio "Noning" Makabenta
Winfred "Fred" Abanilla
Tereso "Ric" Bactol
Leo Arintok
Dante Humbria

The election of officers was conducted on Nov.22, 2008 at the Audio-Visual Hall of the Holy Cross Parish of Carigara.

2008 LGU-Carigara Christmas Party

Breaking the usual office routines and ambiance, LGU-Carigara, spearheaded by Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, held a Christmas party for all municipal officials and employees on December 22, 2008 at Kan Gara Gymnasium.

The day's event was enjoyed by everybody, each department presented a song-and-dance number, performed at their level best in order to win the bigprizes at stake.

The winners:
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Special Awards:
Most participating group
Best in costume

Mayor's Office and DILG
Accounting Office
PNP Carigara

The Cleaners (Market and Slaughter Office)
Mayor's Office

Fun, tricky games and contests sponsored by Mayor Apostol, the head of offices, and SB members added much fervor to the affair.

The winners

Hula-hoop Relay
Paper Dance
Tomato Dance
Statue Dance

Simon Says

Mun. Special Project Office

Sangguniang Bayan Office
Market and Slaughter Office
Social Welfare & Dev't Office (Aida .L. Paner)
Rural Health Unit (Dr. Ma. Bella Vega-Profetana)
Population Commission (Belinda P. Alberca)
Administrators Office (Myla L. Aguilar)
Administrator's Office

Excitement among the employees was heightened when Mayor Apostol asserted in her speech that all employees will receive an extra bonus to lighten up Christmas in every home. She thanked everyone for being with her in her 5-year term in office and promised new projects in 2009 for the betterment and progress of Carigara.


Kay Ano Nga May-ada Kamatayon


1, Kay ano nga may ada kamatayon
Diri ba masakit ha aton panumdom
Lawas nga kalibutanon kalag mabulag
Katumanan nga ngaran kanan Diyos pag-awhag

2. Gutiay pa kita daw waray problema
Ha gahum ni Nanay og Tatay kita nasalalay
Mga kagawian naton guin waray waray Ia
Linghod nga pangidaron ha guilayon nalabay

3. Mag-upay nga buhat aton ipalabi
Legasiya igbilin hinumduman ban ngatanan
Waray sugad nga manggad ha langit ikaw Iibre
Mahusay nga lugar kanan Diyos ha aton guin-andam.

4. An kinabuhi han tawo lumalabay daw aso
Basta mahimugso may kamatayon manta
Guin himo hall Diyos ha iya nawong guintipo
Kamatayon nga ngaran diri sadang ikabaraka.

5. Dako nga kalipay an aton paglaum
Ha takna og panahon kita kuhaon
Waray kahadlok kon an Diyos maghukom
Diri manliligot an aton mga ngipon

6. Kamatayon nga ngaran waray ha aton malipas
Mortal nga Iawas sulundanon man ngay-an
Ayaw itapod an imo mga hiyas
Inawilan nga butang aton manta babayaan

7. Akon mga bilin ig-ampo ako niyo
Manggad pa hall sala ako maluwas
Ayaw ako niyo ha paglakat ikabido
Maloloy-on nga amay ha akon nahulat.

8. Ay adlaw balik gad anay kon mahihimo
Waray ko kaandaman pag-atubang ha imo
Kon lugaring man may nangalimtan ko
Pasayloa ako makasasala nga anak mo.

9. Akon talinguha an pagkamatadong
Guinbuhat ko an ngatanan para susbaranan
Mga sugo sa Diyos akon guinpadig-on
Para an imfiyemo akon malikyan.

10. Kay ano man nga may-ada kamatayon
Kalibutan nga imo guinhimo arawilan man
Waray kami mahihimo kon kaburot-on mo
Pagsugot han imo sugo imo man kaladnganan.

11. Akon mga tamak sadang niyo pagsundan
Durante han akon ha kalibutan paglakaton
Pagrespeto han igkasitawo waray ko palabya
Awhag ko ha iyo hi ako pagsubara.

12. Kamatayon han tawo Diyos la an maaram
Malagas mabata og ngatanan nga katawhan
'Bis ano nga oras kon kita pagtawagon
Basta may tinikangan may katapusan guihapon.

Louie C. De Guzman, School Head., Bar. Sur ES

The Eleventh Hour

It’s the eleventh hour of our precious earth,
The prelude, not of glory that one expects,
But a tragedy beyond one's imagination.
Warned Al Gore of global warming and climate change

We have been slow to his frightful warning.
So preoccupied are we for greedy living,
While the impending tragedy is gaining momentum,
Enough later on to make our one earth inhabitable.

This grim picture of earth is beyond acceptance,
Large tsunamis may have toppled Lady Liberty,
Half-burying her on muddy earth, while the Great Walls
Become like snake chopped into hideous sections.

Oil tanks may have burst making the whole of Saudi Arabia
A conflagration, while in Russia citizens are frozen-stiff dead.
In Africa black rotting cadavers here and everywhere,
While in the Genghis blood-soaked worshippers float to the sea.

Around the world, those who have been spared,
From spectre of death welcome it as a comfort,
To join the caravan its sweet demise rather
Than exist in the world of nature now gone berserk.

The eleventh hour is now at hand world leaders
Have no more time to debate the Kyoto Protocol
Now is the hour to implement a deliberate action
To save the earth from a catastrophic doom.

Pat Q. Macabenta, Davao City



Kon gusto mo gud mapaiba
Para ikaw makaginhawa
Sangkay, ayaw pagruhaduha
Buhat, gi-os ngan tikangi na!

Tikangi na pagtrabajo
Bisan diin ka mapasingadto
Ha magkadurodilain man
Nga bungto, basta may hibaro.

Hibaro mo, adton panuyo
Katikangan ban pagbabag-o
Na guin hihingyap han mga tawo
Para manrakya ug magrisyo.

Karisyo daw kon magkaada
Pagkatitirok, pagkirigta
Solusyunan na an problema
Para mabag-o an sistema.

Sistema. . ...ano gud nga sistema
An mabaho, asya ba Mana?
Paragpasan hin krus nga pula
Hay, kamakalolo-oy man la!

Paatras na kon nadalagan
Mayda napakadto sidlangan
Mayda liwa napakatundan
Na reklamo, ira kabutangan.

Pagkukuri ban rikohanon
Pagmakit-an ug mabaru-an
Maawod hira mangutang
Maupay kon pamati-an.

Pamati-i mga kabataan
Pagla-um siring ni Rizal
Nakaturog pa an kadam-an
Kay ano diri mo tikangan?

Tikangi mintras temprano pa
Abrihe, imo bulla-bUlla
Ig-pokrat an imo mga mata
Para makit-an mo an grasya.

Grasya na nagpapalipay
Bulahan na napakahusay
Kina-adman na hinay-hinay
Nagpapadig-on daw, sangkay.

Eufemio H. Darantinao (Lower Hiraan )


Never Alone

( A Tribute to the late Corazon Talua Baculanta)

Why did you leave and left us in query and misery?
The people who had loved you with all sincerity.
In spite we know, that tomorrow we will go.
But we were all caught unaware, when you bid us adieu.

In the cold damp ground where you now rest,
As you bid goodbye to earth's tiring quest.
May you find eternal peace and rest,
And hear our silent whispers, for your solace.

Wherever you are now, you're not alone.
Your earthly friends are with you in your angelic tour.
Your family is beside you, 'til you reach God's throne
You will be with us, and you'll never walk alone.

Feel our unspoken message that goes with the breeze of wind.
It reveals our sincere feelings, for a lost dear friend.
Although your parting will leave us void.
All we can do is fill it with remembered joy.

There may be things you've left undone,
That gives you a bit of headache at the setting of the sun.
But all things are passing and death tore them apart.
For parting is the sad tale of the human heart.

Pet P. Arguelles, T -3, Tagak Elem. School

3 Students of Cassidy Win Division Prescon

Three Grade V students of Cassidy Elem. School won in the Division Elem. Schools Press Conference held at Burauen South Central School on November 13-14, 2008:

Clare Anne Canamaque won fIrst place in photojournalism (English). She was also 4th place in Copyreading and Headlining (English).

Trizba Angelique Quilaneta bagged the 1st place for copyreading and headlining (English) and 4th place for Feature Writing.

Kriztoper Urmeneta won the 2nd place for Editorial Cartooning (English) and 9th place for Feature Writing.

Canamaque, Quilaneta, and Urmeneta earned their way to represent Leyte Division in their respective categories on Nov. 27-30, 2008 for the Regional Schools Press Conference held at Plaridel School, Baybay City. These three improved their status as pupil writers of Cassidy Gazette when they excelled over the 130 pupil writers of Leyte Division.


Read This.....


and do this today and in the days to comel
when there's nothing better to do
when there's something better to do
when you're saddled with work.
but, you'd rather do something else
or, when you just want to, for no reason at all

mend a quarrel
seek out a forgotten friend
write a love letter
share some treasure

encourage youth
keep a promise
find the time
forgive an enemy

apologize when you were wrong
think first of someone else
be kind and gentle

laugh a little
laugh a little more
express your gratitude
gladden the heart of a child

take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth
speak your love
speak it again
speak it still once more


Life is never perfect but at least is livable
Some good, some bad and unlikable.
There are times when I recall,
I did things unforgivable
But the Great God's love was
Encompassing That he forgave them all.

The past is filled with memories, some good,
others hard to forget
I've got enough of some treachery
with a third degree misery.
But after thinking all this out,
I was able to forgive and pour it out.

There are times we couldn't understand
some people's ways,
That allow one's heart to torment and break.
Something must have pushed them
with only they could speak.
But thanks, I've got that unselfish heart
that I'm able to forgive and forget.

If we forgive people who have done us wrong,
It is because the weak can never forgive,
but only those who are strong.
The secret of success is to forgive and forget.
Bear in mind, it is nothing,
unless you continue to remember it.

Without forgiveness,
life could be an endless emptiness.
With all those gone and done,
there's no way to repeat the process.
Think about the good that will outweigh the bad.
Grant him your full forgiveness
and pardon him at last.


Glimpses of Rizal's Martyrdom.


Year 2008 marks the 112th martyrdom of the greatest of Filipino heroes, Dr. Jose P. Rizal y Mercado. This was celebrated, as usual on December 30, by the municipality of Carigara, headed by Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, with a commemorative program held at the town plaza.

The program gave Carigaranos a chance to relate to and uphold the best of the hero, his passion, his dreams, his struggles, and his successes, in short, his life and memoirs.

In his speech, Vice Mayor Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr. stressed one of Rizal's philosophies that "the pen is more powerful than the sword," hence, violence is not a solution for reform. He also related that "Education is the solid foundation of freedom" and he was touched by the teachers' presence in honoring Rizal.

Students of Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU), Carigara Campus, presented a folk dance followed by a musical number from Carigara II District administrators. Carigara National High School (CNHS) students, on the other hand, gave a Verse Choir, reciting Rizal's Mi Ultimo Adios. Martie Agatha Ariza, Grade lll pupil of Cassidy Elem. School, representing Carigara District I, rendered a vocal solo, while Brando Movido of Carigara School of Fisheries recited a poem.

In an eloquent oration, Christian Tica, Holy Cross College of Carigara senior student, capsulized Rizal's heroism.

Introduced by Hon. Dennis Garay, the keynote speaker, Fiscal Cesar Merin, Provincial Prosecutor of Leyte, brought to the fore the great ideals of the national hero.

Meanwhile, Vice-Mayor Arpon awarded the Certificates of Appreciation to all participants of the "Light a Tree Project 2008," a Christmas-related activity of the local government. Atty. Arpon was assisted by Mrs. Myla L. Aguilar, Municipal Administrator.

On behalf of the awardees, Dr. Ludina Oballo, Head of the Carigara School of Fisheries, gave a response.

The Floral Offering and Wreath Laying by government and non-government offices concluded the celebration of the 112th anniversary of Rizal's martyrdom.

The celebration recognized, which Carigaranos learned to appreciate in time, that Rizal is remembered not because of anything else but because of the legacy he left us, the legacy of FREEDOM.

Leonora R. Reamillo, HCCC Faculty



Buhawi Hin Kakurian


Mamingaw na an mga ganghaan ban syudad
Putos na hin kasisidmanan an mabalod
Nga kalawdan, nga nakalukop han ngatan
Lunuha na an masirom nga kalangitan

Waray la hunong nga pag-inuran
Samtang naglalakaton o mahusay nga hangin
Sinmaping ha akon mapula-pula nga bayhon
Nagdurat bin kangutngot ngan pangapay dayon.

Makalilisang nga sighot ngan batang nagkakarata
Naglulutaw-lutaw o nagplaplano mangguba
Anuman an nahihiagian nira
Buhawi hin kakurian, kay ano nga umabot ka pa?

Ayaw ka hipausa, ayaw pagmagha, hiya naungara
Namamasko iton kan Isko ug kan Iska!
Ayaw pagriwa . . . ayaw pagbinuwa. . .
Ako, ikaw, kita: Hin-o an may sala?

Nagkatutumba na an higtaas nga kapostihan ha syudad
Madakmol nga kasisidman; kamakangingirhat
Magisog nga lilinti diri gud anay napabaribad
Tuhod ko nangungurog-kurog agi hin kahagkot

Gugliat han kinadenahan nga mga oripon
Oripon ban dako nga kamanumpan ug buwaya
Nakimalooy na ipakita an tuptop nga timbangan
Nadaligdig ha ira mga mata in mga luha.

Sumala han akon hinbati-an ngan nakit-an
Daganas han tubig. mahagkot nga harupay han hangin
An hinungdan ban ira maaga nga kamatayon
Diyos nga labi kamakagarahum. pasaylo-a kami ngatanan

Talwasa kami, itugot nga makit-an pa namon
An balangaw nga panalagsaon -
Dumalagan kaman hin waray hunong nga pagdinalagan
Waray pag-ultan ug waray katapusan.

Buhawi hin kakurian, diri mo gud malilikyan
Mahihipakdol ka la ngan mapapaum-um ha kabatoan
Dayuday. . .duduson ka ban imo konsinsya
Ayaw kahadlok! Kon may kasirom mayda manta kapawa.

Kita la mismo an nagdadara hin kakurian
Sundon naton an baraan nga kasuratan
Ayaw pagsimang han matadong nga dalan
Para tagsa naton makaagian, burabod hin kinaadman'

Eufemio "Pim" H. Darantinao
Brgy Lower Hiraan


JULY 11, 2009


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