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Grand Knights Report
Deputy Grand Knights Report
Membership Report
Schedule Updates
Sick & Memoriam Committees
Vocation Update
Squires & Family
Outreach programs
Past Business
New Business
Fundraisers Report
Birthdays & Anniversaries
4th Degree Update.
Editors Desk
Knight Lines Deadline
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Final Thoughts
Grand Knights Report:

Knights Progress Report on our Goal to a Better Council.

The Phone Committee now has a Chairman
Alain Gagnon and ten captains to reach a
maximum number of brothers. A report has
been established with all missions in the
Church. The five point problem is set and in
action (see Program Directors Report)
We are reaching out to our brothers. The
Retention Committee has started work on
these areas. It is my pleasure to tell you we
are advertising in the Filipino News Letter
Ben Suva and Ernesto Adranada are our
Contacts. This area has great potential for
new members.

God Bless    Donald Stacey


 The Christmas Social
Tuesday Dec. 03, 2002, 7 :30PM
CHAIRMAN Bill Sullivan
with help from Victor Mattachini, Angelo Venditti, Ernesto Adraneda, & Don Stacey. Click on Camera to see pictures from the event.    

                   Basketball free throw is set for:
 Jan.ll, 2003 1 :30 PM as St. Margaret Mary school.
Chairmen: Victor Mattachini         905-389-1119
                     George Robinson        905-575-5861
                      Ray Baiardo              905-560-8108

The competition is open to all boys and girls, having three groups:
Ages 10  & 11  (boy's and girl's competition)
Ages 12,13,14 (girls competition)
Ages 12,13,14 (boys competition)
Any students up to and including age 14 attending high School are welcome to sign up.  Participants can register at the schools in our parish.

            Substance abuse poster contest
no further info available at this time. The contest is available through all three schools in our parish.

We are in need of a chairman to handle correspondence between our council and the Seminarians in our Diocese. The need is immediate. Please phone Bill at 905 -318-3770. Bill Sullivan has sent out 19 Christmas cards to our seminarians.


Parish Communion Breakfast
 is set for January 26. 2003, with two sittings. The first after the 8:30 Mass, and then after the 10:15 Mass.
Co-Chairmen:       Victor Mattachini, and George Robinson.      We need one more person to handle
administrative duties Please contact Bill Sullivan at
905-318-3770 if you can help.

Parking lot attendants
we have been asked by our Pastor to direct traffic during peak seasons. The coming season is for the Christmas Vigil Mass at 6:00 PM on Dec. 24, 2002. You will be supplied with an orange vest, and if you want a whistle, you can have that too, however you will handle any noise complaints!!! We again require a chairman and ten good  men.
Contact Bill at 905-318-3770.

The Outreach program
This is a program to provide a visit by one Knight to any of our house bound Brother Knights. To also assist with rides to medical appointments, or just an outing, etc. One of our dependable brothers has volunteered before we are up and running. We need you now! Make this a family project
Membership Report
 Ernesto Adraneda new candidates were screened, passed by Fred Tofani and our Screening Committee. They were put through their first degree in our Head Room Nov. 11th by our first and second degree team chaired by brother D.D. Bob Chawlyk. Congratulations to our new brother Fred Koopsand Patrick J. Leprieur.

If you have a problem paying your dues.905-387-1464. We all have to work harder to work harder to keep all of us retained. Some, approximately fourteen brothers are in arrears. Our committee is attending to his motion now

Schedule update:
Dec. 22nd     Packing Christmas basket - Meeting room
Dec. 23rd     Delivery of Baskets In the Afternoon
Dec. 24th      Tend parking for 6:00pm Mass. Orange            
                       vests available (from Fr. Bergie to us)

Executive replacements-Committee
and Chairman:
Chancellor-Ernesto Adraneda
Warden   -  Cipriano Mendoza
Other Event: Church event (From Ben Suva)    Valentines Dance February 14,  2003

October Phone Committee Alain Gagnon
Vocations-  Chairman required
Parking-  Chairman required
Host after Mass-  Chairman required
Email Bulletin-  We have one person in mind
Photographer-  we could use two

Brother Nazario Ico's wife is recovering from a very serious sickness. A card and plant has been sent on your behalf to them. Nazario called me to thank us.
See the outreach program report regarding our fraternal report.

A mass was celebrated at St. Eugene's for all the deceased brothers and their families.

Birthdays Anniversaries:
Next report I am gathering the information now. Surge for service.
         Church-Community-Council- Youth Family

a) We have an inactive circle at the moment.
b) At the present time we are co-operating with St.Lukes Council in forming a circle there. I will advise you of what is happening A.S.A.P.

The Council Family of the months for September, October Brother Peter McAllister and
November, December-advise in January.
We hope to participate in the State Family of the Month Program in the future. Mr. And
Mrs. Angelo Venditti is helping me in this area.

Past Business:
Be advised as approved, Rose Sunday funds 280 each to the pro-life movement  St. Martha, Manor-Right to Life, Alliance for Life, Bishop Tonnos Sponsor.

New Business:
 Motion see Re School program cost Bill Sullivan to be read at Nov. 19th.

Request to buy a Book: $20.00 to support their Food Basket Christmas Program. Notre Dame Church I bought the whole book to make council name 9553, as this happens Nov. 22 (due to printers lateness the tickets arrived later).

Pro Life Contact:  
Gary Thomas.  For any information please contact Gary.

February Bishop Dinner:
 We have 9 tickets at $45.00 left If interested call now  905-387-1464

Fourth Deeree:
Please consider the Patriotic order.  Contact P.P.G.K. PPDW.PFN. Ben Suva 905-575-4265

Fundraisers Report: By Individual Chairman.
Entertainment Book Our goal is 24 Books to reach our profit of $6.00 /book. Paul has sold 40 to date.

Raffle Update:
Limeridge Mall Report -- Car Raffle Update: Only five weeks given to KOFC 5 Council Shopping Spree. Tickets have been well received by our other councils in district 8, 60,100 also 73,  (67 Ancaster Waterdown Dundas.The Cathedral, we will send them books, other councils have asked me to send them tickets)  This years (2003) draw will be on May 18th 6:00 PM at the International Plaza Hotel 655 Dixon Road Etobecoke, Ontario.

Advertising again:

Channel 14 has been advised sent our Press Release.
CKOC\.Oldies awaiting OK.
CHML JCommunity Report.


All the great ideas and plans are nothing unless action is taken.
Please, the apportunities are now here to complete the vows of our order
          Charity     Unity     Fraternity.

Please, we have planned our work, now lets work the plan.

Brother Donald
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