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Coalition for change
Councilors Decry
LETS TALK, CARIGARA, Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo nga tanan.....
19 March 2007
Please pass on to other Kalgaran-ons
In just one and a half days, with the combined use of military and police force, ala martial law, the buildings at the public market were demolished despite vehement objection of the market occupants and concerned citizens.  Mayor Anlie Apostol, with the assistance of her Congresswoman mother, is bent on replacing all the buildings at the public market to be financed by still unreleased P46.5 Million loan from the Landbank. 
Carigaranos would not object if this amount were to be used to construct additional market stalls in vacant spaces at the market site rather than replace existing buildings constructed during the last fifty years which are still in good and tenantable conditions. 
The motive is clear - to erase all previous landmarks and claim the "to be" constructed market as their own accomplishment - but Carigaranos to pay the loan.
We are appealing to all Carigaranos, wherever they are, to unite and prevent/stop this self-centered, wicked and malicious plan of the Apostols.
(Please pass on to other Kalgaran-ons) View Slideshow ..then post your comment below, we would like to share your opinion to everyone..

Posted by FEL at 1:53 AM EDT
Updated: 4 September 2007 12:33 PM EDT
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24 November 2006


 A special report

 Excerpt from the Nov. 11 2006 issue of BUDYONG Vol.XIV, No.6 A publication of Carigara 400,Inc.

Lawsuits Filed vs. Mayor and SB Members

 Samuel Escorial, President, Carigara Market Business Vendors Association;

Priscilla Metran, and Arnulfo AIberca, Chairman and President, respectively,Carigara Fish and other Vendors Association,

Samuel L. Llose, Carigara Fish Dealers Association;

Olympia L. Arminal, President, Carigara Rice Retailers Association;

Cerilo Venturina, Carigara Farmers Association;

Ma. A velina P. Virray, President, Carigara Vegetable Farmers Association;

Edith A. Gonzaga. Stall holder. Carigara Public Market,

Narzal CabaIles, President, Senior Citizens Carigara Chapter;

Rebecca Lianza, Carigara Women's Association;

Diosdada C. Labastida, Holy Cross Parish Pastoral Counsel; and

Villa Aurora R. Seneca. Concerned Citizen,

together with three Barangay Captains:

Clint P. Tonolete of Barangay Baybay,

Florencia A. Nitura of Barangay. Libo, and

Benjamin P. Irlandez of Barangay. Paragum filed Civil Case No. 2249 at the Regional Trial Court Branch 13, Carigara. On Sept. 14, 2006 at 3:30 PM for the Certiorari, Prohibition, and Injunction with Prayer for Temporary Restraining Order and Writ of Preliminary injunction against the Municipal Government of Carigara, Leyte, Municipal Mayor Anlie Go Apostol andSangguniang Bayan of Carigara, Leyte composed of:

Vice Mayor Remigio A. Lauron  

Ulpiano U. Arpon, Jr.

Santiago Gil G. Lloren,

Rogelio R. Candaza,

Neil de la Pena,

Anabella N. Crisostomo,

Benito B. Go, Jr.,

Myra Mae L. Cantapay; and

Land Bank of the Philippines. 

Civil Case 2249 is filed to avert or cease the release of P46,500,000.00 loan by the LGU Carigara from the Land Bank of the Philippines for the construction of the New Public Market, Transport Terminal & ice Plant.  According to the petitioners, the above are not priority projects for Carigara and the Municipal Development Council wherein some of the petitioners are members who were not convened to determine the priority of the project as required by R.A No. 7160 of the Local Government. Code of 1991, sections 106 and 296 which is the basic policy of any local government unit if ever it will avail of credit facilities. 

Petitioners were forced to file a case because, according to them, they will be very much affected financially if ever the loan is approved and released to the LGU. For sure the rentals of their leased stalls will increase, plus other charges, which the LGU will impose to keep up with its amortizations.

On the other hand Erwin R. Darantinao former SK Federation President of Carigara, Leyte (1996-2002) and was thus an ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Bayan filed a criminal case complaint with the Ombudsman on October I5, 2006 for Falsification of Public Document under Article 171 (4) of the Revised Penal Code, and administrative charges for the Commission of an Offense 1nvolving Moral Turpitude, Dishonesty, and Gross Misconduct against Hon. Mayor Anlie Go Apostol, Hon. Sangguniang Bayan Members Ulpiano U. Arpon Jr.. Alejandro C. Larraga.. Silvino Maria T. Adizas III, Anabella N. Crisosrtomo, Rogelio R. Candaza and Benito B. Go Jr.

The complaint started when Mayor Apostol deliberately and willfully lied or made untruthful statement in a narration of facts in her capacity as chairman of the Municipal Development Council wherein she signed Resolution 05209 which states that construction of the new Public Market, Terminal, and Ice Plant are priority projects of the Municipality when in fact she has not even convened the Municipal Development Council, which has the right to declare such projects as priority projects.

Posted by FEL at 4:29 AM EST
Updated: 24 November 2006 5:08 AM EST
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3 November 2005

Mood:  loud
A special report

The September 12-18, 2005 issue of Eastern Visayas Probe had this headline

Kalgaran-ons on Streets; P47-M. Project opposed

This was followed by a report of Alexander Perez and Anne Aniceto about a rally held on Sept. 8 at the town's market opposing the plan of Mayor Anlie Go Apostol to borrow P47 M for the rehabilitation and improvement of the public market. A few days later, youth leaders distributed leaflets about this projected loan, which we are reproducing in Toto:


Tungod kay gusto ni Mayor Anlie Apostol nga omutang an Municipio ha Land Bank para pag rehabilitate/improve han mercado ha Carigara, nangaro hiya nga mag aprobar an Sangguniang Bayan hini nga mga resolutions.

1. Authorizing the Local Chief Executive to apply, negotiate, contract it a loan with the Land Bank of the Philippines.

2. Authorizing the Municipal Mayor to sign, Execute, endorse and deliver any and all promissory notes, deeds of assignment, loan agreements and other document, which may be necessary in the credit accommodation.

3. Authorizing and empowering Land Bank without need of notice to the LGU and irrespective of the date of maturity of the loan, to deduct, set-off and apply any deposits, funds, securities or assets of the LGU with Land Bank as payment to the loan or any other outstanding obligation of the LGU which may be declared due and demandable by Land Bank pursuant to the loan.

Guin kinahangIan liwat han bangko:

4. That the project is one of the priority projects of the LGU; and

5. In order to ensure repayment of the loan that the LGU shall appropriate and/or include in the annual budget the amount needed to service its loan until the said loan and any interest thereon is finally paid and settled.

An tugot ban Dept. of Finance nga utang (maximum) - P47,740.000.00.Segun han guin submit nga proposal ngadto ha Land Bank, ini nga utang babayaran hin sacob hin pita (7) ka tuig ngan ma tubo (interest) hin 14% kada tuig. An primero nga 2 ka tuig interest la an babayaran. Salit an kada tuig an babayaran ban muiniocipio amo inin masunod:

An pakiana:

Makabayad ba an Municipio kada tuig hini nga utang pinaagi han Dogang nga kita han Mercado?

Hino man an magsasacriflcio kon pananglitan diri makabayad an Municipio?

Ano man an gagamitan han P47.7 million nga uutangon?

Basi han revised Site Development Plan nga guin submit han consejo, an Dry Goods Building Bldg. D, iton natubang han mga Boholano ha Juson De Mata St. gogob-on kay hihimo-on nga Jeepney Terminal.

An kanan mga. Buholano tendahan ha atobangan hini nga Dry goods stalls gogob-on liwat kay hihimo-on nga Bus Coaster Terminal.

Mag hihimo bin bag-o nga Wet market. (fish section) dida ha atubangan hiton existing Meat &. fish Market.

Man hihimo hin mga stalls (iton iba nga existing stalls gogob-on) ha sacob han market compound.

Pera man an gagastoson hini nga projecto?

Basi han guin submit nga proposal han Land Bank an total projected cost P47,501,320.00.
An detalya amo ini:
P14, 0OO.OO pesos per sq. m. iton hihimo-on nga mga building.
P1, 600.00 pesos per sq. m. iton Walkways ug Rampa
P1, 800.00 pesos per sq. m. an Site Development.

Baga subra ada ini hin ka mahal?

Anoman an bubuhaton para mabayaran ini nga P47.7M pesos loan?

Basi han guin submit nga proposal ha Land Bank, an merkado, pag plete hin stall mabayad hin
P15.000.00 per. sq. m. nga Goodwill Money 0 Occupancy Fee ngan maplete hin
P12.50 per sq.m. kada adlaw han puesto.

Salit an tagatinda ban Pastries (dulce, suman, etc.) ug Snacks (Bldg. D), kay naocupar hin 4 sq. m. nga stall ma bayad hin
P60, 000. 00 nga Goodwill Money 0 Occupancy Fee ngan ma plete hin
P50.00 kada adlaw.

An Carenderia (Bldg. B) ug Dry Goods (Bldg. D) kay na ocupar hin 24. sq. m. mabayad hin
P360,000.00 nga Goodwlll Money or Occupancy Fee ngan ma plete hin
P300.00 kada adlaw.

Yana an gihataasi nga na plete dida ha mercado an parabaligya ban Pastries ug Snacks P2.50 per sq. m. or 4 x P2.50 = PlO.OO kada adlaw. An iba nga na plete hin stall sugad han Carenderia or Dry Goods tag PI.50 per sq. m. or 24 x PI. 50 =P36.00 la kada adlaw.
Basi han recomendasyon ha Market: Supervisor iton existing market stalls nga 194 hihimo-on nga. 500 0 mag kakaada dugang nga 306 stalls.

An pakiana

**May ada ba ma pIete hini nga mga stalls kon an ptete hataas na?

**Diri ba mahataas liwat an precio han mga baligya para mabawe an hataas nga plete?

**May mapalit paba ha mercado kon hataas an mga precio han mga paraliton?

**Maupay nala ada magkaada hin talipapa ha mga barangay kay maboborobarato an panindahan.

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