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Council Meeting.
Knights of Columbus
 November 19, 2002

The coveted Intercouncil Trophy
won by Council 9553 1n 2001
Vic Mattachini, Fel Marpa,
George Robinson, Fabian Almeyda

Our Insurance representative Bo Chausse F.I.C. at his best explaining the nature of his services and the benifits by investing with the Knights funds.
 For more services call toll free: 1-800-246-5632.

The same Trophy as above
won again by Council 9553 in 2002
Vic Mattachini, Fel Marpa,
George Robnison, Lloyd LeBlanc

5 of th 14 knights present on tonights meeting.

  Our guest presenter of the night speaking on behalf of their charity. All present were educated to their cause.