The Hamilton Pinoy Keglers  
The Champions
This page is for the group champions photos which I know are out there.
If you happen to find one taken of your team, this is the place for it.

The "Kilabot's" Champions 1980-81 With Marcie Cartel. Not present are Ben Bernardo, Ted Reyes and Bert Mendoza. Wow look at them collars.
The "Kilabot", team champions in 1996-1997 league season. This team line up have been together for the past three years. We finally made it to the top.
The Cannucks Broke through. This is First of 2 successive Championship. 1998-99 and 1999-2000.

The Kilabot's Champions 1983-'84 on the 5th year of the leagues existence.From left to right: Bert Mendoza, Marcie (Cartel) Lemmon, Captain Fel, Ben Bernardo and Clayton Lemmon.
The Kilabot team are champions again, 1997-98, the first team to repeat in 2 successive years with the same team members. Shirley Leppago, Marcie Lemmon, Al Mayor, Clayton Lemmon and Captain Fel Marpa.
The current and defending champions of 2000-01 season, team Commando's with Ed Calalang, Willy Ranches, Jasmin Santos, Conrad Fragata captained by Romy Buya. Congratulation guys.