Knights of Columbus Council 9553    
Valentines at Carmen's
             "A Celebration of Marriage"
Knights of Columbus

February 14, 2003
Emcee Mary Jo & Ed
Fr. Kevin Wenkoff, Fr. Gerard Bergie Mary Jo & Ed Dunn with the band "Reflections" providing the music in the background.
Co-emcee Paul & Francine.


No, this is not a toothpaste commercial.
For a first time "Celebration of Marriage" Valentines party in honor of the married couple of the
Parish community, the evening was a complete success. This looks like the beginning of a yearly celebration, judging from the enthusiasm and enjoyment shared by the couples present. Too bad not everyone can be featured on this page . For those who are not depicted here, I will get you next time and for those who wish their pictures not be shown here, just give me a call at (905) 385-7628. or E-mail me at Fel Marpa Webmaster