Volume XVI No. 2


29 April 2008


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Career Guidance
Bloodletting Drive
Turogpo 2008
Natural Family Planning
Ending the School Year with a Difference
A New School Building
Carigara Bulahan an Imo Ngaran
Oh! My Native Land

Carigaran-ons Unite in Thankfulness
Most Popular Mentor 2007 of Carigara I
Kon Estudyante Ka
Class '77 Still Reigns
World's Apart One Heart Medical Mission Continues to Serve Carigara
Statement of Truth

Career Guidance

Career Guidance and Counseling, one of the programs of the Dept. of Labor and Employment was conducted in Carigara under the sponsorship of the Local Government Unit thru Ms. Sylvia Q. Urmeneta, Human Resource Mgnt. Officer Peso Manager on January 30-3I, 2008 at Kan Gara Gymnasium.

644 graduating high school students from Cross College of Carigara, Carigara National High School, and Carigara School of Fisheries attended the sessions.
The program sought to assist the students in understanding himself and gaining deeper awareness of one's problems, making intelligent decisions and helping one become self-sufficient and a mature person.

Speakers were all from the Dept. of Labor and Employment. Region VIII, Tacloban City Regional Director Forter G. Puguon, Ms. Nida M. Mosquita, and Mrs. Gemma M. Gaspay.

Bloodletting Drive

A total of 24 bags of blood were collected during the bloodletting drive conducted on March 13. 2008 by the LGU-Carigara at the Kan Gara Gymnasium.

Aside from the 24 donors coming from various barangays of Carigara, some of the municipal employees and concerned individuals were involved in the activity.

The affair is a program of LGU-Carigara headed by Hon. Anlie Go Apostol, in coordination with Hon. Joenlee C. Larraga, SB Member and the Rural Health Unit Staff led by Dr. Ma. Bella Vega-Profetana.

The collected blood will be deposited in the Phil. National Red Cross Blood Bank, or in the EVRM Hospital Laboratory. It will be distributed to indigent patients especially those from Carigara.

Natural Family Planning

The Provincial Population Office and the LGU-Carigara, through the Municipal Population Office have conducted a 3-day live-out training to all Barangay Service Point Officers (BSPO) on Modern Family Planning 8IJd Motivational Skills Training on April 22-24, 2008 at the roof deck of the LGO Building of Carigara. The training aims to enhance the kJ1owledge of BSPOs on the different Modem Natural Family Planning methods as well as developing the motivational skills regarding family planning.

Resource speakers, headed by Dr. Edgardo Daya, Assistant Prov. Health Officer, included Ms. Melchora CawiJe, Officer In-Charge Provo Population Officer, Mrs. Maria Belinda P. Alberca Mun. Population Officer Elizabeth de Leon, Provo Coordinator, and some Provincial Population training staff. The training course includes basic information on anatomy and physiology of the human reproductive system, menstrual cycle, human sexuality, concepts on family planning fertility awareness based on NFP methods, Philippines Population Management Program and Projects (Vision, Mission and Objectives), tasks and functions of BSPO. International Communication and Dynamics of Motivation.

The Barangay Service Point Officers 2008 were inducted by Mayor Anlie Go Apostol with an inspiring message to all the BSPOs and trainers for the success of the training.
(Prepared by Maria Belinda P. Alberca, Mun. Population Officer)

A New School Building

Carigara II District is very grateful for the support extended by Her Excellency Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to the "Operation Barrio School" a project of the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries Inc. (FFCCII) and Volunteer Fire Brigade through the joint efforts of Sec. Sergio A.F. Apostol, Presidential Legal Adviser, Hon. Trinidad Go Apostol, Congresswoman of the 2nd Dist. of Leyte, and our town beloved Mayor Anlie Go Apostol. The new school building is a donation of MELOVILLA Club, Amb. Alfredo M. YAO, Lorenzo A. Cabilangan, and William Gosiaco.

Inauguration of the two room school building was held on February .22, 2008. It was formally opened with a ceremonial ribbon cutting and unveiling of the; landmark by the FFCCII Officers: Vicente Sitosta, Honorary Vice President;. Danilo Uy, Director & Prov Board of Pangasinan 5th District; Pedro Tan, Director; Tan Tong Li’ Director and Henry Yaokasin, President of Tacloban Federation of FFCCCH.

Also gracing the occasion were DepEd Offcials: Dr. Pedro Escabarte, ASDS Leyte Division, Dr. Rhodelia G. Orbino, ESI In Charge of the 2nd District of Leyte, Mrs. Bernadita C. Nivera, OS Carigara II District, and Mrs. Camilla C. Capalar, Central Principal of Carigara; Municipal Vice Mayor Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr.; and SB Members Hon. Santiago Gil Lloren, Hon. Dennis Garay, Hon. Joenlee C. Larraga, Hon. Benito Go Jr. and Mr. Danilo Lopez, PTCA President.
Teaching Staff of Carigara II

Mga Hitabo


Dr. Benito Ramos Go, ex-mayor of Carigara, died on March 10, 2008. He was 76 yrs. old.
Matilde Elizon, 94, on 13 February 2008
Cepriano P. Arguelles, 94, 12 Feb. 2008
Rosario Larraga Pecson, 97, 16 April 2008
Benjamin Toralba, 80,26 February 2008
FlorenciaTagpis, 87, 15 March 2008


Mayor Anlie Go Apostol celebrated her 39th birthday on April 10,2008, with a birthday party gift tendered by the municipal employees, at Roofdeck, LOU Building, thru the initiative of Mun. Administrator Myla L. Aguilar.


Cbarilyn Urmeneta, a Tabon- Taboo Nursing scholar, recently passed the Nursing Board Examination. She is the daughter of Godofredo UnIleneia and Elizabeth Oplejeda of Brgy. Lower Sogod, Carigara.
Ruel Baculanta Jr., son of Mr. & Mrs. Epifanio Baculanta passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers this year.

Clan Reunions

Urmeneta (heirs of Apoy Kikoy) and Levega (heirs of Apoy Yaya) clans held their reunion on March 26,2008 at Cassidy Elem. School.
Guirindola Clan, April 19, 2008, at A. T.A. Memorial Centra} School.
Caballes-Bulad CIao, April 25, 2008, ATA Memorial Central. School
Hanopol Clan, April 12, 2008, at PILACOR, Albuera, Leyte Obero Clan, April 26, 2008.


Eveson O.Urmeneta of Balud. Capoocan, Leyte, married Ester D. Llose, daughter of Hon. SB Member and Mrs. Samuel L. Llose on Apri120, 2008

Binisaya-English, English-Binisaya Dictionary,
2nd. Edition, Revised


Carigara, 600 Years of History
In a Town in Leyte


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Turogpo 2008


On March 22, 2008 (Black Saturday), Carigaranons held their annual Turogpo at Brgy. Camansi.

Turogpo, a fight between carabao’s or between horses has become a tourist attraction of the town, inviting spectators not only from nearby towns of the municipality but also foreign visitors and balikbayans.

Among the VIPs present this year were Sec. Sergio A. F. Apostol, Presidential Chief Adviser; Dr. Rustico Balderian, Mayor of Tabon-Tabon; Hon. Simeon Ongbit Jr., Board Member of 2nd District Leyte; Mr. Desiderio P. Bellas, "Prov. Director of the Dept. of Trade and Industry, Leyte; Mayor Anlie Go Apostol; Vice-Mayor Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr.; Hon. SB Members Anabella N.Crisostomo;, Joenlee C. Larraga, Steven Go, Benito Go Jr., Dennis N. Garay, Brgy. Captains from various barangays of the town; Mun. Administrator Myla L. Aguilar, SK Fed. Pres. Adriano Llovia, and Hon. Lesmes Lumen, Board Member, 2nd District, Leyte.

Torugpo winners (identifying owner's name)

Champion - Alexander Bodo Jimmy Yacap
2nd Place - Fresco Florendo Rodotfo RaDin
3rd Place - Clef Imus Ignacio Quimno Felipe Molabola Agustin Parena

Champion - Pantilo Ligutan Jimmy Bacordo
2nd Place - Amando Darantinao Alberto Bacordo
3rd Place - T eodoro Yacap Oil Parena
Contributing to the success of the event were the support of Cong. Trinidad "Ebbie" Go Apostol and Gov. Carlos Jericho "lcot" Petilla.

109 Talayab St.
Talayan Village
Quezon City 1104
Tel. 711-4558
Fax 711-4503

Ending the School Year with a Difference

All schools in DepEd have tile same hectic activities in the last quarter of the school year. They intensively prepare their pupils for all kinds of tests, compute their grades, and prepare for the graduation and closing exercises..

We did all these in Carigara II District but with enrichment activities attuned to our VISION: HEALTHY PUPILS WITH HEADS THAT THINK, HANDS THAT WORK, AND HEARTS THAT LOVE. These were done and school heads are mentioned in recognition of their support.

I. Preparing for the Nat'l. and other tests. As the district instructional leader, I constructed high level tests with built-in parallel items. The teachers charted them with plastic pockets for the parallel items and maximized their use in the review. Some went the extra mile of taping their edges to make them last longer.

2. The Little Teacher Project. Here, the Grade V pupils tutored those in Grade I to improve their reading ability. This introduced the Grade V to civic duty, Caring for their young schoolmates.

3. EPP and Achievement Day, This provided a breather to the pupils after taking all the tests. The buntings, music, and the exciting contests of the boys and girls in cooking, washing and ironing clothes, marcotting, etc., all gave the school a festive air.

New projects were seen this year: The Central School of Mrs. Camilia C. Capalar, Principal 2, had nice bags from tetrapacks from juice. Tagak ES of Mrs. Florentina N. Panis, HT -3, had a demo on making earrings with a dangling pair for only P2.00.

The winners in the EPP contests and the VGRs in the Oral Reading Test were given prizes and awards. Field demonstrations of sayawit T calisthenics, and folk dances (a good suggestion of Mr .Epifanio Baculanta, Principal of Sagkahan ES) were performed by all classes. These made the day more festive.

4. Moral Recovery Program session. Grade VI pupils with their parents attended it to make them more maka-Diyos, makakalikasan, makatao, and makabansa. The teachers were the speakers and I joined them with my topic "Bloom where you are planted" with Tindog, and Asenso (of Cong. Trinidad Go Apostol) as one way to do it. With the parents in attendance, they could later remind their children of the advice given them in this session.

5. Complete Graduation Program Binibihan ES of Mrs. Editha S. Macalinao, HT-3, had a complete graduation program printed below the graduate's name were the names of his parents, his ambition, and motto.

6. Unique ribbons These were made by the pupil’s from the skeletal frames of soaked guayabano leaves, pinned to the guests in Parag-um ES of Mrs. Maria G. Delector, HT-3.

7. The candles and Roses Ceremony. This brainchild of the late Mrs. Caridad R. paz served as the prologue to graduation. Gr. VI pupils, in caps and gowns, gave Gr. V pupils Lighted candles, as the school leaders next year. Gr. V pupils gave the Grade VI pupils roses in return to congratulate them for their success. After the bequeathal and acceptance of some school ideals, they bade each other goodbye, singing farewell songs while shaking hands in circle formation. This ended with the waltz of partners.

Cogon ES (on a lot donated by Atty. Fernando T. Tonolete and Family) which had its first graduation, added the waltz of the pupils with their parents, as the finale. Barugohay Norte ES of Mr. Jose Gomba, HT - 3, also did this. There I saw no less than my former pupil, now Brgy. Captain, Emesto Dipa, dancing with his daughter.

The following heartwarming activities were added to the time-honored parts of the Graduation and Closing exercises,

I. Clear announcement of ambition
Guindapunan ES of Mr. Ramon Hilario, Prin. 2, had no march music when the graduate was called to receive his diploma. So his ambition was clearly heard by all. Mr. Vic Diaz, Leyte Division Adm,. Officer V the guest speaker, Mrs. .Alicia L Quilaneta, representing Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, and Mrs. Virgie C. Bardelosa, who was there to give her cash gifts to all the First Honors of Grs. I to VI appreciated the only boy who opted to be a carpenter in contrast to the high ambitions of the rest.

2. The Graduates Yearbook.
This compiled autographs of all graduates of the school had their biodata, their teachers, favorite things, their "crushes" and their farewell messages to their alma mater. Giving these to their school, they were leaving behind a part of them, their young selves which they can revisit someday when they return to their school. Mrs. Ma. Clara B. Gayas, HT.3 of Camansi ES, had big pictures of her graduates in their yearbook.

3. More awards for honor pupils
With Ysleto, my husband, and Mrs. Willa C. Mandapat, the encoder, I was able to give Certificates of Recognition to honor graduates, which had their pictures, which complemented their medals. The valedictorian was also given a gift and mango seedling, encouraging him to rise and shine in school and community.
Mrs. Lucia N. Cortes, HT-2 of Tinaguban ES and the Dist. ALS Coor., also gave mango seedlings to all the first honors of her school, her lasting and delicious gifts to them,

4. Roses for the Little Teachers
Tigbao ES, headed by Mr. Reynaldo Pamanian (the only PMA T passer of Carigara in 2006) had fresh roses given by the Gr.I pupils to their Little Teachers from Gr. V.

5, Giving of Liham Pasalamat
The graduates gave their parents on stage their Liham which contained their thanks and love for them, then hugged them and came down the stage holding hands. Then a graduate read her Liham with her parent seated beside her. In many cases, the graduate could not control her tears as she recounted the sacrifices her parents endured for her sake. This also made everybody's eye moist.

Hon. Dennis Garay, the SB Member who graced most of our graduation exercises to give his medals, noticed with appreciation the many deeply touching add-ons. More important, he felt they improved the bonding of parents with their children. And this is one different accomplishment we are very happy about.

by Bernardita C. Nivera District Supervisor

Carigara Bulahan an Imo Ngaran

1. Ay, Carigara bulahan an imo ngaran.
An imo lucasion ideal an kabutangan
Tacloban, Ormoc og Biliran ikaw an entro
aada ha imo an grasya ba ngatanan nga panuyo.

2. An paradahan og an mercado busy I adlaw adlaw
Buy and Sell og maglalaray ikaw guindadayo
epektos nga magkadurudilain waray ma labaw
maarakos nga presyo para pobre og riko nga tawo.

3. An Reclamation Area usa nga Tourist Attraction
mga kapamilya og magsarangkay ito guin tutoyo
Barbecue, Poso, Balot og Mani Ira kinakaon
mahagkot nga Beer og Sweet Music in naoso.

4. An Pantalan dako nga kalibrehan
mga mangirisda og negosyante iito guinduduongan
mga labor, magtirinda og iba pa nga magparakabuhi
grasya ban ngatanan kanan Diyos mga paagui.

5. An paradahan lukop bin mga sarakyan
bisan pumakain ha Sidlangan og Katundan
Organized nga Dispatchers ikaw bubuligan
waray pickpockets og iba pa nga mga kataragman

6. An mga dayo nga bana con waray trabaho
pagtricycle nga buhat madadalagnan mo
Makililimos, mga Lorong, mga ilo og mga Balo
kabuhianan ini nga bulahan nga bungto.

7. May mga Beach Resorts og Karaoke Bars
magliliaw con mapaso og mahusay nga karigusan
pahlalibwayan ban mga kalalakin-an tikang ha iba nga lugar.
Income han Bungto og Rentas Internas nabubuhian

8. Hiluag nga hubas an aton makikit-an,
mga Pangti-on makukuha'an mga bata 0g kalagsan
may mga bangko, bakery og shopping center,
may mga sundang ha Ponong og Jugaban nga mga tinakban

9. An kabukiran og kapatagan dako in kabulig
Irrigasyon, irinomon nga tubig og salog tinutubigan
kahagnaan og mga uma kadam-an nasarig
may ada pa Pastillas, Biti, Torta, Roscas, Ampaw og Suman.

10. Carigara pagkamay-ada mo suwerte
tuig 1500 ikaw na set han Evangelization
ipadayon an grasya og iba mo nga hiagui
pagpadukwag ban bungto atoll obligasyon.

11. Nagin First Capital han Eastern Visayas
mga relics han Binongtoan ni Gara, Tanseng
Guan, og gawas an harigi aada pa makikita
An Cassidy es Prestigious nga Eskwelahan naapas
Holy Cross Academy 0g Parish, Old Mun. Bldg. og Museum aada payana

12. Nahamugso an Carigara 400 og an Gazette nga Budyong,
may notisya ha bug-os nga kalibutan nga may-ada kalgaran-on
Salamat na la han ngatanan nga nagdudumara
kon hino man kamo tagan nala kamo bin damo nga grasya.

- Louie C. De Guzman Head Teacher, Bar. Sur ES Carigara I District

Oh! My Native Land

How sweet it is to dwell in the land of your birth.
Surrounded by love from parents and all.
Everywhere you go, you see friends around,
With faces gleaming with joy, but hearts full of doubt.

Where are we now, in this sweet native land?
The land of our lives where heroes abound.
Where is the pea(:e, freedom, and hope
Valued by our great men and generations to come.

Where are we now, come look around.
People are fighting, leaders are disputing.
Chaos, hunger, and sufferings.
Death, vengeance, conflicts, and uprisings.

Reputed leaders, you claimed to be
Powerful and mighty, come and see
You're leading the flock You're risking lives
Be quick to decide, which is wrong and what is right.

Stop now, guide us straight and nice
In the midst are innocent lives
Let peace and unity arise
For vengeance, bloodshed, curses leave no right.

Oh! My native land,
Shine again in this ocean of quest,
Never lose hope, finish this unrest.
Let's claim once more, we are,
"The Pearl of the Orient Seas."

Pet Arguelles
T-3. Tagak Elem. School
Carigara II District

Kon Estudyante Ka

An kinabuhi daw kuno hin estudyante
Danay marisyo. danay liwat makuri.
Kinahanglan magsunog hin kiray kada gab-i,
Sakripisyo ada la pirmi.

Estudyame nga libro an kinaptan.
Amo unta ito amo an aton pamarisan,
Pag-eskuwela amo aton pagpursigiron
Para gihapon hiton aton kabubuwason.

Igkasi ko estudyante ayaw kita paghinubya.
An oras og kuwarta diri na nabuweha.
Salit atubanga hin maupay
Ngaran nga pag-eskuwela.

An iba nga estudyante nagbubuhat bin gindidiri
Bisyo ngadto. burubarkada nganhi.
Waray manla makonsinsiya.
Mga kag-anak nga nagkukuri.

Ay kairo! Nira Nanay, Tatay
Mga anak kon diri magtinuhay
Kanugon han guol kon diri tagan kanunay
Nira lntoy ug lday

Mentras aga pa, kita magtinuhay na,
Inin oportunidad ayaw pagkaragan ta,
Masuwerte kita nga kita nakakaeskuwela pa,
Bangin mapareho ka ha iba nga nakatambay la.

Sanglit kita nga mga estudyante,
Isipa hin maupay, ayaw pagtalikdi.
Aton responsibilidad ma adlaw ma gab-I.
Matuman an ambisyon, basi di magkuri.

ni Joseph M. Petallana

Most Popular Mentor 2007 of Carigara I

Teacher's Day 2007 was a Very significant occasion for Cassidy Elementary School Mentor Mrs. Norma Bardelosa Parena for winning in the yearly Search for the Most Popular Mentor of Carigara I. The affair was celebrated at Tadjao Beach Resort in Tolosa, Leyte. Gracing the affair were the Leyte Division Supervisors headed by Sol Lumarda, Leyte Division School Superintendent.

The candidates represented the different school stations where they are serving and they were also the most senior in their school stations. Proceeds of the popularity contest were for the projects of the District Office and the school represented also got a fair for their school projects. This annual affair is a brainchild of the Carigara I District Supervisor/Division ALS Supervisor Dr. Delia Catilogo, together with the school administrators of Carigara I and the Teachers League.

For Mrs. Norma Parena, Grade V Teacher of Cassidy Elementary School, it was a memorable one and a fulfilling act of being of service to Carigara I and to Cassidy Elementary School. She was also awarded the Best in Talent, as she showed off her prowess in the dance floor. Other teachers awarded were Miss Luz Resqui of Canlampay for Miss Congeniality, Friendship, and Best in Deportment; Mrs. Gertrudes Agumbay was Miss Photogenic and Mrs. Violeta Opleda got an award for the Best in Costume.

(From Cassidy Gazette. December 2007 issue.)

Carigaran-ons Unite in Thankfulness


Carigara parishioners gathered in writy at the Holy Cross Parish last March 26 to witness the First Thanksgiving Mass of a new priest. Rev. Fr. Roan Cipriano Aborque. son ofMr Caesario and Mrs. Milagros Aborque, bonafide Carigaranons.

United in thankfulness were families, benefactors, and sponsors, relatives and friends, supporters and parishioners, rekindling friendship, unity, and love during the testimonial luncheon following the Eucharistic Celebration. Among those in all-out support were Rev. Msgr. Wilfredo V. Alejan, Parish Priest; Rev. Fr. lluminado Endriano, Parish Vicar; the OSF Sisters Community, members of the religious mandated organizations of the parish, and guest priests from Tagaytay City and other parishes.

In a short program hosted by the writer of this article, some of the sharers who inspired Fr. Roan to become a priest gave their testimonies and exhortations. Next to his parents, there were Sister Ma. Nina Sevilla, OSF, one of his high school mentors, his cousin and childhood playmate Ms. Salleah Precis. elder sister Joan A. Felecitas, and his immediate superior, Rev. Fr. Giovalmi Scalese, CRSP, Rector of St. Paul Scholasticate, where he obtained his religious formation.

Home after about ten years, in the search for the answer to his calling, Fr. Roan was installed to be another laborer in the Lord's vineyard. For this remarkable achievement, Cong. Alberto T. Aguja Memorial School, the school of his childhood formation and the Holy Cross College of Carigara, for his secondary education, among other institutions for his total formation, are truly proud to be instruments of his success.

At present, Fr. Roan joins the Congregation of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul, Tagaytay City, ready to do the work God has chosen for him. The Congregation, founded by St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria in 1530, bas for its apostolate, the Renewal of the Christian Fervor of the church.

With overwhelming joy, the parents of the new priest and their family acknowledge with deep gratitude, among others, the Holy Cross Parish Pastoral Council of Carigara, under Parish Priest Rev. Msgr. Wilfredo V. Alejan; the HCCC through Sister M. Anthony Kuizon, 0SF, the School Directress; Mr. &: Mrs. Primo Narbonita , for offering their house as the foster home of1be guest- priests; Cong. Trinidad Go Apostol, and all those who gave their heart and hand to make sure that the celebration would be a success.
Above all else, Mr. & Mrs. Aborque thank the Almighty who made everything possible for Fr. Roan to become a priest of God and II priest forever.

Leonora A. Reamillo HCCC Faculty

Class '77 Still Reigns


The recently concluded HCCC Alumni Homecoming hosted by Class '83 opened its doors to span class barriers, value achievements. and strengthen brotherhood ties, already established in previous homecomings.

In effect it recognized with major award deserving winners in the different categorical competitions to include Float, Dance, and Costume geared to this year's theme Retro: People. Events and Fads from year 1960 to 2000.

Cash awards and trophies were given to classes who performed to level best in all categories. This must include HCCC class of 1977, chaired in the overall by Douglas R. Ricacho, M.D.

Maintaining its record breaking fame as the Most Awarded Class in the annals of HCCC Alumni Homecoming, the class strove to employ technical assistance and special designers for best effects and appropriate musical background on top of performance.

Backed by this support, its entry SUPERMAN The Movie, brought the class once more to the fore of Cultural Predominance and the Arts, winning First in Dance Competition. in perfect color harmony and artistry. In another category, it bagged the Most Colorful and Artistic Float award satisfying the judging criteria with outstanding rating.

Through the years, Class '77 reigns supreme through thick and thin with 8 Grand Slam awards remaining unsurpassed despite setbacks.

Striving to move on beyond par in the realm of Alumni Homecoming, its new set of officers pledges to hold on to its vision to etch an ever resounding name it can he proud of.

Class '77 Officers
Over-all Chairman Dr. Douglas R Ricacho
President Mrs. Andrea R. Lagera
Vice-President Ms. Amelita Inalisan
Secretary Mrs. Teresa O. Vivero
CO-Secretary Mrs. Josefma C. Grisola
Treasurer Mrs. A.retas N. Lim
P.R.O. Ms. Thaitz Trinchera, Ms. Ronilda Fama, Ms. Yolanda Oariando
Auditor Engr. Felicito Dagandan

Leonora R. Reamillo HCCC Faculty

World's Apart One Heart Medical Mission Continues to Serve Carigara


In the pursuit of its singular mission to support the less fortunate constituents of the world society, the World's Apart One Heart Medical Mission Group of North Carolina, USA, reaches out to different countries of die world every year.

Once again this year it invested time, talents, efforts, and resources in die municipality of Carigara as part of die Holy Cross College of Carigara annual Alumni Homecoming activities.

Through the efforts of Douglas and Rose Hankins (nee Fama), chairpersons of the Medical Mission Team, the members of the Mission group pooled their strengths together and linked efforts to come up with firm and steadfast medical services to potential beneficiaries of their reach in the town of Carigara and outside
Anchored on HCCC Alumni Homecoming Ce1ebration, medical services were conducted last March 15, 16, 17, and 24. Its major concern focused on dental services, cataract operation, circumcision, and Pap smear.

Out of their way special assistance was extended to some others who needed it urgently. With the cooperation of several concerned professionals, the four-day operation was brought to a successful end, where all concerned, involved themselves along the line of their expertise.

The following pool of Carigara medical practitioners deserve a laudable recognition for their exemplary services and support; Dr. Marita T. Gariando, Chief, Carigara District Hospital (COO); Dr. Bella V. Profetana, RHU Carigara; Dr. Maribeth R. Aguilar; Dr. Evelyn 19. men; Dr. Marian P. Montesclaros; Dr. Dominador L. Tagpis; Dr. Delsergs Abet and wife Jessica Tagpis Abet, Medical Technologist, Dr. Lean Negado, Dr. Tintin Canamales, Dr. Douglas R.Ricacho, Farah Oledan. Maribel T. Oledan, Dr. Ma. Luisa O. Ordofta, Dr. Allan Valdez, Tessa Valdez, Dr. Catherine Baltazar, and four dentists: Dr. Catherine Ligutan, Dr. Roy Marpa, Dr. Raymundo Espos Jr., Dr. Imelda Tonolete, and Dr. Jennyline Tagpis, Orthodontist.

The successful conduct of the medical mission is highly attributed to the Alumni Homecoming host, class '83, for efficiently coordinating the service flow of the mission operations. Gratitude is extended to Dr. Marita Gariando, CHD chief for managing the use of tile hospital to the best advantage; Sister M. Anthony Kuizon, OSF, directress of HCCC for granting the school as the central venue and other concerned groups. On top of these, deep appreciation is duly accredited to the Host Class for successfully generating the support of the Medical Mission.

Special recognition is accorded to Dr. Douglas R. Ricacho, overall Chairman HCC Alumni Class '77, who, apart from his professional services, sponsored meals of the mission group for two days.

World's Apart One Heart Medical Mission is privately owned by the Cone Family of North Carolina, pledged to support Carigara in succeeding years. Now, it continues to commit to trail extra miles as it continues to trust in Gods love and providence in its entire endeavor. Carigaran-ons are genuinely grateful to the following health partners who gave much of themselves and their families in various ways.

World's Apart One Heart Medical Mission Group North Carolina. U.S.A.
Brad Cone--son of the Hospital owners, on mission
Douglas and Rose Hankins-chairpersons
Gabriel Santanella, BSN/RN Co-Chairperson Robin Donahue. BSN
Bryan Smith Asst. X-Ray Technician
Mr. Apolonia and Mrs. Carlota Fama-foster family in Carigara

Leonora R. Reamillo HCCC Faculty

Statement of Truth


Regarding the person of Stephen Greinke and his Malicious Accusations against the Bishop of Naval.

We, the Clergy, Religious, and Faithful of the Diocese of Naval, would like to express our strongest condemnation of the lies peddled by Stephen Greinke against the Bishop of Naval, the Most Rev. Filomeno G. Bactol, D.D. last January 2. 2008, Stephen Greinke, in a nationally televised network, accused the bishop of sexually molesting young boys. We are aghast at this accusation because the Bishop is a person of integrity, whose ministry of 40 years (15 years in the seminary as formator 7 years as Pastor, and 18 years as Bishop of Naval) has never been enmeshed in any controversy, much less scandal. We are appalled even more at the brazenness of Greinke as to impute upon the good name of the bishop the very same crime he was accused of doing against innocent young boys in the very Association he had come to found, purportedly to proclaim the love of God only to find out it has become a trap for his sexual perversion! Such lies therefore that he has concocted can only come from a heart whose hatred is as deep as his own twisted understanding of what is good and moral.

Who is Stephen Greinke?
Stephen Greinke, a U.S. citizen, was a Redemptorist Brother from 1978 to 1979 with temporary vows in St. Louis Province of the Redemptorist Order in the United States of America. He left the Redemptorist Province of St. Louis having let his temporary vows expire. Later who applied for admission to the OAKWOOO Province of the same Order and took vows once again in 1984. Eventually he made his perpetual profession on August 30, 1986.

Apparently, his stay with the Congregation was fraught with difficulties for himself and for others. Hence, he requested for Exclaustration in July 1990. His exclaustration was extended several times. It terminated in the year 2000 when he finally sought and was granted the Dispensation from the vows and obligations of his profession in the Congregation.

In 1990, Stephen Greinke came to apply for work as a Religious Brother in the Diocese of Naval. In effect, he was given an invitation to work in the diocese with a motive of discerning whether a Religious Institute of Diocesan Right can be established in the diocese,:He then organized an Association of Men which he called Missionary Brothers of the Perpetual Help (MBHP) which was temporarily approved by the Bishop in September 8 of the same year.

However, his real motive soon started to manifest. He was accused of sexual molestations from no less than his Own young recruits to the association he founded. On account of these accusations, Stephen Greinke was charged before the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation. (BID). The bureau, considering the gravity of the accusations and upon finding sufficient basis, canceled his Missionary Visa and included his name in the Bureau's list of Blacklisted Aliens in the year 2000 (he was able to leave the country earlier without answering the charges against him). In the same order, the Bureau asserted that his non-appearance at the Bureau was deemed a waiver on his part to face the charges, and that on account of this, he was so "ordered deported to his country of origin."

His relationship with the people in Sitio Lupa (where his formation house was located) and in the two neighboring barangays of Calumpang and Caraycaray, all in the Municipality of Naval were always strained and fraught with difficulties. Ill tempered and ever so vindictive, Stephen Greinke would always threaten to haul people to court whenever he was provoked or whenever things would not be according to his liking. Indeed, there were a number of times when he succeeded in bringing poor people to jail and old women as well, on some unfounded charges! Not able to take it any longer, the residents of Barangay Caraycaray and sitio Lupa wrote resolutions letters declaring Stephen Greinke persona non grata and attached the Same documents to the petition of the people at the BID to have him deported.

Meantime, the clergy of the diocese saw that the community that Stephen Greinke established had gone morally and spiritually bankrupt. Not only that, it had also caused much harm, division, and undue pain among the people living nearby. That was when the clergy of the Diocese made a Resolution requesting the Bishop of Naval to dissolve and suppress the community that was recognized by the diocese. In response, the Bishop the issued a decree of Dissolution /Suppression in July 2003.

While in the United States, Greinke wrote letters accusing the Bishop and the Clergy of wrong doings, maligning their good names. One such letter was addressed to the late Holy Father John Paul II. Because of this, a Visitation and Investigation was made on the Clergy and the Bishop of Naval by the Most Rev. Jose S. Palma, D.D., then Bishop of Calbayog. The then Metropolitan Archbishop of Palo, Most Rev. Pedro R. Dean Jr., D.D., also conducted his own investigation (the Bishop of Naval being his suffragan) and refuted point by point the accusation hurled by Greinke against the Bishop and the Clergy of Naval.

Several "demolition" letters have been written by Stephen Greinke, the last being on March 2005. All these letters contained the same sweeping rehashed allegations that were substantially deceitful and which Church authorities have found to be false and without basis.

Not content until the Bishop and the clergy fall, Greinke intensified his attack this time using the internet and the media in his vendetta.

Why the unabashed hatred for the bishop and the clergy? For several reasons. One, Greinke felt aggrieved when the bishop refused to defend him when he was accused of sexual molestations that eventually led to his leaving the country. Two, the cancellation of his Missionary Visa by the BID was for him a bitter pill to swallow, and three, he felt offended when his Pious Union was suppressed and dissolved by the Bishop. This meant he could not solicit funds anymore from benefactors since his mission is already non-existent.

Offhand, we have come to wonder why these accusations against the bishop had suddenly resurfaced after these had been dealt with appropriately and expeditiously by the Church authorities years ago. We wonder because there are indications that this move to vilify the Bishop could have been also politically orchestrated by people who cannot stand the teachings of the Church. The strong adherence of the church for good governance and her vehement opposition to corruption have been the bane of many whose lives are hinged on compromises and pay-offs, to the detriment of the poor which comprise majority of God's people. If these indications are so, then Stephen Greinke has just become a dispensable pawn in the bigger picture of dirty politics. The smear campaign against the Bishop has just demonstrated how wicked can people go just so they could preserve their political interests.


We desire to make right what bas been undeservedly imputed to the Bishop. We wish to make it known that the Most Rev. Filomeno G. Bactol, D.D. is innocent of the charges hurled against him. The Bishop enjoys our utmost trust and confidence. On the other hand, we know Stephen Greinke. We know his person and we know his story. We know because we were victims, one way or another, of his depraved presence in our community years ago.

In the meantime, we continue to ask the maternal intercession of the Blessed Virgin for our Bishop, the Clergy and all the faithful that we may be continually enlightened and guided by the Spirit of Truth and Charity. We also pray for Stephen Greinke for while he may have caused harm and injury to the Bishop and the Church, he has remained undeniably our brother.

Signed this 8th day of January 2008.

(Editor's Note: This Statement of Truth was followed by 4 pages containing the signatures of Priests, Nuns, and Parishioners)